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15 Signs She Is Wife Material

by | Love

Jul 7, 2022

Have you ever found yourself wondering, is my girlfriend a wife material? My research shows that many men seek an answer to this question whenever they want to make their relationship with their woman official. Knowing that their girlfriend is wifey material is their final step before tying the knot.

Many men have a bit of difficulty choosing their life partners. This is because they can’t tell who is wife material and who is not. In this article, I will be exploring 15 big signs that your woman is wife material.

1. She is Family Oriented

This is probably the biggest sign out there that she is indeed wife material. A family-oriented woman loves the idea of getting a family and raising kids and so will live in a way that aligns with these wants of hers. 

She has a clear understanding of what the family structure looks like and will know her role in it. 

Has she ever suggested to you what she hopes her family looks like? Then she is wife material; this is especially true if she is detailed about everything. 

2. She is Honest

Honesty is one of the foundations upon which good marriages stand. Take out honesty, and even the best of marriages will begin to falter. 

So, when a woman is honest with you, then you should know that she is wife material. 

Wife materials take even a step further into honesty and become transparent people. 

Transparent people are people who don’t hide anything important—they don’t hide details of uncomfortable conversations. They say stuff just the way it is and trust their partner’s ability to handle it. 

Wife materials won’t tell you half-truths. They will say anything just the way it is. 

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3. You can Trust Her

The truth is, trust does not just come when you say the vows. If you didn’t trust your partner while you both were still dating or courting, the chance that you will trust them in marriage is slim. 

As you know, trust does not just come. People who gain the trust of others, more often than not, behave in a way that pulls that trust to them. So, if you trust her, it means her behaviors are such that they make you feel relaxed around her. 

Whatever these behaviors are, the fact that you trust her is a good sign and shows she is wifey material for you. 

4. She Apologizes

In marriage, and even in relationships, there will always be stepping on toes. Marriage and relationships involve two people with contrasting ideas and beliefs coming together to achieve a goal. Many times, these beliefs will clash, and one person will be hurt. 

Women who are wife material know how to express their hurt and also know how to apologize. They accept it when they are wrong and know how to say sorry. 

It is a big red flag when a woman fails to apologize when she wrongs you, especially if she gaslights you into feeling like the wrong person. This is a form of emotional abuse, and women who are abusive do not make for good wives. 

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5. She Forgives Easily

As I mentioned earlier, you both are going to hurt each other often. Conflict resolution, therefore, depends on two things: the ability to apologize and the ability to forgive. 

It is not enough that she knows how to apologize. She ought to know how to forgive you when you apologize also; she must not stall, prolonging the misunderstanding such that things get tenser and tenser. This shows love for drama. People who love drama do not make for good spouses. 

6. She Communicates Effectively

In marriage, you will spend a lot of time together, talking. So, it is important that you choose someone who knows how to communicate effectively.

Effective communication requires empathy, knowing when to speak and when to listen. It is some kind of exchange, and it has to be balanced. 

When you talk to a woman who is wife material, you are not going to feel overwhelmed, hoping you would just be allowed to speak too. You will be into every minute of the talking and may even hope that it does not end.

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7. She is Sensitive to You

This is to say that she knows you so well the slightest changes in your mood or facial expressions are glaring to her. 

A wife material, more than anyone else, is going to be sensitive to you. You could be trying to hide something from her, but she is going to sniff it out before it passes. 

Often, she will ask you stuff like: “Hey, is something wrong?” And when you stall, she will lean in closer and try to find out exactly what must be making you feel that way.

8. She Respects Your Friends and Family

It is a red flag when someone respects just you but neither your friends nor your family. The red flag signals pretense. 

A woman who is naturally respectful will respect you. And in the same vein, she is going to respect your family. She will speak to them like she speaks to you and will apologize when she hurts them. 

In turn, they are going to like her. 

I’ll tell you what: when your friends and family love your spouse, it is a big sign that she is wife material. It means they have approved her as being good enough for you. Good sign!

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9. She Supports You

Men may be strong and very work efficient, but the truth remains that even the best of men need some kind of support. 

A wife is to support her husband just the way he is to support her. 

She is wife material if she supports you. Support can be seen in different areas of life. She can support you with some money when things get rough, or she can just be there to listen to and motivate you when you are at a low point in your life. 

Whatever the case, when she supports you, she is showing you that she is wife material. 

10. She is Meticulous About her Budget

Women who take budgeting seriously are wife material because they learn not to be wasteful. They learn to grow resources. 

If your spouse takes budgeting seriously, you should know that she is wifey material. This habit of hers will eventually rub off on you. If you are a wasteful person, she will influence you out of this. 

Budgeting is such an important aspect of marriage new couples have to pay attention to—marriage costs money, so it is important that your woman pays attention to spending wisely. 

11. Her Family Says Good Stuff About Her

The truth is, you may only know so much about her. But I assure you, her family knows almost everything about her. So, it is important that you pay attention to what they have to say about her person. 

She is wife material if most of her family says good stuff about her, especially if this stuff is quite similar. When people have similar stuff to say about a person, it means this person isn’t pretending to be who they are not. They are being themselves in a way that draws praise. 

And people praise admirable attributes. 

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12. Her Core Beliefs Don’t Collide with Yours

As mentioned earlier, marriage involves two people who have contrasting ideas and beliefs. 

While a disparity in some beliefs is acceptable, some beliefs just can’t be compromised. These are usually deep-rooted beliefs, like religion and the idea of family and kids, etc. 

She is wife material if you both don’t have any deep, uncompromisable beliefs antagonizing each other. This suggests that there will be little to fight about when you both get married eventually. 

There will be this tolerance. 

This brings me to another sign that she is wife material: she is tolerant. Tolerant women are wife material because they have learned to be patient and have come to respect people’s beliefs.

13. She Gives

Giving is one of the big signs that a person is in love, is that they begin to give a lot. 

When she is a giver, she isn’t just showing you that she loves you; she is also showing you that she is ready to let go of her own valuable items sometimes just so someone else can be happy. 

This, to me, is what a sacrifice really is. And women who can sacrifice are quite a wife material. She will be willing to let you keep stuff when she realizes you need this stuff more than she does.

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14. She Calls You Out

Whilst a girlfriend who is wife material is going to support you when you do right, she isn’t going to support you when you do the wrong things. 

Instead, she is going to call you out. She is going to do this respectfully but will do it anyway. 

She will say that she does not like the way you acted and will explain exactly why she thought you had acted wrong. She will suggest ways for you to correct your wrongs. 

Basically, she is going to push you to your limits. 

15. She Establishes Boundaries with Other Men

She is wife material if she establishes and upholds strong boundaries in her dealings with other men. 

It means she is willing to focus on you and what you both share. 

Photo by Cottonbro.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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