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Why are Women so Sensitive?

by | Ideas

Feb 1, 2024

Someone had once said he was afraid of getting into a relationship because, in all his previous connections with women, he constantly felt the need to walk on eggshells. He never knew what the next thing to offend his women would be. He had already resigned that they all had one trait in common: sensitivity. Like him, you have been or are presently in that space where you have asked yourself the following questions: what does she want? Why is she angry again? Why do I keep offending her? Why are women so sensitive? 

To fully understand why women are so sensitive, you have to consider the following reasons: 

1. Hormonal changes

It is common knowledge that in a month or four weeks, women get just one hormone-free week. They literally have each week dedicated to hormonal change. Things like ovulation, pre-menstrual syndrome, and periods make up this list. This is a reason why women may be considered more sensitive. 

With hormones that are seemly more controlling on their physiology every month, women are not lucky enough to have stable hormones for a long stretch of time. During her period, for instance, she is sure to experience a great deal of both physical pain and mental strain. Due to these influences on her system, things that you may not have expected could offend her would begin to do so. She would become more irritable and prone to anger. When she is in these mental spaces, all she needs is extra care and limited judgment.

2. Women are more empathetic than men

As much as this could pass for a superpower, having the ability to feel every other person’s pain could be draining.

Women have the natural mothering role, unlike men, and typically, she finds herself being an empath even when she doesn’t want to! She is constantly in other people’s minds, trying to feel what they feel to give them some form of relief from their emotional strain, and that’s one thing men do not have. 

Men find it a bit more difficult compared to women to be in someone else’s issues. Women do, and that’s why they are sensitive. Imagine having to balance your own emotional needs and those of everyone else you hold dear. This would surely take a huge bite out of your mental stability. 

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3. Women have a restrained sense of humor

Now, women are considered more sensitive than men because of the disparity in humor. Men tend to throw around a more destructive kind of humor, whereas women only appreciate humor that is somewhat soft. 

While a man can make jokes out of the worst of situations, a woman is more emotionally intelligent and able to pick her humor carefully so as not to offend or cause temporary or permanent damage. 

So, a man trying to navigate a woman into the kind of humor he desires himself is almost always going to backfire unless she has been around men for a long period and has understood their sense of humor; she is almost never going to find anything funny. 

4. Women are more into expressing emotions

Men have the tendency to silently observe and analyze uncomfortable situations and leave with no explanations given when they can no longer put up with it. Women, on the other hand, would always express their displeasure when they feel they are not being treated properly. Although this makes her come across as a confrontational, a nag, or an irritable person, she would make her feelings known anyway.

5. Women are overthinkers

Coming from a woman, believe me when I say women are overthinkers. Women are more likely to overthink things. Women have brains that will not just let go. The process of overthinking may produce a series of negative emotions that would not have formed if they had just talked about the situation. of when the actual conversation. 

A man, for instance, might dismiss his partner by telling her that she is saying too many things. Although what he needed at the time was just space, the woman would dissect, analyze those words, and give a thousand possible meanings to them. She might interpret it as her being a bother or as the man needing a breakup. When talking with a woman, choose your words wisely so as not to be misunderstood.  

6. Men have a huge stress tolerance than women

While not trying to discredit one gender over another, women are more fragile than men. Men could bear certain crises and, to prove their masculinity, ignore the fact that it weighs them down. Women, on the other hand, would easily snap when faced with such a situation. And while in this mental space, she might be judged for not being able to keep up an appearance for everyone. And despite the fact that she has a lower pain threshold, she constantly pushes herself to not give up. 

In a toxic workspace, for instance, after men have bearded for a while, they might damn the consequences and put in their resignation. Women, on the other hand, would endanger their mental health and continue working there because they hope they can win in the end. 

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7. Women are prone to forming unhealthy attachment patterns

Women feel more attached to their relationships and to their lovers, and this makes them very sensitive towards these people. When women fall in love, they hold on to these people, and their greatest challenge is letting them go. 

Imagine our lives were a pie. A man would have no problem balancing his work and lifestyle. He does not feel the need to replace every aspect of his life with his woman. His schedule remains. A woman would ditch everything else and replace them with her man, making him the whole pie instead of a fragment of it. 

She begins canceling yoga class and girls’ night out to spend more time with him. The man still has drinks with his buddies on Friday evening. In general, the woman is more attached to people and the things that she loves, and all these things are going to express a lot of sensitivity.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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