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Who is a Sigma Male | 10 Traits of a Sigma Male

by | Ideas

Jun 26, 2023

The term ‘sigma’ is a relatively new one that has roots in sexuality and personality. Like alpha, it is often associated with a degree of manliness and strength. Seeing that a sigma man is usually confused as being an alpha, we have written this article to show you just who a sigma male is and the traits he possesses. 

Who is a Sigma Male?

A sigma male is a man who does not play by the rules of his society. This is not to say that he is defiant. He isn’t. If anything, he is obedient to the laws of his society. He just doesn’t let society tell him who he is or who he ought to be. He is a man who carves his own path using his own strength of will.

A sigma male is something of a lone wolf. He is an individual and not a team.

This marks the main difference between an alpha male and a sigma male. Alpha may be more inclined to play with a team. Achieveing his goals with a team. A sigma, on the other hand, wants to do it on his own. 

A sigma male is generally going to get more sexual attraction coming his way because of his strength and independence. Women are very attracted to a man who plays by the rules he makes for himself and not by the ones society makes. 

This puts sigmas at the top of the sexual market value pyramid. They attract the most beautiful and interesting women, and most times, this happens even when there is no trying. A sigma understands that attraction is not to be negotiated, so he does not try to get women to like him.

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10 Traits of a Sigma Male

You will find that these traits are associated with almost every sigma you can find. If you want to be a sigma, adopt these, and see your sexual value sky-rocket: 

1. Mystery

‘Mystery’ is the number one trait of a sigma male. I am not suggesting that sigma males are difficult people. They are not. They may even be very friendly people who are welcoming to people they admire. 

Mystery, as used here, is a state of being hidden. 

Sigmas are hidden from everyone’s eyes. No one knows much about them because they do not put themselves out there. If you check out their social media, for example, nothing on there will give you a hint about their personal lives. 

If you weren’t told, you wouldn’t know. 

Being a mystery person is an important element in seduction. It is no wonder why a sigma male seduces women without even trying. 

2. Balance and Control

Few people have the self-control of a Sigma male. 

We live in times when it is easy to get triggered. Online, there is so much bullying that one has to exercise a lot of control if one is to remain happy. 

A sigma male is one with that godlike control over himself and his emotions. 

It is markedly difficult to get an emotion out of a sigma male. 

I know a guy who never gets angry, even when you try to get him to fume. 

I reached out to him before putting up this article and asked why he was that way. His response was: “I do not let people get to me that easily because I know that anyone who can get me upset at will has too much power over me.” 

If you want to become a sigma man, stop giving people that much power over your emotions. 

In relationships, women try to gain power by ‘triggering’ their men. This is called a ‘test,’ and we have talked about it a number of times on the blog. 

If you allow a woman to trigger you, you have lost the test. If not, you have won. Sigmas win the tests before it even begins!

Become more in control of your emotions by meditation. It works.

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3. Strength

Sigmas are a lot of things. But they are never weak. Sigmas have the brute strength of will and personality. Surviving as a lone wolf requires a lot of strength. 

Sigmas train their minds to become strong enough to keep their bodies in shape. 

If you want to become a sigma, you should visit the gym and put more time and energy into feeding your mind everything it needs to become your very powerful ally. 

Nothing makes a man weaker than being addicted. So, deal with your addictions. Quit being so invested in porn. Read books that feed you so much that you become really strong and confident.

4. Sigmas are Neat

Neatness is the height of self-respect. It feels like a wrong thing to say, but I believe that people who are not neat may not respect themselves so much. 

In an interview that was uploaded on YouTube, the renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson was asked how men can become higher-value men. His answer was interesting: 

“Start by becoming neater. Personal hygiene is a big step.” 

I offer the same advice to anyone seeking to become a Sigma male. Personal hygiene is a big first step. 

5. Values

Sigma males put a lot of time into being valuable people. 

A lot of men think that being mean and lawless is what it takes to be a strong man. This is especially true about younger men. They run a stop sign and think that it makes them strong. 

Well, none of these mean strength, and a sigma male knows. So, he keeps to the rules of his state as much as he can. He knows that disobeying the state is disrespecting himself.

A sigma male also puts much energy into helping others understand the laws of the state. 

I remember when I was much younger. A man who I got to see as a sigma walked over to me and gave me advice that changed my life.

That is what sigmas do. They guide!

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6. The Will to be Disliked

A sigma understands that the best way to lose yourself is by trying to get everyone to like you.

Sigma does not want to lose himself. So, he trains himself to live without the approval of other people. It would appear there is a big self-reward mechanism within a sigma. 

He does not need anyone out there to validate him because he validates himself. 

You don’t have to tell a sigma he looks good for him to know he looks good. 

He already knows this and lives in this reality. 

That ability to validate himself raises his own sense of self-worth and his esteem. 

If you want to become a sigma man, you should find ways to talk only good about yourself. You should not say weird things about you even though you feel sad or angry. 

7. Emotional Awareness

One major trait of a sigma male is emotional awareness. 

Many like to think that a sigma denies or suppresses his emotions. This is very far from the truth. 

People who suppress their emotions do not have control over these emotions. Someday, sooner or later, the suppressed emotions are going to surge out. 

A sigma man does not have those surges of emotion. Which means that he does something other than try to suppress his emotions. 

What he does is simple: he understands his emotions and allows himself to feel them. 

Emotions are like waves. You will wear yourself out swimming against them. But if you keep calm and allow the waves to take you, you stand a better chance of survival.

Sigmas allow their emotions to speak. They can hear the voices of these emotions because they have come to see that their emotions are not an enemy but a sign.

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8. Sigmas Protect

A sigma male is very kind to himself and to the world around him. This is why one trait you will find in almost all Sigma males out there is the willingness to protect. 

A sigma male will love his partner so much that it becomes his goal to never see her get into trouble. 

Here is the interesting part: he will not only love his partner. He will, of course, love everyone in his care.

He will be willing to give out advice to everyone who needs it. 

Sigmas learn from their mistakes. So, if anyone is in need of advice so he doesn’t make silly mistakes, a sigma helps.

9. Sigmas Embrace Their Sexuality

Many men feel shame about their sexuality.

They think it wrong to show sexual interest in a woman for fear of being rejected. 

Robert Glover (Dr.), in his book, No More Mr. Nice Guy, describes it as sexual shame. 

Sigmas do not feel this sort of shame. If they feel sexually drawn to a woman, they let her know. They don’t go around hiding it or pretending to be uninterested.

10. Sigmas Know When to Stop

No matter how strong you are, understand that there are limits to your strength. Understanding this is a strength in itself.

This is why Sigma men always keep getting stronger.

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Sigmas, at least the most I have met, are truly interesting men who are full of love and empathy.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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