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Who is a Sigma Female | 10 Traits of a Sigma Female

by | Ideas

Jun 26, 2023

People know much about alpha and sigma males. However, the conversation gets a bit weird when the subject of sigma females is brought up. Can women really be sigmas? The answer is yes, and this article is going to tell you how. But first, let us figure out just who a sigma female is.

Who is a Sigma Female

A sigma female, if I am to put it in the most basic way possible, is a woman who is ‘special.’ 

Men have described a sigma female as being the one who stands out, away from the crowd.

We live in times when a person’s identity is majorly determined by the people surrounding them, the information they are exposed to, etc. 

A sigma female does not allow her personality to be determined by the world around her. 

Instead, she builds her own world and lives in it, making her own rules and being who she wants to be. 

Men also describe a sigma female as being the most desired in a certain population. 

Humans have evolved an interesting way to secure the best mates. It is very tedious to find a mate by selecting from a pool that consists of every woman in a community. 

So, humans narrow down that pull. They begin to pay more attention to the most desired, knowing that other people desire good things too. 

A sigma female is going to be very desired by other men. You can tell whether or not you are a sigma female by the kind of men who come after you. 

Too few men, or too many men of lower value? You may not be a sigma. Here are 10 traits that tell you whether you are a sigma female or not.

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10 Traits of a Sigma Female

1. Mystery

Women who are sigma women are very mysterious people. They are confusing to understand, and it is not a wonder why. Things hidden away from everyone’s eyes are usually mysterious. 

Sigma females make a conscious effort to be hidden. This is why, most of the time, they turn out to be introverts.

Of all the sigma females I know, more than half are introverts. The few who are extroverts do not spend so much time in the eyes of others. 

They are only selectively social. One minute they are around people and the next, they are far away from everyone. 

2. Willingness to Explore

Sigma women do a lot of exploring. This is how they come to understand themselves and the world around them. 

If you have ever wondered why sigma females understand their own emotions so much, know that it is because they do a lot of exploring. 

They explore a lot of books and take some time out every once in a while to travel.

You will notice a marked difference in your personality if you start to travel more. If you explore difficult questions about why you are here and why people act the way they do. 

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3. Loyal

The first thing a sigma woman realizes earlier in life, when she first begins to show sigma traits, is that there is energy in her body and that sex is sharing this energy with someone.

This makes her more open to being in a monogamous relationship, having sex with one person at a time. I do not know a sigma woman who is not monogamous in some way. 

Sigma women also think that loyalty goes beyond being sexually invested in just one person. They know it also has a lot to do with time and access too. 

So, a sigma woman will only allow a narrow number of people to have access to her time and energy. She is going to save it all up for her man because she knows that, as a woman, she is supposed to be loyal and supportive. 

It is important to note that some sigma women are demisexuals or asexuals who have little to no interest in sex. I know quite a few, and it works really good for them, helping these women to stay at the top of their game.

4. Supportive

A sigma woman does not assume her man’s role in a relationship. Sigma women know this. So, when they do get into relationships, they understand their role as women.

That role is to be feminine and supportive. 

A sigma woman will be her husband’s number one support system. She is not going to attempt to be ahead of him, except in times when the man shows weakness and a lack of leadership abilities. 

This is why sigma women often seem to only be attracted to alphas males and fellow sigmas. 

If you want to become the sigma woman every man wants, then it is time to pay attention to how often you support your man. 

Learn how to be there for him more and allow yourself to be what brings him peace. You are then going to see that men are not as difficult as they seem at first. 

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5. Independent but not Proud

Independence is often confused with pride, especially in women’s circles. 

You find many women label themselves as independent when in fact, they are everything dependent should be, only that they have a lot of pride simmering in their chests. 

Independence is the ability to survive without the help of people. It is a major indication that a person is strong and responsible.

A sigma woman is strong. She is able to survive anything life throws at her without the help of a man. 

However, many times, she will often choose not to survive without a man. This is humility and is what makes her even stronger. 

Laura, a woman I admire so much who runs a school for teenage girls, told us: “I am very independent. I can be on my own for as long as I want. But I will rather not. I mean, why should I when I can also do better when I am with someone who loves and appreciates me.”

6. Honest

A sigma woman is one of the most honest people you will ever meet. I have met quite a number, and each time, it is the honesty that strikes me. 

I believe the honesty associated with a sigma woman has a lot to do with how much trust she puts in herself. 

She knows that telling even the littlest lies is breaking the trust which she invests in her person. 

You can become a sigma woman by being more open about things you ought to be open about, especially in your relationship. You really don’t have to lie. And worse, you don’t have to hide. 

Lying is a sign of fear. All liars are afraid that they may be treated a certain way if the truth comes out. 

Here is how to overcome this: tell yourself that no matter what happens, you will keep being an amazing person. It is the truth! 

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7. Strives to be Better

Anyone who tells herself that she has arrived at perfection is not only telling a lie. She is also making sure she never goes on to be better. 

Many years ago, I received advice that helped me become a better person. The one who advised me was a woman in her sixties, and I remember the words just the way she said them: “If you want to be better, tell yourself that you have got work to do.”

Sigma women tell themselves this every now and then. More times than even they realize. It is the truth that there is work to do. 

There is so much good that is yet to come out of you. Don’t stay too long in the good feelings that come with achieving a task. The ‘good feelings’ can slow you down.

Strive for better. Become the best version of yourself ever.

8. Non Judgemental

Sigma women understand that we are all striving to be better. And so they relate to people with a lot of empathy. 

Sigma women do not judge. If anything, they are very homely and welcoming. 

They are fine with giving you a boost by letting you see that you are equal to the task. 

Become that person to younger women. 

Be eager to reach out to these women when you sense that they are getting it wrong. 

A helping hand is the most helpful thing you can offer, most of the time. 

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9. Drawn to Other Sigmas

The kind of person someone is attracted to can tell you a lot about them. 

Sigma women tend to be more attracted to sigma males. This is because sigma and alpha males seem to be the only ones who can lead sigma women.

If a beta male tries to woo a sigma woman, there is almost a guarantee that he is going to fail. The reason is clear: she deems herself stronger than him and so will not succumb to his leadership.

What kind of men do you attract? 

10. Ability to Communicate

Only the strong can communicate. That is it. Communication is tough work that demands a lot of honesty and transparency. 

People driven by ego often struggle too much, but almost never sigma women, who are not driven by ego but by the strength of character.

The sigma woman is a gift to her world. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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