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When to Walk Away From a Relationship

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Sep 2, 2023

Even though we often want the best in our relationships, not all relationships last forever. We hurt ourselves when we decide to stick around in a relationship that is long-ended. The best time to walk away is when you begin to see more than three or more of these signs.

1. They Abuse You Physically

Physical abuse should mark the end of any relationship. If this is not one of your deal breakers, then it may be time to review your deal breakers. 

Anyone who stays in a physically abusive relationship is going to regret it sooner or later. And I am counting on it sooner. 

This is because abusers don’t stop. If he or she hits you once, he or she will do it again. It takes a lot for someone to physically abuse another. Usually, this tendency stems from a deep mental dent. 

They probably grew up in a household where one parent hit the other or just learned this from somewhere else. 

I know it may make you feel bad when you leave a relationship like that. You may feel like you are a betrayer who has placed yourself above everyone else. 

This is not true. Looking out for yourself is not a betrayal. You have got to care for yourself.

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2. They Abuse You Verbally

When it comes to abuse in relationships, people often dismiss verbal abuse as one of those things that can be kept up with. 

The truth is, you do not have to keep up with anything that makes you feel less of yourself.

The moment you find out that your partner has made it a habit to verbally abuse you, then it is time to take a walk. It is time to walk away. 

You may feel as though you can keep up. But I will tell you this: it will be impossible to. You will fail at keeping up. So, it is better to walk away now. 

3. You Fall Out of Love for Them

Love is something that can burn out. 

At the start of a relationship, there is so much wood (attraction) to keep the love burning. 

But somewhere down the line, around the time when interests begin to collide, the love starts to burn weaker, and then it fans out. 

If you have tried everything you can to bring back the spark, and it is not working out, then it may be time to walk away from the relationship. But first, give it your best to see if it is possible to reignite that passion.

If you finally decide to leave, be mature about it: show them the situation of things and tell them it has nothing to do with you. 

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4. You Feel Like They Have Settled Because of You

No one in the world, no matter their crime, deserves to be in a relationship with someone who makes them feel like they are one step down the threshold. 

The mere fact that they make you feel as though you are not quite the shot they wanted tells you much about how they will come to treat you as things progress in that relationship. 

The best time to walk away is now. Walk, and never look back. I assure you this: you will come to find someone who loves and treats you like the amazing person you are.

5. They Still Talk To Their Ex

When a man or woman talks to their exes, it means they are still attached. This is not to say that a person ought to make an enemy of their exes. Of course not. A person can be friends with their ex.

But the kind of friendship that makes the new partner feel insecure? 

That should be out of the picture. 

If you have complained about your partner’s closeness with their ex and they still CHOOSE to do nothing about it, then it is time to leave. Leave, and don’t turn back. It will not get better.

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6. They Cheat

There are many ideas flying around that cheating should not be a deal breaker. These ideas are sometimes valid, but the thing is, you do not have to put yourself through that kind of rigor. 

Here is why cheating should be a deal breaker for you: 

– It is an Emotional Injury: Having your trust broken like that can make you sick emotionally and even physically. I know a lot of people who fell sick upon discovering that their partners had been cheating.

– Cheating puts you at risk: Has it ever crossed your mind that your partner is able to give you an STI? Why do you have to deal with being put in the face of such risk?

Walk away. 

7. Their Family Does not Approve of You

If you do not leave the moment their family begins to disapprove of you, you are going to live trying to make them accepting of your person.

This is such a valid reason to leave. To be fair, I know it is going to hurt badly. Let it hurt now, but bring you peace later. This is much better than trading your future peace.

You will find someone whose family approves of you without having to prove yourself every minute that passes. 

8. You Do Not Feel Proud of Them

What do you feel when you tell your friends about your boyfriend or girlfriend? 

If you feel anything aside from pride, then something is wrong. It has got to be fixed by talking. But if talking does not work, then it is time to walk away.

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9. All Good Moments are Memories Now

If good times only exist in memories now, then it may be time for you to walk away. Relationships ought to have an overlapping sequence of good times. 

You have to enjoy your stay in your relationship. 

When good moments begin to decrease and decrease, then you may have to do the right thing: walk away. 

Take that walk. 

10. You Feel it in Your Gut That it is Time.


Even when you wish otherwise, not all relationships are meant to last forever.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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