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When to Take a Break in Bed

by | Sensual Intimacy

May 26, 2024

Sometimes, breaks are so important in bed. They can last anywhere from only a couple of seconds to a few minutes. But they have to keep the mood in place and ensure the sex lasts longer. In this article, we show you when to take a break in bed.

1. When you have to catch your breath

Sex is sometimes a lot of work. You get tired as your heart races and your muscles work to burn energy. This can make you breathe faster. A break is often needed when you notice that your breath is becoming too heavy and fast. 

How long should this break last?

Typically when you take a break in bed to catch your breath, it can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to maybe twenty minutes. 

It all depends on how fast you can feel yourself getting better. You know that you sure feel better when breathing is not so much of a chore, and you don’t feel tight in your chest. 

What should you do during this break?

Anything you want. Some men may just lay there. But I will suggest you speak to your partner or laugh about something. 

The break to catch one’s breath can be a very sensual one if you know what to do. Hold your partner’s hands and make them laugh about something. You may even talk about the sex. 

Talking about sex whilst having sex is such a beautiful flex. 

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How should you ease back into the sex?

No, you don’t just get back into the sex like nothing happened. You took a break. You’ll both have to ease in so things don’t get awkward and your partner doesn’t lose interest. 

Ease back into lovemaking by starting foreplay all over again. Kiss your partner, touch them in places they like to be touched, and, of course, get back to work. 

2. When you’re unduly sweaty

It is important that you take a break in bed when you are too sweaty because:

  • Being too sweaty can irritate you: of course, it can make you feel like you’re slimy or something. And this feeling of irritability can make the sex feel awkward. 
  • You may feel hotter: In very humid conditions, sweating a lot can make you feel even hotter when it should, in fact, do the opposite. 
  • It may irritate your partner too: your partner is likely to feel irritated if your drops of sweat fall on their skin, or if they have to rub your overly sweaty body. You know your partner is beginning to feel affected by how sweaty you are if they avoid touching you or only touch you when they must. 

What should you do during this break?

During this break, the first thing you should do is grab a towel and clean the sweat off your body. 

Or better still, just get into the bathroom and take a quick shower. The shower is going to make you feel a lot better, as you won’t have to deal with the oily skin. 

If you’re fun enough, you can drag your partner with you to the bathroom. And there, shower sex may likely happen. 

Sex needs a lot of innovations. You have to get creative, and this is especially when you are taking a break. 

How to ease into the sex

If you choose to mop yourself in a towel, then the best thing to do is lay next to your partner. This is going to create some bonding. Just lay next to them and probably laugh about the sex or something. 

Then, after a while, when both your bodies are dry again, you may have some foreplay, which leads to another round of sex. 

If you choose to go to the shower, there may not be a need to ease into the sex, as shower sex is going to happen. 

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3. When you’re about to cum when you shouldn’t

This is an especially helpful tip for men who have problems with premature ejaculation or men who just need a couple more minutes to get the job done. 

You may either change position (changing positions helps keep you from cumming), or you may take a break. 

Take a break for around five minutes and then return to having sex. 

What should you do during the break?

Well, easy. Make your woman feel pleasure. You should not take away her pleasure just because you don’t want to cum already. 

When taking this kind of break, your mouth should be between her thighs. Yes. You should be giving her head

Women love it when their man randomly goes down on them between sex. They see it as cute. But you and I and all the editors know it’s you trying to keep yourself from cumming. 

If you don’t want to give her head, then you may want to do something else: get the toys. 

How should you ease back into the sex?

You should ease back into the sex creatively. When you are sure that you have bought yourself some more time and may not cum so fast, then you can get back to having penetrative sex with your partner. 

You should, however, not give her a clue about what is going on. If she has a clue, it may be a lot less lovely for her. 

4. When you feel an aching in your muscles

When next you feel an aching in your muscles, it is time to take a break. Otherwise, that aching is going to make things tire you out sooner or later. 

What to do during the break

Pleasure your partner. Don’t let them know you are taking a break because of hurt. Just kiss them. And maybe even give them some head. This works really well. 

How to ease into the sex

Get creative. Ease in nicely, however you want. 


A break in bed is not a bad idea. It also doesn’t mean that you are weak or something. It means you enjoy the pleasurable moment that is great sex and are in for having beautiful memories in bed. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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