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When to Change Sex Positions?

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jun 5, 2024

Great sex will come with breaks and changes in positions. Changing positions is, however, an art. It doesn’t just happen randomly. In this article, I will be showing you when to change sex positions whilst maintaining the vibe of the sex. 

1. After a break

The best time to change sex positions is after a break. If you’ve read us for a while, you must have read our article about breaks in bed

The best time to change positions is after a break. 

Imagine how weird it will be to continue sex from where you had stopped, in the same position. It will make the sex seem mechanical. Like you had calculated every move. 

Sex is not supposed to feel mechanical. It is supposed to feel fluid and streamlined. 

Return from your break with a feeling of newness. The newness of a new sex position. 

2. When you’re moving

Many times, especially when you are having a more engaging and fun kind of sex, you will have to move from one part of the house to the other. 

Let’s say you have an intense kissing session on the sofa in the sitting room and even begin to try out the missionary position. Then you both decide to go to the bedroom. 

Starting again in the missionary position won’t be bad. But it will be best if you change your sex position. 

Same thing with if you’re moving to the bathroom or away from there. 

Ubong tells us: “Changing positions should add a particular taste of newness to the sex. It should make it feel like the sex is starting all over or like you have just gotten a boost. That’s how it should work.”

It should really work that way. That makes it nicer and better. 

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3. When you’re both bored

When sex becomes something of a chore, it can sometimes be very boring.  

Such that one feels they have to have sex to “get it over with.”

This is when changes in sex positions come in. To make things more spiced up

Spice up sex by making things a lot more intense. Go for a sex position that makes you feel at ease and makes the sex feel more enjoyable. 

It is best if you don’t go abrupt in your changes. For example, if you are in the doggy, changing to the missionary in just a split of a breath is not ideal. 

If you’re to change sex positions, first change to the variants of your current sex position and then to something farther from it. 

For example, if you’re in the doggy. Change to the collapsed doggy. After this, you can change to the side girl and man position and then missionary. 

These easy changes make the sex seem more fluid. They make sex a lot better, too. And don’t put stress on either you or your partner. 

4. When you’re trying to buy yourself more time

You should change positions when you are trying to buy yourself some more time. 

The truth is, changing positions can keep you from cumming too fast. 

I never knew this until I tried it out myself and did a survey on twenty other guys. All of them agreed that a pause and then a change in position just in the minute of cumming, could buy them an average of two minutes more. 

Boko said: “I lasted ten minutes more after changing positions. I can’t explain how it works.”

Jayesh also agreed. “When I find myself on the verge of cumming, I just know that it is time to change sex positions. It buys me some more time. I can’t explain it. But it buys me time.”

My theory is that pulling out and changing positions just before cumming can increase the pleasure threshold so that you have to reach it again to attain an ejaculation. In almost the same way, masturbating before a sexual encounter can increase that threshold.

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5. When you feel hurt in your muscles

There are times when some sex positions can make your muscles ache. A particular culprit is the missionary position. If the missionary position had one downside, it would definitely be that aching in your shoulders when you’re in there for a long time. 

On average, being in the missionary for more than seven minutes can cause your muscles to ache. This is normal. The strain put on those muscles to hold you up can make them weary. 

Once you feel the slightest aching, then it is time to change positions. And you should be smart about it. You shouldn’t change into a position that further stresses the muscle group that is hurting. 

If you were in the missionary, changing to the cowgirl position can do the trick. 

It will ease the strain on you and your partner. 

6. When you’re going too deep

For men who have rather large penises, some sex positions can be very hurtful to a woman. 

Chloé tells us: “I just can’t stand the collapsed doggy with a man who is too big. I mean, it hurts. It hurts a lot more than I would like to admit. It does hurt.”

Nene feels the same way. She says. “Some positions just don’t cut it when the man’s penis is too big for me.”

Look at your woman’s face. Try to tell when she is hurting. If you notice that she is, then you should change positions.

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7. When the sex has gotten very sensual

When sex has gotten very sensual and romantic, it may be time to change positions. 

Change into a position that promises eye contact. Like from the doggy position to the missionary. 

8. When you’re open to experiment

There will be times when both of you get into that mood to experiment with new things. It is usually a burst. Something that happens when emotions are high. 

When you feel that, burst to experiment. Change positions. 


Like the Legendary Urban Poet Kendrick Lamar says, “To truly understand love, switch positions.”

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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