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When Does It Mean When She Licks Her Lips

by | Love and Romance

Jun 27, 2024

Den has been hanging out with Caroline quite a lot. He met her a few weeks ago, on the street not far away from his, got her number, and invited her on a date. She showed up for the date dressed in very beautiful red clothes. And all through, she wouldn’t stop licking her lips. She even licks her lips during video calls. Den wonders what it means. And not just him. A number of guys, too. What does it mean, they ask, when a woman licks her lips?

1. A mannerism

You will be surprised at the mannerisms people show. Each and every one of us has mannerisms. Even women. Some of our mannerisms are weird, too. 

One time I noticed that I had this bad habit of picking my nails. My sister has a weird habit of picking her pimples. My cousin has a weird habit of bitting down on her lower lip. 

It all happens when we feel anxious or uneasy. 

It is possible that your woman is licking her lip all the time because she feels uneasy. She may be doing this without even knowing it. 

Uju tells us she used to lick her lips a lot, too. 

“It was until my boyfriend drew my attention to it that I figured I had been doing it all along,” She said, laughing. 

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2. Her lips are flaky

Licking her lips may be her way of easing some discomfort she feels. A lot of women struggle with flaky lips. Especially during dry weather. 

You should be able to tell that she is dealing with flaky lips if the weather is too dry or if she is too uneasy around the lip area. That is to say, if, from time to time, she brings her hands to her lips and tries to peel it off, too. 

3. She is trying to seduce you

A woman may try to seduce you by licking her lips. 

Ubong tells us that licking one’s lips may be a kind of sexual behavior. He says that humans are drawn to activities like that. 

“A woman may try to seduce a man by licking her lips.” He says. “Licking one’s lips may make the lips look more pink. Those colors are very attractive to us on a subconscious level.”

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4. She is testing you

A woman may often try to test a man by making sexual advances at him. She may not mean these advances, but she will do them anyway just to be sure how easily the man gives into his desire to have sex.  

A man who gives into his desire for sex too easily is often not good enough. This means he fails the test. A man who doesn’t pass. 

5. She is being flirty for no reason

Sometimes, women just flirt. There isn’t a reason for it. They just flirt. Maybe to improve their self-esteem. This happens a lot. More times than men realize. 

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What to Do?

If I were you, I would not give it much thought. I would let her do her thing until she wants to tell me what it means by herself. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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