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When are Women Horniest & 10 Signs a Woman is Horny Around You

by | Sensual Intimacy

Feb 12, 2023

Ever wondered when women are horniest and what the signs are? Women are usually horniest when ovulating, menstruating, anxious, most comfortable, and when they read or watch erotica. We call these the ‘state of sexual arouser,’ In the earlier parts of this article, we take a biological and social approach to figuring out when a woman is horniest. Later on, however, we go in-depth and show you signs she is in her “horny season.”

When is a Woman Horniest? 

1. When she is Ovulating

This is biological. When a woman ovulates, her ovaries release an egg cell. This egg cell becomes a child when fertilized. 

The body is protective of this egg. Knowing that if fertilization does not occur, the egg will shrink and die, the body does all it can to make sure the egg is fertilized. 

It makes the woman feel quite horny. At this time, her basal body temperature may even go up. The phenomenon of being so drawn to having sex during fertile days is called heat in animals. 

Even though humans do not experience ‘heat’ in the true sense of the word, they do feel horny. 

How do you know when a woman is ovulating? Well, it is pretty simple. She ovulates around the mid-point of her cycle. For example, if her cycle lasts 28, she is likely to ovulate around the 14th day. 

2. When she is Menstruating

This may seem ironic, but a woman is usually very horny when she is experiencing her monthly flow. This is because, during the monthly flow, there is usually a lot of hormonal activity; the levels of estrogen in her body may fluctuate, giving her a couple of symptoms such as mood swings or heavy breasts.

It may also have a huge effect on her libido and make her very horny. 

This seems like a bad time to be horny, right? You can’t blame nature. 

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3. When She is Anxious

Anxiety is good for sex. Why? You may ask. The answer is quite simple. 

Anxiety is a negative emotion. The body does not like to feel it. When you are anxious, your heart races, and you feel a bit pressed (anxiety makes a person want to pee). 

This makes the body seek ways to defeat this anxiety: one of these ways is to introduce pleasure. The body is perfect at replacing pain with pleasure!

And one of the principal sources of pleasure for the body is sex. 

When a woman is very anxious, it is likely that she will feel very horny. 

4. When she is Sad

Sadness works similarly to how anxiety works. It is an uncomfortable situation, and the body does not want to remain there, so the body seeks ways to let go. 

And sex is a go-to route. 

A woman may also feel very horny when she is missing someone. Especially an ex or someone she has had romantic feelings for in the past. Seeking sex will therefore be her way of trying to forget that person and all that had happened between her and him. 

5. When She is High

Alcohol or any other drug is usually able to induce feelings of horniness.

When a woman drinks just enough alcohol, her body responds to it, and she starts to feel as though she should have sex. 

I feel like the effect of alcohol is not direct; that is, it does not directly make her horny. Instead, it takes away all the shame that might be associated with having sex so that a woman no longer fears that she will be judged for having sex or anything. 

6. When She is Most Comfortable

When a woman is very comfortable and relaxed, she is usually quite horny. This is true if she is with the right person at that time. 

This is why I tell guys that they stand a far greater chance of bedding a woman when they are calm and collected rather than anxious and all in her face. 

When next you get in a room with a woman, you should stay as calm as possible. Let your own calmness and sense of control drive her to the point where she can be relaxed too. 

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7. Women are Horniest When There is a Thrill

The thrill is quite amazing. In some way, all of us chase some thrill in our lives. You go on a boat trip because you want to feel that thrill. You visit sparks because you desire that rush of adrenaline. On and on. 

Women are no different. A woman will feel very horny when there is the possibility that she will feel an adrenaline rush. 

This is usually why alcohol does so much and why many women cheat. 

8. Women Are Horniest When They Read or Watch Erotica

Believe it or not, women are big consumers of erotica. Maybe even just as men. And erotica has such a huge part to play in making a woman horny. 

If you watch her just after she reads her erotica books, you will be able to spot these subtle signs that she is really quite horny. 

10 Signs She is Horny

If you watch keenly, you will be able to spot the signs when women are horniest.

1. She is All Over You 

I mentioned earlier that animals experience a state called heat. During this state, female animals spend a lot of time around the males, with the hope that the males will mount them. 

Humans almost work the same way. 

When a woman is very horny, she is going to be all around you. You will notice a lot of body contact, sometimes for no reason at all. It will feel like she just enjoys touching you. 

So, when next a woman is all over you, do not just wave it aside as one of those things. Embrace the possibility that she is just very horny. (Read: 11 Best Oils to Use as Lube & Alternatives to Avoid)

2. She Seems Anxious

Anxiety can make a woman horny; at the same time, it is a big sign that she is actually horny. 

Signs of anxiety to look out for in a horny woman include: 

  • Touchiness
  • Fidgeting 
  • Wandering eyes (if she cannot seem to look at one spot at a time.)

3. She seems ‘Lost.’

That is to say; she cannot bring herself to be part of conversations. You both may be talking about the best experiences, and boom; she blacks out on you. 

She is likely just thinking about sex. I mean it!

4. She Laughs Too Hard

Anxiety is not the only sign that she is horny. Most times, whether good or bad, extreme ends of emotions are a strong sign that a woman is horny. 

For example, a woman, instead of feeling sad, may seem very excited if she is aroused. And so, she will laugh about anything. 

5. She Talks About Sex

There is no way one can miss this. A woman who is horny is going to make the conversation very sexual. I mean, she will find a way to make a perfectly sex-free conversation become very sexual. 

6. She Does not Put Off Your Advances

Another big sign a woman is horny is when she does not put off your advances. You could literally squeeze her thighs, and all you would get is a smile and a gentle nudge. 

Not only are horny women horny: but they are also very open to touch. 

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7. She Feels Moody

This is also an emotion a bit on the extreme side. When a woman is horny, she is likely going to be moody. I describe this as sexual frustration. 

Even women in relationships report feeling sexually frustrated. 

For men who are already in relationships, I advise that you pay attention to your woman’s moods. She may be so moody lately because she feels sexually frustrated or is not having so much fun with you in the bedroom. 

Contrary to what people think, your woman wants to have that sex with you as often as possible. 

8. She Wants to Go Away

When a woman is very horny, and I mean very horny, she usually does not want to be around people much, and that includes even her friends. 

If you are not someone she is very comfortable with, she will want to go away from you. 

9. She Looks Better

When a woman is ovulating, she is bound to look really good. Remember that ovulation prepares a woman’s body to have sex. 

One of its ways is to make her look gorgeous. There may even be a subtle instinct within her to put on seductive clothing!

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10. She Says So

Some women are blunt with these things and can go straight to the point.

They can say: “I feel so horny.” 

If a woman tells you that, then you should be happy!

Women are horniest when their moods are up or down. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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