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What Men Consider Good In Bed

by | Love and Romance

Apr 15, 2021

Even if we only do what we like and turn on between the sheets, of course, we should take a look at the things that men consider good in bed.

Intimacy is an important part of most romantic relationships. Having regular, healthy sex is one way sexually active couples can get to know themselves and their bodies more, sharing moments that linger on their minds for long. 

Sex is an art, and for art to be appreciated, it has got to catch the eye of the viewer. As a woman, it is important to know that your man does not just want to ejaculate. It may seem that way, but he is interested in having fun with you. 

We researched more closely and came across exciting findings that clarify that the definition of what men consider good in bed comes pretty close to our view of things. The 12 points, in their view, that makes good sex.

You should give him this. Here are what men consider good in bed:

1. Foreplay

Spice things up with foreplay. Don’t be that person who just hops into action right away. Foreplay raises sexual tension between you and your partner. 

As you kiss, hold hands, and caress each other, his desire to have you builds, and this desire is used during the penetrative sex. 

Foreplay also helps against premature ejaculation. 

Be creative. Explore areas of your spouse’s body that turn him on the most. 

2. Communication

Sex is not a chore. It is not a one-person job either. When couples have sex, they are supposed to be into it together, sharing moments and pleasures. 

Men consider a woman who is communicative during intimacy as a woman who is good in bed. 

Don’t just lie there. During intimate moments, you can communicate with your partner using verbal or non-verbal means of communication. 

Tell him when he is doing it right. Men like to know that they’re doing it right. For some reason, this makes his ego grow. He doesn’t feel less of himself. 

Ask questions. If your man is one who likes it when you ask questions, then, by all means, please ask questions. Be nasty with the questions. 

Moan. You shouldn’t fake this, though, but moaning is one great way to communicate with your partner during your intimate moments. 

When your moans are loud, they know they are doing it right, haha

Try not to fake your moans, anyway, because your man might notice it as your attempt to massage his ego, and it might backfire. 

3. Awkward moments

Except when shooting amateur videos, sex between partners is not a scripted movie. 

What we see in videos is sometimes scripted, and it’s only wrong to try and play it out completely with your partner when you both are down together. 

During real-life sex, the awkward moments are a vital part of intimacy. 

For example, if your partner makes a mistake, it helps to laugh at this mistake together. 

You can wear a smile for no reason or ask a sarcastic question that has you both laughing. Remember, it is sex. Not a movie. Keep it real. 

4. A woman who explores

Men find a woman who explores one good in bed. 

Sex with your partner should not have a regular pattern. No matter what we do, patterns have a way of sucking out all the fun. 

Your first day at school was great, most probably, because it was your first day. Subsequent days? Well, not so great, and you can already guess why. 

When patterns begin to creep into your sex life with your partner, when he finds out that every sexual moment shared is going to be just like the one before it, he will become a bit disinterested in having sex with you. 

Be creative. 

Explore your partner’s fantasies and kinks, and teach him to explore yours. 

Tell him the things you love, and try to do the things you love. 

Don’t be too scared to make your partner feel throbbing pleasure.

5. Initiating sex

Men consider a woman who initiates sex as one who is good in bed. 

When you initiate sex, you send a subconscious message to your lover, which makes him believe you love and really want to share intimacy with him. 

Men love it when you do not hold back intimacy with them. 

Initiating sex is a skill you can apply before the sex even starts or after the first round has ended. 

When he ejaculates, you can re-initiate the sex. Be creative at this. Be gentle on his genitals. Do not hurt him. 

6. A tease

Teases make sex very amazing. 

Typically, this is how they work: make your partner feel intense pleasure, then stop. 

While this might seem like some kind of bullying, it is a great way to make your partner see you as good in bed. 

A good story is one that keeps you on edge, which has you yearning to see what happens next. 

Skillful authors know this, and this is why they keep on teasing their readers through the course of their books. They give, and they take, and they give. Over and over. 

You have to be skillful to apply this kind of artistry during your intimate moments with your partner. 

Give him a feeling of intense pleasure. Withdraw it. Over and over. 

Note that you should not do this too much, at least not in a way your partner starts to consider annoying. 

7. Working together

Many men are sometimes weary of women who just lie there, doing nothing. 

Don’t be this woman. Cooperate with your partner whenever you both have sex. 

Learn to move your body in a way that makes it easier for him to feel you. 

Move your body. Smile at him. Hold his body. Pleasure him. Have sex as a couple, and don’t expect him to do everything on the bed. 

8. Cuddles

Men are not unromantic beings. After sex, most of them will love a nice time spent cuddling their lovers. 

Cuddle your man. And while at it, talk to him. Tell him how amazing the sex was. Tell him what you feel about him, and share moments of laughter and safety. 

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9. A woman who doesn’t hold back.

A woman can be full of energy this moment, and the next moment, everything changes abruptly. She will tease and hint at wanting to make love but usually be a bit too reserved when it’s showtime. 

A woman may show all the most obvious signs that she wants it right now, but when her man responds in kind, she will become too self-conscious and find excuses to dodge the moment just when it’s about to enter the main phase, and then the vibes go cold or weird.

10. Men like to feel emotionally connected.

Of course, a one-night stand can also be exciting, where feelings don’t play a role at all. However, for men, really good sex implies an emotional connection to the partner.

The reason: It makes the moment something so special that it becomes incredibly passionate and confidential. With that, we have already reached the third point.

11. When sex is not a trade by barter

Men prefer sex to be a desire, not an obligation. That way, they enjoy it to the fullest and are satisfied when done. Sex should be natural, a way to express your affection to your partner, and not be used to exchange something or award for a good deed.

When a man doesn’t beg or give you something in return for sex, That is considered good sex. All men want is for women to make them feel wanted without any explicit reason.

12. Men like women with a sense of humor.

If a woman has a great sense of humor, a man will be löooking forward to enjoying her comfort in bed. It helps relieve tension if she is funny and not always serious.

A couple needs to be playful and joke around with each other in bed. It helps lighten the mood, makes bedtime periods together more fun, and having sex together never gets old.

Wrapping Up

Even though tastes are different, this article provides you with an answer to what defines excellent sex for men. When it comes to the most beautiful minor matter in the world, everyone has their own preferences.

While some may be particularly affectionate, the other may want their partner to use an extremely nasty technique that might shock the other.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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