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What it means when she pouts her lips

by | Love and Romance

Jun 27, 2024

Yomi notices that Irene pouts a lot when she is around him. He first noticed it on their first date. She kept pouting, and most of the time, when she did this, she had her eye stamped on his. She also licked her lips. But the pouting was more obvious. It didn’t stop after the second date. Even now, and sometimes on video calls, she pouts her lips. Yomi wonders what it means when a woman pouts her lips. 

1. She is shy

We do a lot of weird things when we are shy—a lot. 

Elena tells us that she once used to bite her lower lips when she was dealing with anxiety around people. 

“Every guy mistook it to be me trying to flirt with them.” She said. “But quite frankly, that never crossed my mind. Not once. It never did. So I kept hoping they would just get the hint. I was shy!”

She may be pouting because she is shy. If this is so, you may notice that she pouts a lot less when you both are in safer spots, and she can be herself without the fear of being watched. 

2. She is trying to get a kiss

This is especially true if she likes you. Women are great at making things easy for guys they like. If a woman likes you, she is going to make access to her and her body very easy. She will give you repeated hints, hoping that one day, you pick up on these hints and make a move on her sexually. 

Is she pouting a lot? Especially in what you will consider very sensual moments? Then, she is likely trying to get you to kiss her. I have seen this too many times to miss it.

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3. She is in pain

In my practice, I have seen women pout a lot because they had some wounds in their mouths. When we are in pain, we do a lot of things to relieve this pain. 

You should observe her face for signs of pain or any other discomfort. If she is experiencing them, you should know that her pouting is a sign that she is in pain. 

If she really is pouting because of pain, you will notice that the pouting will disappear when she is no longer feeling pain. 

4. It is a mannerism

Pouting can be a weird mannerism too. 

In fact, anything can be a weird mannerism. Such mannerisms come from being around children a lot or come right from childhood. Children like to pout. Adults, too, when they are trying to be cute. 

5. She loves her lips and is trying to get you to notice it

Sometimes, pouting can be her trying to show you that she is cute. 

She may, in fact, be cute. You can compliment her. Make that the basis of your flirting. 

What should you do?

Compliment her. Make her notice that she is pouting somehow. Without making it too obvious. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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