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What It Means to Be in a Complicated Relationship

by | Love

Sep 3, 2023

You have probably seen it on a couple of Facebook profiles. ‘In a Complicated Relationship.’ It is likely you have wondered what it meant for a person to be in a complicated relationship. In this article, we will be helping you see just what it means and also showing you signs that you are in a complicated relationship.

When is a Relationship Complicated

Contrary to what people think, a complicated relationship is not one where one or both partners are cheating on each other. There are many relationships where one partner cheats on the other, and often things still remain stable. 

The best way to put this is a complicated relationship is one that is unstable most of the time. It is a relationship that is going through second thoughts—not by one partner but by both partners. 

The moment both partners begin to consider leaving but do not leave yet, they are in a complicated relationship. 

This is what it means when one says: “I am in a complicated relationship.”

It means they are contemplating leaving each other. Often, they do leave each other. But there are times, and few when people in complicated relationships go on to fix things. I have seen this happen a lot of times. This brings us to the second question.

Do Complicated Relationships always End? 

Well, the answer is: No. Complicated relationships do not always end. There are a few complicated relationships out there that are in need of a little more work. 

If this work is put in, then one can expect that surely, things are going to begin to start working out fine.

This is usually not the case, anyway, especially if there is an underlying case of cheating.

I have found that cheating is one of the major things that ends up putting the knife straight into the heart of a complicated relationship.

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Am I in a Complicated Relationship

We do not know for sure. But we are confident you will be able to answer this question yourself at the end of this article. This is how you know that you are in a complicated relationship: 

1. Both of you are cheating or have plans to

This is one of the biggest signs that you are in a complicated relationship. 

Cheating is one issue that barely pops up in relationships that are going well. 

If your partner has cheated on you and does not show remorse for this, or does show remorse but does little to show you that it will never happen again, then chances are: you are in a complicated relationship. 

2. There is someone else

This is the truth. The moment someone else pops up in your relationship, then chances are the relationship has entered its complicated phase. 

This is especially true if it is the woman seeing someone else. 

Here is why: women are not so like men. 

Many women do not think of sex as an activity but as a means by which one opens themselves up to pleasure. 

To many men, it is just sex. There are no strings attached. It is just humping someone. 

But to women, it is not just sex. It is an activity that has to be sustained with emotions. If your woman cheats on you and yet still insists on not breaking contact with the other guy, I am sorry, but your relationship just became complicated. 

There is usually nothing to do about it when it gets to this point because her talking to someone else means there is no longer that much room for you in her life anymore.

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3. You both can go weeks without speaking to each other

If you both can go very long without speaking to each other but go on with your lives just fine, then it is a big sign that your relationship has entered its complicated phase. 

That you both can go on that long without speaking to each other is a sign that both your lives can go on just fine and nothing is going to change. 

If this keeps up for long, the relationship is someday going to just die away. You both will wake to the glaring realization that you are not in a relationship anymore. 

4. You have broken up and made up before

If you have broken up with your partner but managed to make things up, then there is a big chance things should be better left alone. 

I have seen that people who break up but always find ways to come back to each other are not as in love as they would have us believe. It is not love. Rather, it is an unhealthy attachment pattern. 

You have to try as much as you can to end things now before things get weirder and weirder. 

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5. Their Facebook profile reads: It is complicated

Their Facebook profile is sometimes an announcement. I cannot count, really, the number of people who have found out the status of their relationship by just checking their partner’s Facebook status updates.

If, for any reason, your current partner updates their Facebook profile to read “It is Complicated,” they are putting it to your face that you are doing this on your own. As far as they are concerned, you are alone in that relationship, and it is best to just let things be.

6. You Feel Alone

The moment you begin to feel alone, the worst has happened. You have now entered into a relationship that is complicated.

The feeling of being alone is one that follows almost every relationship that is about to end. If you read our article: “When to Walk Away from a Relationship,” you will understand this better. No one is supposed to feel alone in their relationship. 

7. They wouldn’t talk to you

If they are refusing to talk to you, then this should tell you all that you need to know. 

While some complicated relationships end up getting better, sometimes, it is time to leave.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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