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What is Spontaneous Sex? 10 Ways to Have Spontaneous Sex

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 27, 2023

Spontaneous sex is becoming more common as people begin to see how exciting it is. To newbies, however, it seems very strange, like something not worth trying. This article brings you into the world of spontaneous sex, answering all the questions you may have about it and teaching you just how to get it right. 

What is Spontaneous Sex? 

Well, spontaneous sex is any sex that is not planned for. It is sex that happens spontaneously before anyone even knows what is going on. It is generally regarded as more intense and more ‘nasty.’ 

Like having sex in a public bathroom or having sex in a parking lot, there is going to be an adrenaline rush that makes the sex very amazing. 

Will I reach Orgasm Faster? 

Of course, you would. Since there is going to be an adrenaline rush, there are chances that you may be more open to doing wild stuff. And as such, you will reach an orgasm faster.

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Do I need to be Drunk? 

Though being drunk can help, you do not have to be drunk or high all the time to have spontaneous sex. You can have some kind of drinking game just before the sex happens. 

The more sober you are, the bigger the chances that things are going to get wild.

10 Ways to Have Spontaneous Sex

Here is how to get spontaneous sex right all the time:

1. Throw Away the Schedule

You may have a sex schedule. Let’s say you live with your boyfriend or husband and have sex every time you come back home. That will have to change. You will have to make changes that make sex rather ‘unexpected,’ such that no one ever sees it coming. 

This may mean playing hard to get, as I will be talking about later in this article. 

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2. Do it in Public

There is nothing more thrilling than having sex in public. You should try it sometime. 

By public, I don’t mean having sex where everyone is going to watch you guys. I mean having sex somewhere where there is a chance that you may get ‘caught’. 

This could be the restroom of some restaurant or something. As long as the fear of being caught is there, you can expect to have lots of spontaneity in the sex.

3. Make it a Game

Sex can be a game—a great game at that. You can try going for long periods without sex and wait to see who is going to back down. 

Lilian, a woman in her thirties, plays this game with her husband. She says it makes the sex very amazing when it eventually happens. 

“He usually does not want to lose at first, so he will go long periods without touching me.” She says: “But when he is finally worn out by the wait, he grabs me, and we have the best sex of our lives.”

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4. Talk Dirty

The purpose of talking dirty is to arouse your partner to the point where they can no longer contain their erotic desires. Everyone has a sexual threshold: that is, an emotional and physical point where they are bound to have sex. 

Once that threshold is reached, spontaneous sex happens. 

You can push your partner past their sexual threshold by talking dirty to them. Tell them all the weird things you have to tell them. Paint the picture of amazing sex in their heads until they begin to reach for it.  

5. Play Hard to Get

We know it seems wrong. But you can find some peace in the reason why you are playing hard to get. 

You are doing so as a means to build up sexual tension in his mind. 

Put him off the first couple of times he seeks to have sex with you, all the while arousing him more. 

This is something like a: “You won’t let me die; you won’t make me live.” 

He is going to feel more attracted to you, and someday, he just wouldn’t be able to contain it anymore. Then, he is going to pull you close, and spontaneous sex is going to happen.

6. Shut Them Up in Mid Conversation with a Kiss

Spice things up by planting a kiss on his or her lips when you both are shoulder-deep in a conversation; things can begin to heat up from there, and very spontaneous and wild sex is going to happen.

Do this at least once in a couple of weeks. Just don’t let your partner get used to it–at least not to the point where they can see a kiss and sex coming.  

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7. Do it at Night; wake them up with a blow job or some head!

That screams intense and spontaneous.

Imagine the look on their face when they wake up to see you down there. Imagine how hot the sex will get and how you both will feel as though you are in a world of your own. 

Halima said: “I blow my man a lot at night when he is asleep, and he loves it pretty much.” 

8. Do it in the Bathroom

Unplanned, get them in position when next you go into the bathroom. 

The bathroom is one of the most favored spots where spontaneous sex happens. 

This is why I like couples to take baths together. It does not only feel good: it can help you both bond more. 

Jason says: “I never take baths without my wife because I have come to see how much bathing together makes us bond.”

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9. Get in the Feels

Spontaneous sex is also bound to happen when you are at extremes of moods, like happiness or sadness. If you have paid attention to your body in the past, at these extremes of mood, you may have noticed that you get hornier. 

If you let yourself feel every emotion just the way it comes to you, you will enjoy amazing sex. 

10. Don’t Fight It

Say your partner makes a move to have spontaneous sex with you. Don’t fight it.

Spontaneous sex feels great and intense.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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