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What is a Yoni Massage, and How Does it Differ from a Normal Massage?

by | Sensual Intimacy

Dec 25, 2022

That you are here is suggestive of what thing: you would like to know exactly what a yoni massage is. Our writers put this article up just for you. We know about the rave and the questions, and we answer them all in this article. What is a yoni massage, and how does it differ from a normal massage? 

Why the name ‘Yoni’? 

The name Yoni is a Sanskrit word that translates as “a sacred place.” It is used to describe the vagina. And yoni massages are, simply put, massage techniques that explore the “secret place.” 

When did it all Begin? 

Did a perv wake up one morning and decide to trick women into letting him/her fondle their vaginas? Of course not, though this seems to be what some social media circles believe. 

The Yoni massage has a long history that can be traced to ancient civilizations in Asia. The Yoni massage, a form of tantric massage, like its counterpart, the Lingam massage (tantric massages for men), was practiced in temples called Tantra temples.

It was practiced as a means to free a person’s mind from negativities by accessing sexual energy. 

In Tantric Temples, there is a belief that they are sacred and full of energy, and so accessing that energy has always been thought of as a great way to introduce healing. 

In Victorian times, some forms of Yoni massages were indicated in the treatment of hysteria!

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Is Tantric Massage Strictly Religious?

Of course not! Tantric massages are not strictly religious a practice, although they can be quite religious when traditionally done. To a person who believes a tantric massage can harness negative energies and drive them out. 

Tantric massages are aimed at creating an internal balance between this world and the spiritual. The masseurs of the past who practiced this massage were so in tune with their spirituality that they could pull this off easily. 

Even now, there exist masseurs in Asia who can perform ancient yoni techniques. 

Who Can Get a Yoni Massage?

The answer to this question is this: anyone who is comfortable enough to get a tantric massage is allowed to get one. 

To one who is not accepting, maybe as a result of moralistic or religious inclinations, a tantric massage may not be the best thing to get. You can settle for a normal massage instead. 

But people who are more liberal and accepting of their own sexuality can go right ahead and get one Yoni massage if they want. 

No one is unwelcome to such an experience. (Related: How to Give a Yoni Massage)

Who Performs a Yoni Massage?

Anyone who knows how to. Masseurs in popular spas all know about Yoni massage and have quite the experience performing it. For the purpose of this article, I reached out to 10 massage therapists on Instagram and asked if they had at any point heard about the yoni massage. All ten agreed to have heard of the yoni massage, and some even practiced it for a while. 

You can also have your spouse, or anyone you really trust, perform the yoni massage on you. 

Can I perform a Yoni Massage on Myself? 

Of course, yes, you can. It is your body, after all, and you know just how to work your way around it. Some women who start out at first may have a problem with differentiating a yoni massage from regular masturbation. But there exists a glaring difference. While both a yoni massage and masturbation trigger your pleasure zones, a yoni massage focuses on harnessing the sexual energy inside you. 

Are There any Benefits? 

Of course, yes, there are. Yoni massages have a string of benefits that will surprise even you. Some of these include a feeling of calm, a new sense of love for sexuality, and even improved libido. To understand the full benefits of a yoni massage, check out the following article.

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Are Yoni Massages Expensive? 

No, they aren’t. In most countries, yoni massages cost just as normal massages. However, there might be a price hike if you perform yoni massages at sacred temples—let’s say when you go for a tour or vacation. 

Should I get one?

We would not want to choose for you. But from us to you, you can get one if you feel comfortable with what you’ve learned about it so far and if you truly want to feel a surge of energy so overwhelming you soon feel relieved of all the stress and negativity around you. 

What are the Differences Between a Yoni Massage and a Normal One? 

1. A Normal Massage May Not Arouse You

Seldom do normal massages arouse anyone. I have been at spas to get normal massages a number of times but have not been aroused any of those times. 

This is because normal massages are not meant to arouse you or take advantage of your ‘sexual energy.’ In contrast, yoni massages are meant to do just that. You will be aroused as your massage therapist works on your body. 

In fact, it is not uncommon for people to experience multiple orgasms during a yoni massage. 

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2. Yoni Massages do Not Reach a wide Area of Your Body

Normal massages, compared to yoni massages, involve a wider area of your body. This is because yoni massages are limited to your pleasure zones: your upper pelvic area, your vulva, and your breasts.

So, there is a chance that you will have to go naked when you are getting a yoni massage. This is, however, not compulsory. You can cover parts of your body if you want. 

3. Yoni Massages May Require Someone whom you Truly Trust

Compared to normal massages, yoni massages are very intimate. And for this reason, it is necessary that you only get one from someone you trust—or it is possible you may not truly enjoy it as your mind will be blocked. 


A yoni massage is freeing and relaxing. It is one of those things women who are comfortable with the idea should get at least once in their lives.

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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