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What Does it Mean When He Keeps Staring at You

by | Love and Romance

Dec 7, 2022

When a guy keeps staring at you, it could mean many different things. It could be that he wants you to notice him, admires you or your friend, or wants to talk to you. So it’s no wonder plenty of women are often confused by these frequent stares from guys.

Allison is a transfer student who just resumed her lectures. It has barely been two weeks, but she knows for certain that there is something going on with Max, the tallest guy in her med school. She keeps catching him staring; when this happens, he takes his eyes away and does not look her way again until long after. Allison has been thinking, what does it mean when he keeps staring at you? 

What it Means:

These are the many possible reasons why just about any guy stares at you. So it’s understandable that plenty of girls are often confused by these casual stares from men, especially when they haven’t even spoken to each other.

Here are the five most possible reasons he just can’t take his eyes off you.

1. He is Trying to Get you To Notice Him

Guys are great at dropping subtle cues when they have an interest in a woman. One of the many cues is, of course, random stares that may even leave you wondering. 

With these stares, a smile usually follows. Unlike with Allison, the guy may likely smile at you when you catch him staring. 

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2. He Truly Admires You

There are times when guys stare at women only because they deeply admire these women. 

These looks are usually accompanied by some other cues. They are not blank. If you stare at him, you might be able to spot a hint of admiration. 

You will most likely get these kinds of stares when you rock your new clothes or rock a new hairstyle or some makeup. Smile back at him, and he will likely smile back. 

3. He Admires Your Friend

Let’s imagine that you have a new friend, and she, like you, looks very good. There is a big chance that a guy who admires her is going to stare at you a lot too. 

You will notice this the most when she is not around. His staring at you, then, may mean: “How about your friend?” 

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4. He Wants to Talk To You

Guys often stare at women they intend to start a conversation with. As mentioned earlier, most guys stare at you as a means to get you to notice them. And when they do get your attention, they hope to take it to the next point and start a conversation. 

Guys who stare at you because they want to talk to you are most times going to smile and maybe bob their heads when you look at them. They may even word a few words into the air—I have seen this happen before.

5. He Likes You

Guys who like you will give you the first hint, which would most times be non-verbal. The most common is staring at you.

You know he likes you when in addition to staring at you, he follows you on social media or sends a friend request. 

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What to Do?

What you do when you notice a guy has been staring at you depends on you. If you like him, you can pull him more into you by being more responsive and open and maybe smiling at him when he smiles at you. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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