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What Does it Mean When He Closes His Eyes During Sex

by | Love and Romance

Jul 3, 2022

Some people say a guy closes his eyes during sex because he wants to delay ejaculation. Others say he wants to focus on the physical feeling, while some argue that he could be autistic, and that’s why he closes his eyes. But all these are not true 100% of the time. Sometimes a guy closes his eyes during sex because he loves you and sees you as his safe place.

Why does it Matter? 

There is something more to this, and you know so. You just want to know what it is—why he closes his eyes during sex.

Imagine this Scenario

Geraldine and Halim had their first sex only months ago, even though they had been dating for a while. It happened in a poorly lit room, so Geraldine could not quite make out Halim’s facial expressions properly. She seemed dead sure he had been closing his eyes, though, but there were doubts somewhere. 

These doubts would clear out when she has sex with him subsequently. It was true. He was closing his eyes. He closed his eyes through most of the sex. Geraldine hears men close their eyes when things are getting intense and emotional. But she isn’t so sure. If you were Geraldine, what would you do? 

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1. Be His Safe Place

There are many reasons why a man might close his eyes during sex. One of such is that he is shy. This is peculiar with men who have some mental barrier set up against sex. 

These barriers are sometimes formed by religious and moral beliefs most of the time, and other times, they are just being shy. Whatever the case, be his safe place. 

Don’t make him feel bad about himself when the sex has just started. Focus on making him feel really good and comfortable before the sex is initiated. 

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2. It is Probably Very Intense

Have you ever tried so hard to listen to something quiet when you were in a loud room? My guess is, that it was difficult, so you likely closed your eyes and it made you hear the quiet voice a bit more audibly. 

It works this way: when you shut out one of your senses, it becomes easier to focus on others. This is exactly why most men close their eyes during sex. 

They feel an intense pleasure they don’t want to let go of, so they shut their eyes to keep the pleasure alive. It works so well; I am telling you. 

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3. He Loves You

It takes a lot of vulnerability to shut one’s eyes during sex. So, when your man does shut his eyes, he is showing you that he feels comfortable with being vulnerable around you. 

And vulnerability is a symbol of love to a very large extent. 

He likely loves you. You can confirm this by observing the way he treats you off the bed. Does he make you feel good about yourself or do a lot of kind things for you? 

Does he speak to you straight out of his heart and maybe even tell you how much he loves you? Then he does love you and is likely closing his eyes during sex for that reason. 

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4. Enjoy Yourself

Don’t be all caught up about why he is closing his eyes. As long as you are sure that he likes you, then it is time to let those questions go and have yourself some fun. 

Photo by Danielle Reese

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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