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What does a Vagina Feel Like?

by | Sensual Intimacy

Mar 2, 2023

If you haven’t had sex yet but are planning to, I can bet you have asked what a vagina feels like before. Of course, your arrival at this article is just enough proof. It promises not to be your regular article; it combines both science and the experiences of others to answer your questions about what a vagina feels like. 

1. A Vagina Feels Like Warm Butter

— Colin

While this may be tilted just a little bit to the extreme, it is mostly true. The vagina feels like warm butter. Or, to be more detailed, like sticking your penis in warm butter. 

Of course, it is warm because we are all warm-blooded animals, and a lot of warmth is usually felt where there are cleavages. The vagina happens to be a warm area. 

The vagina will feel more “buttery” at certain periods in a woman’s cycle. 

For example, when she is ovulating, and there happens to be a lot of creams down there, she will feel more buttery. 

2. It Feels Like The Mouth

— Colin, again.

If you have had a blow job before, a vagina feels pretty much the same. This is because the mouth and the vagina, at least the outer parts of the vagina, are made of the same mucous membrane. 

A mucous membrane is a covering that contains a rich blood supply and a soft texture. 

If you have never had a blow job before, you can predict what a vagina feels like by just sticking your finger in your mouth. 

Do it with your eyes closed. Try not to pay attention to what you feel in your mouth, but rather, what your hand feels. 

That is likely what your dick is going to feel in a vagina. {Read: How to Really Eat a Girl Out – An Oral Sex Hack}

3. A Vagina is Soft

— Alan

This aligns with what Colin thinks. Which means it is majorly true. I cannot think of anything softer on a woman’s body than her vagina. 

By vagina, I mean the outer part this time, which is the vulva. 

The vagina is warm and very soft. 

If it is your first time, you have to be careful not to cum too fast. 

The first time I felt a vagina on my dick, I came in less than 60 seconds. You don’t want that, trust me, even though it may give you and the woman a good laugh. 

4. A Vagina Feels Like a Pillow

— Andrea

Is it any surprise that some guys masturbate using pillows? I don’t think it is because masturbation attempts to replicate the actual feeling a vagina gives. 

Guys use pillows to masturbate because the vagina feels like one! 

Only this time, it feels like sticking your dick between wet, warm pillows. 

The wetness of the pillow varies based on the day in the woman’s cycle and, of course, what she feels—how aroused she feels. 

If she feels very aroused, she is going to be a lot wetter. So, try as much as you can to get her wet before going in. 

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5. It Feels Like a Gentle Rub Along my Penis Shaft 

— Hakim 

Hakim’s description of a vagina is, so far, the one that resounds with me the most. The vagina does feel like a gentle rub along the shaft of your penis. 

Only this time, the hand doing the rubbing does not have any prominent ridges. 

It is not exactly smooth. But it feels good. 

It is warm and rubs your penis evenly, not giving attention to this area or that area. 

If the vagina is very wet, it may feel way smoother than it would when it is dry. {Read: What is Sexual Anorexia & How Does One Overcome It?}

6. Imagine Filling a Cup with Warm Foam. It Feels Just Like That 

— Hakim, again. 

I do not quite agree that the vagina feels like warm foam. It does not. Well, it might. But I would rather go with Colin’s description that the vagina feels like warm butter in a cup. 

Though butter may not be the actual feeling because butter is too soft, whereas the vagina is more consistent, just think of the vagina as being between the consistency of foam and butter. 

It feels better when she is very wet. 

7. It Feels like Foam Lined with Butter 

— Ubong

Did you really think we would not ask one of our writers, who is a relationship expert, what a vagina feels like for him? Of course not!

Ubong described the vagina as feeling something like what both Hakim and Colin described. 

He says a vagina feels like warm foam lined by butter. 

“Imagine splitting a piece of foam in two. Now, rub the butter in that split. Sticking your penis in a vagina is surely going to feel just like sticking your penis between that butter-lined foam.”

“It feels very amazing.” He added. 

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8. Damn! It Twitches!

— Conan 

Conan had his first sex days ago. And surprisingly, he has the same expression I had when I had my first sex so long ago. 

I had thought the vagina was such a smooth thing that it could be glided in and out of with so much ease. To my surprise, in addition to being this, it was also a powerful muscle that could twitch, clamping your penis. 

To truly understand how a vagina is able to twitch, stick a finger in your mouth and suck. 

That pressure you feel on your hand is the same pressure you will feel on your dick if a vagina twitches on you. It feels great. 

9. It Feels Like Heaven

— Gerald 

I believe what he meant to say is that the vagina feels really good. 

It feels good. No doubt about that. It feels very good. If your penis is sensitive enough, you will be able to feel some ridges along the vagina during some strokes. That is how good it feels. 

10. We Can’t Describe it. 

Feel it for yourself. It is something even we fail at truly describing. 

The vagina feels like too many things to truly describe. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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