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What Do Guys Think About The Girls They Hook Up With

by | Love and Romance

Dec 16, 2022

Ever hooked up with a guy and then constantly wondered what he was thinking about you? Then, hello there! We are here to spill some secrets. Here is a list of 5 things guys think about the girls they hook up with.

1. They Think You are Quite Interesting

It takes a lot of interest and fun to hook up with anyone, especially with someone whom you haven’t quite been around for long. 

Guys think girls who hook up with them are fun for that very reason. They often talk to their friends about some girl who was so fun they barely even knew what was going on until they were in her. 

Yes, these such conversations happen. 

2. They Think You are Hot

Since guys are visual, they will almost never have sex with anyone who isn’t so appealing to their visual-romantic sense. 

Best believe that when guys think about women they hook up with, one of the first things they think about is how hot she is. 

They often stare at your pictures and smile down at themselves. Read this article to understand more about a guy’s feelings after a hookup.

3. Guys Think You are Not For Keeps

The truth is, a lot of guys also think negatively about a girl they had a one-night stand with. 

While some will be completely swooning over you, others will not. In fact, they will smile at your pictures and mentally conclude that since it happened so easily, you may not be just the right woman for them. 

This, of course, is a stereotype and many times isn’t true. But the truth remains that this thought does come to many guys. 

Hamlet told us: “I loved it, but I don’t think I liked her that much anymore. It just seemed strange.” 

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4. Guys Think You are Quite Great at Sex

When guys think about a girl, they had a fling with, just after thoughts of her looks and her personality come thoughts about her performance in bed. 

They often mentally rate this sex. 

“Is it the best sex I had?”

“Wow, I think she is cool. Really cool in bed.” 

They think about how good you moaned, how good the fellatio was. 

If the sex was that great, be sure of one thing: he will reach out to you shortly after. He will. 

5. Guys Think You Would Make a Good Friend

Usually, when guys sit to think about a girl they hooked up with, they see someone with whom they can explore the possibilities of a great friendship. 

Remember that I mentioned early how guys think girls who hook up with them are interesting? In exploring this interest, guys see how much of a good friend a girl they hooked up with will make. 

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Guys think a variety of thoughts about the women they hook up with. These thoughts depend on a number of things: the kind of guy involved and the circumstances surrounding the hookup.

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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