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10 Unexpected Things Women Might Find Puzzling About Men

by | Ideas

Feb 5, 2024

Women often say that men are quite easy to understand. This is not true, most of the time, as there are a number of things women may never know about men. No matter how close they get to these men. In this article, we will be showing you weird things women don’t know about men.

1. Men wish they had child toys

If you have ever heard that men are just big babies, it is best to believe that this is true. Men are big babies and will not miss a chance to go back to their childhood. 

So. If you get him a toy, he will not say no to them. Instead, he is going to express a kind of gratitude that is going to surprise even you. 

Men want to play their childhood games, often, with their childhood friends. 

They even seek to find playmates in their spouses. 

A man wants his wife to be his first playmate. He wants to play with you and get on your nerves, and get you as angry as possible so that you can love him afresh. 

Just as I will tell you soon, men are the real lovers. 

2. Men want hopeless love

It is true that men are the true hopeless romantics. A man does not only want to be loved. He seeks after love actively. 

He wants to be loved by his woman and will often do more than women expect to see. If you believe a man does not do much for the woman he loves, then it is because you have not met a man who has pulled down all his defenses just to please you. 

Chances are, his defenses are still up because you have not yet created a safe space for him. 

One of the things women don’t know about men is that men are more responsive than they are active. Men respond to what women do to them or what women say. 

A woman may act without a trigger, but a man will almost never. 

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3. Men love erotic books too

There is a notion that women are the only lovers of erotic books, whilst men love to watch erotic movies. 

Guess what? This notion is majorly false. Men like to read erotic books as much as women do. Men also write a lot of erotic books. 

There are just as many erotic bookwriters who are men as there are erotic bookwriters who are women. 

It’ll surprise you that the average man has read more erotic books than his female counterpart. 

4. Men play hard to get

What!? You may ask. 

But trust me, it is true. Men play hard to get all the time. You’d not know this except you belong to a circle of men who talk about their relationships and romantic interests. 

The average man who is conventionally attractive to other women would have said no to many women in his life, even the women he likes. 

He says it as a means to place him as an object of admiration. Men want to be admired so much. It is one weird thing about the wants of men, which is not talked about enough. 

5. Men like it when women fight over them

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? It sounds weird because it is. Men like it when women fight over them. Especially if these women are very attractive. It makes most men feel attractive and loved

Women don’t know this because there are little to no signs that suggest men’s love for being chased in nature. 

There is scarcely any species that has females fighting over the males. It is usually the opposite that is seen. 

6. Men don’t cheat so much

Only a small fraction of men cheat. This is something women do not know. And the men who cheat are often those ones who have access to a wide pool of women. 

And guess what? Only a small fraction of men have access to a wide pool of women. 

This is not to say men don’t want to cheat. A lot of men want to cheat. But the fraction of men who go on to cheat outside the phone screen is quite a few. 

7. Men want to be like their fathers

Most men who come from healthy families agree that they want to be like their fathers. This is because a man’s father is his first role model. 

This isn’t always clear at first until the man himself begins to have kids of his own. Then, he begins to find fragments of his father in himself. 

I never knew how much I wanted to be like my father until he passed away. 

I saw myself transform into someone who was always present in my childhood–my father. 

I found myself putting on his clothes and trying to sound like him whenever I made a joke. 

8. Try to sabotage their sister’s relationship:

No one understands men more than men themselves. This is why when a man finds that his sister has fallen in love, he begins to survey all the possible outcomes of her relationship. 

If he finds that she is in a relationship with a man who does not love her very much, the man begins to find ways to sabotage his sister’s relationship. 

I have seen this happen one too many times to know it is something that is common with most men. 

9. Men cry

This should not be considered weird. But seeing that most women think men are rocks that should not cry, it is weird to find out that men cry. Yes, men cry a lot. Sometimes even more than women, depending on the pressure they are dealing with.  

10. Men Gossip

Yes. Saved the best shocker for the last. Men gossip a whole lot sometimes. And they gossip about other men in their circles. 

Gossiping is not a feminine thing. Everyone gossips. 


Men do a lot of weird things women don’t even know about. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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