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10 Ways To Tell If A Girl Is Interested In You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 10, 2022

Knowing if a girl is interested in you is an integral part of succeeding in getting her to date you.

One thing keeps most of these guys from going after their crushes. It’s a tiny thing that makes one’s heart skip beats and is called rejection. The fear of rejection comes from a feeling of uncertainty. 

When a guy cannot tell if a girl is interested in him, he fears what will come if he goes after her and so avoids her totally, hence failing before even trying. 

Don’t be that guy. Don’t be scared to go after your crush or to tell your friend exactly how you feel. 

You will most probably not be rejected if she is interested in you. And it’s easy to know when she is. Watch out for these signs that tell if a girl is interested in you, and then go after her:

1. She texted first

Girls don’t want to just text men first. Most women like their private space, and they consider the inboxes one of their most private spaces. 

They will not allow just anyone entry into this space, except someone they are interested in. 

So, before a girl texts you, be sure that she has checked you out. 

For example, on a social media app like Facebook, she would have spent minutes looking at your pictures, checking out your fashion style. 

She would have gone through your posts and possibly your comments just to have a clue about the kind of person you are. 

This initial interest usually grows as you both get to know each other. If it was there at first, it most probably is there now, and she is interested in you. 

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2. She responds timely to your texts

In this age of mobile phones and social media, one of the easiest ways to figure if a woman likes you or not is by observing how she interacts with you over the media. 

Ask men who have tried to text women who aren’t interested in them what it feels like, and they will also say something along the lines of: ‘She responds so slowly. Sometimes, she doesn’t respond at all. She says it’s because she’s busy.’

This is not going to be the case if she is into you

If a woman is interested, she will respond to all your texts promptly, and when she can’t do that, she will tell you exactly why and might promise to call or talk to you later. 

Her texts will be long and descriptive, and they will be about random stuff that has happened to her recently or in the past. 

Women like to talk about random things; little things mean a lot to them. 

3. She double texts/ calls you to come online

Let’s imagine that you are texting a woman, and for some reason, your replies become slower and slower, or you go offline even. 

Does she double text you? 

If she does, then she is pretty into you. 

A beautiful woman’s inbox is usually a swarm of unreplied messages from guys who are pretty interested in her. If she gives no attention to these guys, giving you all instead, then be sure that she likes you. 

Be sure not to make a habit of bailing on her during conversations, as she might take this to mean you’re not interested in her. 

If she makes this assumption, she is going to avoid you, and her initial interest will die away. 

4. She calls you often, especially at night or late in the evening

Although texting over the internet is the big thing of our generation, some people will rather stick to the traditional methods of communication, like sending letters or having conversations over the phone. 

If the woman you are interested in isn’t so much of a text person, she will show her interest in you by calling you often. 

She may call once to thrice a day and say she only wanted to hear your voice. The calls are expected to come during the evening. Because it is at this time that people get home from work. 

They spend this free time of the day with people they love. Yes! She just might love you.

5. She agrees to meet up with you

A woman will gladly turn down a date with a man she does not have any interest in. This is because women, at least most of them, are big on physical interactions. 

They realize that you will have to watch them talk during a physical interaction, look at their eyes, and maybe even hug them, and so will turn you down if they aren’t comfortable with you. 

However, if she loves your personality over the media, she will be intrigued to meet you. She will want to see this person who makes her smile behind a screen, who makes her think crazy things. 

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6. She sets up another date

Women want what they want. If they want something, their enthusiasm pushes them to get it even at the expense of their pride sometimes.

Average conventional women might be proud, they might think it is unwomanly and unconventional to set up a date with a man, but if they really do like you, they’ll push this pride back. 

They will ask to meet you again.

They may do this directly or might do it very subtly, in a way that pushes the question to you. 

A subtle way a woman can set up a date with you is by asking a question like: ‘Don’t you want to see me again? Was the last date that bad?’

When you read a message like this, laugh and respond with: ‘Of course, I want to see you. Who doesn’t want to meet up a beautiful woman?’

7. Observe her body language

For women, many forms of communication are non-verbal

Women may not verbally say that they are interested in you, but their body language will. You will spot their interest in how they watch you, how they smile, toss their hair, or flip it back with one hand when they talk.

For light skin women, you will spot their interest in you in the coloration of their cheeks. Yes, they’ll blush when you talk!

When a woman clings to you, let’s say that she holds your arm when you both walk down a street, this is a significant indicator that she likes you. 

This is also true when she makes a habit of hugging you for long minutes when she presses her face to your clothes just to get the scent of your cologne.

Does she move her face closer to yours when you both sit to talk? She just may be trying to tell you to kiss her. This is, however, not always true. Ask for permission before kissing a woman. 

8. Her talking voice

Generally, women sound more feminine when speaking to a guy they are interested in.

Their voices become softer and finer and have a child-like texture. 

How does her voice sound like when she is speaking to other people? Is there a difference between that voice and the one she uses when she talks to you?

If yes, then your crush might like you. 

9. She compliments you

Greenlight alert: she compliments you. 

People compliment what they admire. If you are walking down a street with a friend right now, you will most probably compliment the house along that street that catches your eye. 

They also compliment what they would like to have.

Judging from what a woman compliments about you, you can tell if she is interested in you. 

If a woman compliments your cologne, you should know that she likes how you smell and so wants to spend more time around you. 

If she compliments your voice, you should know she wants to listen to you talk more. 

A woman who compliments your personality is in love with your person. It intrigues and fascinates her, and she wants to have more of that. 

However, you should know that many women don’t give direct compliments. They will not outrightly say that they like something about you. They may want to hide it underneath layers of sarcasm and humor. 

10. She tells you she likes you

What’s more clear than this? I doubt even crystals are. When a woman you have spent a lot of time with tells you that she likes you, believe her. Women, at least most of them, aren’t open with their emotions. 

So, you should believe her when she opens up to you and tells you that she is into you. 

You shouldn’t take her feelings for granted, and you should not pry on them. Ask her out, and you are sure to get a yes. 

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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