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10 Ways to Tell If a Facebook Friend Likes You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jan 19, 2022

Social media, you see, has become an online environment where people share ideas and sometimes even love. Many beautiful relationships today began on Facebook—starting from a Facebook friend request. Many of these in a subtle way both parties seldom noticed. 

Do you have a crush on any of your Facebook friends? Do you look at their pictures and wonder what it’ll feel like to have them? Here are ten ways to tell if a Facebook friend likes you:

1. The subtle flirting in comment boxes

When a Facebook friend likes you, it might begin to show only faintly, as they most likely are going to be subtle about it. 

Many green lights start to show up from Facebook friends in comment boxes. 

Often, it happens in the comment box of a mutual friend. Or in the comment box of a page. 

The Facebook friend who likes you will reply to your comment, and will subtly begin to flirt with you. It’s social media, so expect a lot of humor. 

They may say something along the lines of: “Oh, wow, I didn’t know smart people existed on Facebook anymore. Do you need a wife?”

When this happens, identify it with a smile. One green light just shone. 

2. Mentions; a lot of mentions

When a Facebook friend likes you, usually, they try to get your attention in the public space before bringing their affection and flirting into your direct message box. 

Now that they have begun flirting with you in comment boxes expect them to begin tagging you on comments so the flirting can continue. 

They’ll tag you on a post that asks a question. 

For example, someone could make a post that reads: “Tag your Facebook friend who you think has a big head?”

Boom! You’re tagged, a number of emojis following your name. 


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3. Likes on old posts

Do you ever just get notifications on posts from very long ago? 

Your phone beeps. “This friend likes your post.”

You check it out. It’s a tonne of notifications, and they’re from the same person, from the Facebook friend who is fond of mentioning you on posts. 

She likes your picture from years ago. The weird one. The one that has only one like, which you forgot to delete. She likes the badly punctuated post written in broken English. 

Whilst this might annoy you, you should know that all she is trying to do is get your attention. 

4. Likes didn’t get your attention? Comments now!

If liking your posts does not get your attention enough, your secret admirer is going to take to make comments on them. 

Yes, they might even comment on those old posts with no reactions at all. 

As usual, the comment is going to be flirtatious. You could have looked like a couch potato in that picture, but you would get a comment like: 

“Awwn, you look so cute.” 

It might even be sarcastic in an annoying way that still has you smirking.

5. The grand entry

Red carpets. Guard in honors. Trumpets. Drumlines. A message, putting on a suit walking into your inbox. Ha. Just kidding; it’s going to be nothing like that. 

However, now that your secret admirer believes they have gotten your attention, you should expect them to be in your direct message box. 

Phew. How long they have been trying to push this. 

They will stare at their keypads, go back to take a look at your picture once more, heaving a breath, and then drop the ‘bomb’ opener. 

Not-so-bomb opener, anyway. 


They might add a smart and subtle compliment. 

“Hi, smart guy!”

6. The conversation

People on Facebook don’t go around sending Hi’s to everyone. Well, some do, but let’s believe your secret admirer is not one. 

He or she sent that Hi because they want to talk to you. 

When you respond, they’re going to start a conversation

People who know how to converse like to keep it simple. They could bring up what happened days or weeks ago when you both had that moment in a comment box. 

Or they could talk about your old pictures, maybe even apologize. 

“I am sorry for digging up your old pictures. You can’t blame me, you know?”

7. Where are you? Come back here please and talk

When your replies begin to slow down, your secret admirer is going to become perplexed. They will reach out more and try to sustain the conversation a while longer. 

They will ask what you are doing and would not mind double texting. Will bring up more interesting topics now, just to keep your interest peaked. 

They’ll tell you how their day went. Talk about their childhood. Talk about their school. Talk about anything you both share as an interest. 

The conversation is going to be very engaging, and they will carry the bulk of it. 

8. Hey, check out these pictures; Which one can I post

When an admirer on Facebook begins to talk to you if they like you enough, there comes a time when they get so comfortable they begin to show you their pictures before posting them. 

They might even task you with choosing the one which is best. 

Women do this a lot. Just like many of them have a hard time choosing which clothes to wear for the day, they have a hard time choosing which pictures to post. 

9. They tag you on their posts

Remember how earlier they used to tag you on other people’s posts? 

Now, they will begin to tag you on their posts. 

They might tag you alongside other people, or they might tag just you. 

If they tag just you, consider this as more than a green light. 

It means they are proud to identify with you publicly. You look good enough to be shown off. 

10. They ask to meet up

The bummer now. They ask to meet you. 

When a Facebook friend suggests a date with you, you have to know that they like your personality and so want to come face to face with it. 

They are no longer satisfied with relating with you behind a screen. 

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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