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10 Ways to Tease a Man and Make Him Hard

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 26, 2023

Does good teasing make your relationship sweeter? Of course, yes, it does. Luckily for you, it is easy to tease your man and make him hard. You don’t have to do too much or be too much. You have just got to try one of ten of these 10 tricks that can leave him gasping for you.

1. Dirty Texting

Dirty texting is one of the biggest ways to tease a man and make him hard. 

It is one of my most favored ways because you don’t have to wait until he comes home. You can do that dirty texting when he is on a trip or at the office. 

Trust me, it is going to make him smile and make him hard. And all through that day, he is going to think about coming home to you, knowing that coming home to you is coming home to a good time he may not forget in a hurry.

Check out this article to find out the dirtiest texts to send him.

2. Nudes to the Rescue

When dirty texting is not enough to make him hard and want more, then nudes have got to come to the rescue. 

When one thinks of nudes, they immediately imagine a close-up picture of the vagina. But this is not even close to what true nudes are. 

Nudes are meant to be artistic. They are meant to be able to arouse without doing too much. This means: good lighting, good angles, the perfect contrast, etc. 

Tease him and make him hard by sending him near-perfect nudes, and I promise you it is going to work. It works most of the time if you know how to do it right.

You have to be careful, though, before putting your nudes into his inbox. Ask if he is alone and if he says yes, you can then send the nudes over. 

3. Hi, I am not Putting On any Underwear

You don’t have to say it like this. You only have to act it. You can wear something very short and go sit in front of him. 

Do all you can to make him look your way. Just try to be as subtle as you can. 

When it comes to teasing and seduction, you will stand a better chance of making him hard and horny when you are very subtle. 

Have him look your way and pretend not to know what is going on. 

He is going to be turned on!

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4. Walk Around Naked

Yes, he may be used to seeing you naked, but this does not mean you cannot tease him by walking naked around the house. 

If you are not so comfortable with walking around naked, then you may need to get lingerie. 

Get colors that can further arouse a man. Lingerie that is made in brighter colors is considered by men to be more arousing.

So, when choosing lingerie, it is best to choose a red or yellow color. Or any other color that enters the eyes just fine.

5. A Strip Tease

It is never a bad idea to turn your bedroom into a strip club from time to time if it makes your husband or man feel utterly seduced.

You will need the following for a strip tease: 

– A huge confidence

– Some lingerie 

– Some oil for your body. 

Oil up your body and get over there into the sitting room or bedroom–now, begin to tease him. In the coming weeks, I will be showing you—in detail—how you can perform a strip tease that never fails to seduce him. 

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6. Dirty Talking

When he is home, and there is no need for texting dirty, you can turn to talking dirty. If you have never talked dirty to your man, then you have no idea what you are missing. Talking dirty is fun! 

It can be even more fun if your man buys into it. He will trust me. Almost every man I know will not say no to a chance to be nasty. He will not. 

He will hold you close when the dirty talking gets into his head, and sex will definitely happen. 

That kind of sex is called spontaneous sex and has been described to be much better than regular sex.

7. Use Your Lips, Babe

Your facial expressions can tease him until he gets hard. That is the power of femininity. You do not have to say a word. You do not have to move a finger. You just have to tweak your face and your lips until they look like the sexiest thing he has seen. 

Looking him in the eye, bite your lower lip. Be sure that you are enjoying this tease as well. Women who enjoy teasing their men will produce better teases in the first place. 

I know it may be funny when he begins to grow hard, and the impulsive touching begins. But try not to laugh. You know what? You can laugh if you want to. He would have laughed at you had he been in your shoes.

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8. Your Fingers

Your fingers can do magic when your lips cannot. So, put your fingers to good use. Glide the ball of your index finger across his face and his neck while looking him straight in the face. 

You may also glide a finger across his chest. 

9. Take Advantage of the Earlobes

His earlobes are a part of him he seems to have no control over. Trust me, he can be very horny when you touch his earlobes. 

And you must touch his earlobes with your hand and with your tongue. Say you are having a conversation. You can lean over and touch his earlobes with the tip of your tongue. Watch his eyes brighten as raging desire floods into them. He will want you. He will! 

10. Do You

Getting a man hard is not as difficult as it may seem. You only have to do what he loves.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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