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14 Cute Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

by | Love

Dec 24, 2022

Run out of ideas to surprise your boyfriend? We have got you. This article features a list of 14 ways to surprise your boyfriend you most likely have not given much thought to before. We assure you each one of these surprises will make a difference.

1. Dig Out His Childhood Pictures and Make a Collage from Them

Men are quite drawn to their childhood experiences. And more than anything, they would love to see a collage of their childhood pictures. This is why this surprise hits just the right emotions. 

It sure might be one of those surprises that wear you out, but I promise you, when it is done, you’ll agree that it was worth every moment of your time.

Search out all the pictures of your boyfriend as a child, and merge them into a collage that tells a story. Then, hand them to him on a special occasion. Or, to make the surprise even more beautiful, sneak it into his bag.

2. Link Him Up with an Old Pal

There is almost always that old pal that boyfriends have not seen in ages. Girlfriends know about this old pal only from stories and social media. 

That old pal, my friend, is a chance to pull off the loveliest surprise that will have your boyfriend in tears. 

Text your boyfriend’s old pal on whichever social media platform you can find him, inviting him to come to the town you and your man live. Pay for whatever the travel costs are. 

Invite your boyfriend to come to see a ‘surprise.’ 

Now, enjoy the thrill of making your man feel like a child again.

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3. Show Up at His City Unannounced

This time, there isn’t a friend; there is you. These sorts of surprises, though common, can never grow stale, especially if you two are in a long-distance relationship

Sneakily make him tell you everything you need to know about his area of residence. Then, show up one day and say: Hey, I am around your area. 

I have seen many surprises, but this one seems to me like the perfect way to surprise your girlfriend.

4. Do the Laundry

Nothing will be more pleasantly surprising to him than returning home to meet a well-done laundry and a tidy house. 

Doing your man’s laundry is one of the many ways to make him feel the thrill of surprise, especially if he could never have seen it coming. 

If you want to get even more creative, it is fine if you sneak some funny yet loving notes into the pockets of his clothes. Remember that with men, humor is such a great way to express affection

So, a note like this will be just fine: “Hey. I did the laundry because I love how you look in well-ironed clothes, my iron man.”

5. Get his Favorite Sibling a Gift

No. You are not getting him his own gift. Instead, you are getting his favorite sibling one, that is, if he has siblings. Not only is this a surprise, but it is also a message. 

It tells him: “Hey, I am ready to be a part of your life and love your family.”

He will keep remembering this because his sister will keep reminding him.

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6. Keep a Journal

A journal is your diary of most lovely events. And not just lovely ones—Sad ones as well. A great way to surprise your man is to keep a journal about your relationship. 

Every day, write out the things about your relationship that you hold dearest; write about great or how bad the relationship has been.

State how much you love your man and how far you are willing to go for him. 

Then one day, when your journal is full, have your boyfriend read it. Or, if you want, you can read it aloud to him.

7. Host Him a Surprise Party

This might be a simple and classic way to surprise your boyfriend. But it isn’t any less effective than any of the methods shown on this list. 

In fact, this might even stick with your boyfriend longer, and he might make reference to the party you hosted for him earlier. 

“Remember that party you threw me, Kate?”

The party does not have to be extravagant. It can be a small house party or a mini party at a popular bar. Just be sure there are shouts of surprise and that he covers his face in his hands and blushes.

8. Set up a Car Date

A surprise can come in many forms. As long as your man never sees it coming, it is a surprise. I doubt there are many men who will see a car date coming. 

Car dates are simple. All you need is a well-decorated car and someone to drive it. Drive to his house and ask that he comes outside to meet you at the car park because you are rushing and can’t step out. 

Open the door, revealing the surprise to him: a perfect date, with snacks and all and wine in the cup rack. With soft music, the sound of love.

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9. Hang His Portrait Up on The Wall of Your House

I doubt there are men who would not be caught off guard by this. Get a perfect picture of him. Or even better, a picture of you both having the most fun moments of your lives. 

Now, put this picture up on your room wall, and just beneath it, have an artist design the words: “I will always love you.” 

That is it! He will be mind-boggled when he sees it, and you know what that means, don’t you? Loving bliss. 

It is also fine if you put up his childhood pictures on the wall. 

10. Give Him a Shout Out

Shout-outs are the perfect way to surprise your boyfriend! On the radio, on TV, and when he is with his friends. Whatever way you choose to do it, be sure that you are giving him a shout-out.

Have a radio channel sing a special song for him. Have his name appear on TV. Or maybe even email his favorite social media influencer to help you put up a shout-out for him. 

11. Have His Coworkers Read Stuff You Wrote Him

This is a shout-out as well, but one that will have him blushing all through a workday. 

Let’s imagine that it is your man’s special day or your anniversary, and he chooses to go to work nevertheless. You can still surprise him. But you will need the help of a couple of his coworkers. 

Help them plan a surprise party, and then show up to that party. Let him see that you made it all happen and that you are willing to do much more for him whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

If his coworkers aren’t big fans of surprises, then maybe his family can help you.

12. Sneak a Few Words into His Presentations

College presentations. Work presentations. Any kind. You can surprise your man by sneaking a few of your own words into his work, but not in a way that will have him penalized or anything. 

You can write something like: “Hey, I hope you enjoyed that presentation because I did. He doesn’t know I read through it, but I am proud of how hard he worked on this project. I am proud of you, big head.” 

This happened once when I was in college. I remember the entire class smiling and the man hiding his reddening face. He was blushing.

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13. Write Him a Song

You may not be the best writer out there. But I am pretty sure you can narrate how you feel about someone—your boyfriend. I want you to do just that and turn it into a song. 

You can hire a freelance musician to help you sing and master the song.

Now, play this song when you both are together. And make sure your boyfriend knows you are talking about him. In the lyrics, leave details like his name, where you met, etc. You know, details that couldn’t possibly be missed. 

14. Get Matching Tattoos

This is for tattoo lovers. You should only do this if it is what you want to do. Let’s say your boyfriend has a favorite tattoo, and you, a tattoo lover as well feel as though the best way to show him how far you’ll go for him is to get another tattoo. Then go right ahead.

Surprise your boyfriend as often as you can.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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