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15 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Special and Loved

by | Love

Dec 23, 2022

We show you the things that really matter. Some are big things; others are small. But all amount to 15 ways to make your woman feel special and loved so that her respect for you deepens and her affection grows.

1. Respect Her

This sounds quite easy, and it is. It won’t take anything from you to respect your partner, but it will surely make her feel special and loved that you regard her time and her decisions. 

Respect is like water that runs deep into a pool of love. If it stops flowing in, the love dries up, and the relationship dies away. 

By respecting your woman, we mean: 

  • Do not willingly cross her boundaries
  • Do not play on her insecurities or try to manipulate her.
  • Accept it when she tells you no, and don’t make a fuss or cause drama about it. 
  • Talk. 

2. Ask What is Wrong

So, you return home to find your woman all moody and upset, folded in sheets. 

What do you do? Of course, you go right in and ask what is wrong. This, though a small gesture, is sure going to make her feel loved, feel special. 

Women love gestures like this, and it sticks to them longer than you would like to admit. 

I cannot count the number of times my fiancé has hit me with: “Remember that one time I had been feeling very moody? Thank you for being there for me.” 

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3. Talk To Her

Most women agree that the hardest thing they have ever had to deal with in their lives has been an emotionally unavailable man.

Emotionally unavailable men do not know how to talk, especially about their problems. To them, the mere thought of vulnerability is a scare.

Do not be this type of man. 

Make your woman feel special by finding ways to talk about the things that truly upset you. 

Do not walk around the house with a stern face, hoping that she somehow reads your mind and comes in to help. (Sometimes, this works). Instead, go over and say: “Honey, I have had a bad day.” 

4. Talk About Her in a Good Light

This is especially when you are introducing her to your friends and family. 

Let’s say you have her accompany you to a family meeting, and the time comes for introductions. Do not just say the generic: “Meet my…”

Go on to say nice things about your woman to make her feel special. Talk about that one time she came through for you, and use it as an opportunity to appreciate her. 

When you are in love with a woman, you have to be very eager and willing to appreciate her, and you must seize every opportunity that comes. 

5. Appreciate Her

This sort of appreciation is rather on a one-on-one basis. This time, it is just you and she. 

Many guys make the mistake of thanking their women just once for a particular action. Once and that is all. Do not do that. 

Thank her as many times as you think is right. 

Remind her of the stuff she bought for you months ago; remind her of the special occasion that meant so much to you because she had been by your side. 

Appreciate your woman and she will definitely feel special. 

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6. Compliment her

This is similar to appreciating her, but a bit different in that a compliment is more like a tease, not meant to make her feel good about what she has done, but about herself. 

When you appreciate a woman, you make her feel good about what she has done for you. But when you compliment her, you make her feel good about herself. 

Tell her how pretty she looks in that dress: let her know that her curves turn you on. Let her see the look in your eyes when she puts on that cloth your like. 

The thing about complimenting a woman most guys fail to understand is that it also works in your favor. The good behavior your praise is going to be repeated over and over just so you praise it again. 

7. Play With Her

My fiancé and I have this inside joke. 

“I am in a serious relationship.” 

The joke is meant to mock people who cannot create room to play with each other, as their relationship is very “serious.” 

Trust me; you do not want your relationship to be serious. Neither you nor your partner will feel loved in such a setting. 

So, as much as you can, make room for inside jokes. (I mentioned my fiancé and me so that you know it is fine to have some inside jokes.)

Play, have fun, always. 

8. Make Sex Team Work

Many women agree that they feel cheated in the bedroom when they get down with their men.

She, of course, will feel cheated when you do not pay attention to her pleasure as well as yours. And guess what? It will make her feel unloved, as though sex is something you “get” from her instead of “share with her.” 

Don’t you know that whatever happens in the bedroom will reflect what really happens in the relationship? 

Oh, of course, it will reflect. It will, and even you will be able to sense it. 

Make the bedroom fun. Make her pleasure a priority as well. 

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9. Listen to Her

No matter how close two people are, they will not be interested in exactly the same things. Granted, there will be areas where their interests are closely knitted, but still, there will be times when one person’s interest seems really foreign and unimportant to the other. 

For example, your girlfriend may like to talk about hair and pedicure even when you would rather catch a fever than listen to stuff like that. 

What do you do then?

Of course, you listen. Listen to her even. Let her feminine passion intrigue rather than upset you as you do so. Listen.

10. Correct Her

We only truly and lovingly correct the people we love. Why? Because we want to watch, them become the best versions of themselves. 

Even though your woman may resent it at first when you correct her, eventually, she is going to see that your correcting her was purely an act of love and appreciation. And thus, she will feel loved by and special to you.

Be careful, though, to correct her in a loving way, with a loving tone, or else she might interpret it as you being hateful. 

Do not also correct her in a manner that makes you seem like the perfect person and her the bad one.

11. Stand Up for Her

It is not uncommon for us to see people try to look down on our lovers. I have had an experience like this myself, and so has Luke, a community health worker in the US. 

“He just came over to her and began asking her these weird questions that made her uncomfortable.” He tells us. “I watched it for a while, and when I had had enough, I walked over and told him to back off.” 

Don’t be hesitant when it comes to standing up for your partner if you want her to feel special. 

12. Cancel Some Meetings for Her

Yes, she should see that you are willing to turn down some meetings just to spend the evening with her. 

Beatrice says one of the most loving things she has seen her spouse do, has been him canceling a trip for her.

She says she walked into him one day in the sitting room saying: “I am sorry, I cannot make it because I have to spend some more time with my wife.” 

Beatrice said it made her feel loved and appreciated in a way that she cannot describe. 

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13. Ask for her Help

The truth is, more than we like to acknowledge as men, our women want to help us out with stuff. But more often than not, they want us to just ask. 

Asking means we trust them and want them involved somehow. 

It means pulling them into our affairs. It means loving them, especially if we ask in a loving way. 

Typically, a great way to demand anything from your woman would sound like this: “Hey, babe, want to help me with this? I feel so tired.” 

You will most likely get a: “Yeah, sure.” 

14. Post Her on Your Social Media

I doubt there is anything that makes women feel as special as posting them on social media. It shows that you are willing to show her off and that you are proud of her.

15. Send her Random Texts

Your woman will feel special and loved when she wakes up to well-written text messages

Make a habit of texting her randomly, just so she knows you have been thinking about her. 

Check out this list of texts to send her. They should make her feel loved and appreciated. 

Your relationship will sail smoothly when your woman feels special and loved. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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