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10 Ways to Let Them Know You Love Them Without Saying It

by | Love

May 14, 2023

While verbally telling a person that you love them is ideal, there are instances when saying nothing can do the job better. Storytellers call this “showing” instead of “telling.” Showing keeps things more intense and can even raise attraction to a level you didn’t think possible. Here are 10 ways to let them know that you love them without saying it.

1. Make Adjustments to Your Schedule Just for Them

There is no better display of affection I can think of than making time for your partner. 

If you are a pretty busy person, you know that time is one of the most valuable things to you. 

Sometimes, it is so valuable that you may even exchange money for time. 

Making time for your partner, therefore, means that you are placing them on a priority level much higher than your time. How do you think this is going to make them feel?

Believe me; it is going to send the love signal straight into their hearts. 

They will see this like a giant: “I love you.”

I am not suggesting that you suspend everything, every time, just because your partner wants to be around you. I am saying: suspend what you must when you must. 

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2. Share Details About Your Day

Love is sharing. Many times, it isn’t even sharing tangible things. It is rather sharing intangible things like the small but fun experiences you have over the course of your day. 

Our partners like that. For two reasons: the first is that it makes them feel important to us. Every partner’s dream is to feel important to their partner. When they do feel important, it is easy to open up. 

The second reason is that it makes them feel involved. 

Involvement is, more often than not, interpreted as love. 

3. Give Them Love Touches

When trying to let your partner know that you love them without actually saying it, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of love touches. 

Body contact speaks. And it speaks to a very specific degree. 

The duration of the touch, the pressure applied, and the part of the body touched all mean something. 

Usually, love touches are pretty gentle. The pressure applied is just enough for your partner to feel your warmth. Love touches also last considerably longer. 

Every now and then, especially on random occasions, share love touches with your partner. 

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4. Random Hugs

Partners who hug each other pretty often are partners who love each other. The dynamic of a hug is simple. Hugs make us feel safe. Especially women. When wrapped in a hug, you usually feel covered, appreciated, and loved. 

Tell your partner you love them, without uttering any words, by hugging them more. Let the hugs last a little longer than you are used to. 

And at the end of the hug, pull back, look at their eyes for a couple of seconds, and plant a kiss on their forehead. 

Now, watch them blush and try to squeeze into you. 

5. Show up Unannounced at Their Office or College

Imagine your partner walking out of the office or class to see you there, in the hallway of their office, a smile on, a small flower in hand. 

What do you think he or she is going to feel?

I’ll tell you, he or she is going to feel deeply loved and appreciated. 

The one time I did this to my fiancé, she cried all through the drive home. Amen when we entered the door, she said: “I had no clue you loved me this much.”

I didn’t utter one “I love you” that day. 

6. Tease Them

When two people are deeply attracted to each other, teasing is a language of love. A simple thing as teasing houses one too many emotions. 

When you tear your partner, for example, you both are going to go through minutes of laughter and then minutes of introspection and bonding. 

A perfect example is what happens when you tease your partner’s dress. 

At first, she is going to laugh about it, and then she is going to say something along the lines of “Do you really think I look bad in that dress?”

This is a chance to bond more. 

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7. Surprise Them with Tickets to a Show They Have Always Wanted to Attend

How would you feel if you returned from work in the morning to find tickets to your favorite show lying on the table?

That is just how your partner will feel when you do the same thing for them. 

When they look at those tickets, what they will see is a giant inscription: “I love you.”

You have succeeded, then, in telling your partner how much you love them without saying it. 

8. Do Their Laundry

Let’s say your partner comes home late one evening and heads straight to sleep. Let’s also say, you know, respond to this by doing their laundry. 

What do you think will go through their mind when they wake up in the morning to see their clothes well-ironed and ready to be worn? 

They are, of course, going to feel like they’re in a loving and healthy relationship. Many times, they are going to be so speechless the only thing they can muster to say would be an “I love you.”

I have seen this happen too many times with my partner. 

9. Make a Gallery of your Fondest Memories

Sort out the best memories you both have shared and adopt them into an album. Share this album with them as the perfect display of love. 

That is the best way to make their day. To bring them to the realization that you truly love them. 

You have driven the point home without uttering a word. 

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10. Be Kinder and More Forgiving

Kindness does not grow out of fashion. A kind lover will be a trusted lover. 

Your kindness speaks of our love better than any other thing. 


Words do a good work of relaying affection. But actions do an even better job. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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