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10 Ways to Focus on a Girl’s Breasts & Make Her Orgasm

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jan 28, 2023

Have you thought about ways to focus on a girl’s breasts and make her orgasm? When you know what you’re doing, giving her a nipple orgasm is pretty straightforward. 

Nipple orgasms are a thing, and they happen more often than you think. Many women describe it as this overwhelming feeling that “crawls” along their bodies and makes them want to have more. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. If you try out what I am about to show you, you will bring your woman to the point of orgasm by just fondling and playing around with her breasts.

Here is how you focus on a girl’s breasts and make her orgasm. 

1. You Both Have to be Comfortable

Just as it is with regular orgasms, your woman’s mind has a part to play when it comes to nipple orgasms. If she is comfy and into what you are about to do, then she is likely you get an orgasm. If she is not, you may have to work twice as hard for the orgasm to come: if it is at all going to come. 

You should be in a space where she is herself. You may have to need some oils and lotions to help you. 

Play some soft sexual music if you think it will work to keep you both even more comfortable. 

2. Initiate a Kiss

When you have found that she is just as comfortable as you want her to be, lean in closer and kiss her, kiss her lips at first. Make it sensual. A superb French kiss leads the way to almost every pleasurable thing you might want to experience in the bedroom. 

Don’t know how to pull off a French kiss? Check out the article: How to French Kiss a Girl of ours from last year. It is the perfect guide you need. 

As you kiss her, rub along her neck, progressively lowering until her chest area. Rub her chest area for a couple of seconds, still kissing, until she starts to moan into your ears. It may be time to grab her breasts. 

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3. Grab Her Breasts

A lot of guys don’t know how to grab a woman’s breasts. They often go in too hard or too loosely so that the woman either feels so much pain or feels nothing at all. 

The proper way to grab a woman’s breasts is to make your palms into a cup. I have this weird saying that the cup of your hands is the coziest home to a woman’s breasts. 

Let her breast fill this cup. Now, gently squeeze, all the while kissing her. 

4. Keep Squeezing

No, you do not skip a step. You do not rush into squeezing the nipple as soon as you have grabbed her breasts. You take your time. If you have followed our blog for a while, you already know that taking your time makes sex feels so much better and so much more comfortable. 

Tighten your grip on her breasts just a bit. You know you have pressed too hard when she either grunts or backs away. 

Now, move your hand about as though you are kneading dough. Move it very gently, alternating between grabbing the breasts loosely and grabbing tightly. (Read: 10 Squirting Orgasm Secrets to Make Yourself Squirt)

5. Show Her What That Mouth Does

We are coming to the nipple (relax, it is just after this), but right now, show her what that mouth does. If you focus just right on her breasts, you will make her orgasm, I am telling you. 

You can move right over to her breast and begin to work with your mouth, or you can go gradually down. I advise guys to go gradually. That is, lick around her chest and gradually move your mouth to her breasts. 

This often works, but there are times when things are so intense it is best just to go right in. You be the judge of that. 

Roll your tongue around her areolar. A woman’s areolar is the darker part of her breasts—the dark circumference around the nipple. It contains a number of nerve endings and can make her feel things. 

Do not lick her nipple just yet. 

6. Please have Two Breasts with One Stone

No, please, do not throw stones at her breasts. What I mean is, simultaneously, please both her breasts.

With your tongue still rolling across the areolar of one breast, begin stroking the nipple of the other breast with your finger. 

Here is how you stroke a nipple: with the ball of your thumb and index fingers. 

Imagine her nipple to be a ball that you just roll along your fingers in a very sensual loop. Alternate between gripping hard and gripping loosely. A lot of women love it when their nipples are gripped quite hard. But I wouldn’t risk it. 

I would advise that you be gentle. (Read: How to Get Multiple Orgasms with Your Partner)

7. Alternate

Yes, now, alternate between the breasts. Take your mouth to the other breasts and fondle the other with your finger. Do it just like you had done above. 

8. Lick Her Nipples

Yes, now, you are a step closer (more like closer than ever) to make her jerk as pleasure runs up her body. Become as creative as you can be, and get your tongue to work. 

There are three techniques I like to adopt when licking a woman’s nipple:

  • The Circle: This is where you make concentric circles with your tongue around her nipples. Circle as many times as you want. 
  • The Flap: This is where you move your tongue back and forth, flapping it against her nipple. Trust me, the feeling she gets from this is maddening. Many women orgasm here.  
  • The push and pull: Here, you will need both your tongue and mouth. Push her nipple in with the tip of your tongue and then pull it back out with your mouth. (By applying some suction.)

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9. Bite Gently

Yes, bite her nipples. Not as though it is food, please. Bit gently, sensually, as though you are trying to arouse

Do this while rubbing her back. 

She should be orgasming by now—and even if she is not, I am sure she is seeking you to fill her more, to unbuckle your pants and get down to it. 

10. Repeat. Wait. Let it take you where it wants. 

Nipple orgasms are a thing, and anyone can have them.  

Bottom Line

While you may think that making a woman reach orgasm by focusing on her breasts is a pipe dream, it isn’t. There are plenty of ways that you can give a woman an orgasm. Many guys do it every day, and you can do it, too. However, to make her cum every single time, you have to master the act.

Whether dating for the first time, for a long time, or married, Whatsdalatest can help you showcase your abilities as you turn your sexual fantasies into reality.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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