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10 proven ways to flirt with a girl

by | Love, Meeting People, Moving On

Jan 21, 2024

One sure way to a woman’s heart is giving her things to smile about. The best way to make her smile? By being flirty. This way, you both know you are not content with being stuck in the friend/bro zone because friends are not supposed to flirt.

1. Tell her how beautiful her body is and what you love most about it

Someone once said that all women have one thing on their body they are insecure about. 

It could be their lips, boobs, butt, or something very insignificant. When you send her texts like “Girl, that body is fire. I wish I could take it home with me and stare at it all day.” She starts thinking good thoughts like “He loves my body? Wow”. She would even look forward to seeing you again so you can look at her body! 

And be sure to tell her what you like most about her body. Don’t be vague. Be more specific. You can say something like, “You have beautiful dentition. It makes your smile lit”. Trust me, the next time she sees you, all she will do is smile.

2. Make her laugh

Making her laugh is the subtle and most effective way of flirting. When you continually tell her things that make her laugh, she might not realize it, but in no time, she will be falling for you. 

Did you know that a study in 2015 shared with the public that couples who laugh a lot together were more romantically bonded than couples who do not? This being said, you can send her screenshots of something funny you saw while scrolling through social media and even links to TikTok that you found amusing. 

3. Don’t leave her hanging

Have you ever texted a particular person you liked, and they were in the habit of leaving you on read for hours on end, popping back to continue a conversation from three days ago like it was totally normal while offering no explanation on why they acted that way? How did it make you feel? Bad, right? 

If you are having a nice conversation on text with a girl you’re flirting with and you have to leave, tell her why, and if you couldn’t before you leave when you return, don’t start off a stale two-hour relationship like you are entitled to, tell her where you were. Continue leaving her on read, and you’ve made the perfect recipe for disaster. 

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4. Ask questions about her day

Although this does not exactly count as flirting, It’s part of the process and should not be skipped. When you ask questions about how her day went, it shows her you are both interested and invested in what happens in her life. This is a turn-on. Unless she tells you, don’t ask too personal questions. 

5. Don’t text the third time

While flirting with a girl, don’t lose your rizz and send the third message when you have the first two unanswered. 

She should see you as someone who has things to do but makes time to text her. If you send her too many messages when she hasn’t replied to the previous ones, It makes you look jobless and very idle. “Perhaps he’s texting me out of boredom.”, “Doesn’t he have things to do with his time?” You don’t want those thoughts running through her head. 

6. Be generous with the emojis

Emojis have this way of keeping the conversations light and sweet. It is very helpful if you use sarcasm to send humor across. Look at the differences between these two statements. 

  • You’d fall for me in no time
  • You’d fall for me in no time

While the first one sounds like a threat from a stalking psychopath, the second is lighthearted and sweet. I would rather have someone send me the second message any day. 

7. Respect boundaries

I cannot emphasize this too much. I have cut ties with certain people who were flirting with me because they got too forward, and it repulsed me. 

To understand and maintain boundaries, know where you stand in people’s lives. If you have gotten to that stage where you both can comfortably add genitals and sex to the conversation, go for it, but if you haven’t, please don’t. She could block you. 

8. Send her something thoughtful

Sending her something thoughtful would make you look really good in her eyes. It doesn’t have to be money or gifts. You could share with her a playlist you think she would like, and who knows, she might have been having a hard time at work before it came in, and just like that, you have improved her mood. Those immaterial things really count. 

9. Delayed gratification

I know we had said not to ghost people you’re flirting with. Delayed gratification could work wonders for you. If you reply to her messages within five seconds, once in a while, extend that time to two minutes. It makes her wait eagerly for the next message. 

10. Be yourself

As much as it is a good idea to impress her while flirting, resist the urge to overdo it. Just be yourself. Try to be too extra, and she would know and think you’re faking it. This being said, don’t lie about anything. If she isn’t impressed by who you are and your sincerity, she isn’t the one for you. Let her go.


Flirting is a very lovely game when you know how to play it right. She wants a man who is aware of how to flirt and is counting on you to be that man. It may not seem like it. But she is rooting for you. I know this for a fact. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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