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10 Ways to Finding Time in Your Relationship

by | Love

Jun 6, 2022

Just like plants need rain, your relationship needs your time and attention. Are you struggling with finding time for your relationship, as it feels like you’re not spending enough time with your partner? Or else it is going to start falling apart piece by piece. This article brings you ten simple ways to make more time in your relationship.

1. Make the Relationship a Priority

Seeing that you are here, reading this, I am guessing that your relationship is a priority to you already. That’s such an honorable thing, I must say, and the first requirement if you are to make time to have fun and do cool stuff with your partner. 

If for some reason, though, I am wrong and you don’t seem to think your relationship is a priority, then you should start doing so. 

Your romantic relationship is an important part of your life. Treat it as such, and prioritize it. 

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2. Understand Each Other’s Schedule

Finding time in your relationship takes teamwork. Just as you want to create more time, your partner has to be interested in doing so too, or things may not exactly turn out the way you want. 

Sit with your partner and have that talk. 

Let them know what your week is like—fill them into the littlest detail. Leave no part out. The goal is to give them a mental picture of when you are less busy. 

Also, know when they are less busy so that in your attempt to find more time in the relationship, you don’t bug them to the point that they’re uncomfortable. 

3. What Would You Both Love to Do Together? 

It helps to be definite with stuff like this. A sense of direction in relationships and even real-life helps us achieve our goals. 

When you make time for your partner and your relationship, understand that you aren’t going to spend that time doing just nothing. 

You are going to be doing stuff, you both love. So, what will those be? 

Will you be going to the beach, or will you be visiting a park?

It helps to talk about it, or just pronounce your plans, so that your partner, and of course you, mentally prepare for it. 

You could say something like: “Honey, this week, I will surely love to go to the park.” 

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4. Build Routines

Understanding each other’s schedules should help you both build healthy routines. This will make it easier for you to spend a lot of time together.

For example, if you both leave home early, you can develop a routine of waking up quite early together and having some coffee whilst you talk about your day. 

Yes, for the records, you should spend a lot of the time you create for each other communicating. 

Communication is a vital part of any relationship. Talk about yourselves. About stuff that happened, and tries to laugh together. Laughing together is one great way to stay happy together. 

5. Do Stuff Together

There are just some routines that can’t be removed. For example, the dishes have to be done, or you both will return to a dirty kitchen every sunset and get really upset. The house has to be clean. You have to work out to keep fit. 

With these kinds of routines, the best shot is to do stuff together. 

When your spouse wakes up and enters the kitchen to fix breakfast, go there with her. Help with the dishes whilst she cooks, you both speaking to each other. 

Go jogging together. Play board games together. Bath together. Watch movies together.

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6. That Includes Learning a Skill Together

This does not mean that you should pick an interest in things you find utterly boring because you want to spend time in your relationship. What it means is that if you and your partner share the same interests, learning a skill together is sure going to improve the quality of time you spend together and the frequency. 

For example, you both can have piano lessons together, dance lessons together, or something else.

7. Text More

Even though texting too much is discouraged, texting in moderation can be just what you need if you are seeking to spend more with your partner. 

Whenever you have a break at work, pick up your phone and send them a text. It can be anything. But, it’ll be very appreciated if it is humor. 

They are probably having a busy day, and a meme might just be what they need to crack open the first laugh for the day. 

PS; texting is still considered as spending time together. Just don’t over text. That is, text so much you no longer want to meet in real life. 

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8. Have Someone Do the Chores

So, it is the weekend. And although you want to spend so much time with your partner, there are these annoying chores which must be done. 

Instead of slashing into the time, you are to enjoy, how about you get someone to do those chores for you?

You know, instead of washing the clothes yourself, how about you take them to the laundry man? 

This would be a great idea, especially if you both are always busy during the week because of work and you can only spend time together during the weekends and you only. 

Stick to doing easy-to-complete tasks during weekends. Difficult ones? Well, have someone do them if it’s possible. 

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9. Take Your Partner Along When it is Time to Meet Some Friends

So, a friend’s hang out, yes? How about you turn this into some group date or something? 

That is, tell your friends, at least the ones in relationships, to come with their partners too. 

Boom, a good time. And not just your regular kind. Have a good time with your partner and of course your friends in it. Some kind of killing two birds with one stone. 

It doesn’t always have to be your friends. Sometimes, it could just be your family hangout. Or even theirs.

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10. Boundaries

In your attempt to spend time with your partner, please don’t lose yourself. Keep being you. Do not be overwhelmed to the point where you no longer have a life on your own. This is no sign of a good relationship. 

Healthy relationships comprise two individuals who have a life of their own. 

Bottom line

If you incorporate some of these suggestions in the relationship, you may be delighted at how much time you can spend with each other every day.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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