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10 Creative Ways to Ask for Her Number

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Aug 11, 2023

So, you like a girl? What’s stopping you from walking over there and asking for her number? I’d tell you what: fear. You’re afraid she isn’t going to give it to you. This is happening because you are in doubt about your creativity. Women are drawn to wit. They’d almost never deny a creative guy their numbers. We can help you become that guy. Here are creative ways to ask for her number.

Smooth Ways to Ask a Girl’s Number Every Single Time

1. Be More Confident

Now, this is not exactly a “way” to ask for her number. It is, however, the one thing you need if you will ever be creative. 

Understand that it is such a strong possibility that even she wants you to have her number. 

Imagine how that is going to feel, walking up to a woman who wants you to have her number and requesting it. 

Be confident. 

Whether or not she gives it to you has nothing to put against you. 

2. What do you think about iMessage? 

Sometimes, throwing questions at her is a great idea. Questions can make amazing requests when asked right. 

The moment she hears you ask about what she thinks of iMessage, she knows you want to contact her there. 

If she is very into you, she is going to tell you what you think about iMessage and maybe go on to ask for your number. 

There? That is a win, win. You got her number without sounding at all desperate. 

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3. Can we play a game? If I get four digits of your number correctly, You have to give it to me

Every woman likes a game. Women will almost always agree they want to try their hands at a game. This is because, deep down, women are attracted to uncertain outcomes. 

It is why men are told to stay mysterious, why men do better when they seem like enigmas to women. 

If you want to make a woman very intensely attracted to you, your best bet is to spice things up with some uncertainty. 

A game is uncertain. 

I get what you may be asking now: what if I don’t get the digits correct? Well, that is the point. You don’t stand a chance, so you are going to joke about it. 

Say all the numbers in the numeric system. From 1 – 10. Guess what? She is going to laugh about it, but she is going to give you the number. 

4. I cannot find my phone. Can I please ring me with yours? 

This is somewhat cliche. But it still works. It does not have to be a cliche to you because you are getting all your advice from the best. Us. Winks. 

Have her offer to help you find your phone. Women are more open to helping strangers most of the time. So she will have no problems helping you. Now, type in your number and hit send. 

When the call goes through, pull your phone out from wherever you had kept it and go: “Ooops, found it. Also found that I have your number now!”

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5. Hey, my phone is broken. I think your number can help fix it. 

You already know what is going to happen, right? I mean, you know she is going to laugh. 

Of course, she is. Who wouldn’t? That is straight-up an outrageous thing to say. She is going to uncover your ruse immediately. And since you made her laugh, there are big chances she is going to give you the number. 

I have used this line countless times during my pickups, and it has worked each time. 

6. My friends have dared me to come to take the number of the cutest woman I run into today. Can I take yours, please?

Now, you have had her pinned to the world. She just cannot say no. Do you know why? Saying no will mean she does not accept being the most beautiful woman in the street. 

But she wants to be the most beautiful woman in the street. She loves her attention and wants to be praised for how she looks. 

While she types her number into the phone, you can tell her that one thing you think looks good on her. 

7. Let us make a deal. You give me your number, and I will show you some magic

This works every time. As I have already explained earlier, it works because women love some uncertainty. 

The minute you trigger that primal desire that comes when she is confronted by something she wants to unravel, you will get her to do about anything you want. 

You hit her with this, and the first thing that goes through her mind is: what magic is he talking about; now I want to see it.

8. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me your number and have us text way into the night for as long as you want

In just one sentence, you have told her that you are not only getting her number; you are also offering her companionship. When asked why women do not give their numbers out, Kyle told us: “I don’t give my number out because I am used to the routine already. They take my number, and that is it.”

You are showing a woman with this that you are not only interested in having the number but in speaking to her.

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9. Hi, I was wondering if you want my number. Or should I take yours?

You say this to a woman you are pretty sure is feeling you. 

For example, one who has been staring at you for a long while is very likely interested in you, and this line is likely to work. 

10. Truth or Dare

The truth or dare game is also a very creative way to get her number. 

Whatever she chooses, she just has to give you the number. If she chooses the truth, you ask that she tell you all her number digits. 

If she chooses to dare, you ask the same thing. Win-win. 


Be creative! And you will be sure to get her number.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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