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13 Top Parenting Blogs to Follow

by | Parenting

Nov 29, 2021

Whether you’re new to reading parenting blogs or already have a favorite mom and dad blog you love that you follow, there’s always further information on how to raise a child continually. Trying to find the best sources of information and tips on improving your parenting skills can be tricky, so to help you out, we’ve listed our favorite parenting blogs you can add to the whatsdalatest family and parenting section.

Many describe parenthood to be the best thing to have ever happened to them. Others disagree. They say it’s nothing like they had expected. “It just makes me sick.” Does parenthood make you sick and stress you out? Then there’s something you aren’t doing right.

Check out these top parenting blogs to follow and learn more about how to become that parent who enjoys parenting for what it is:

1. Positive Parenting Solutions

This website says: “We equip parents with the tools they need to get kids to listen without nagging, yelling, or losing control.”

Amy McCready created Positive Parenting Solutions to share her experiences and breakthrough with parenting. She is an author and educationist, and researcher whose teachings can be trusted. 

Positive Parenting Solutions hosts a blog where you can read real-life experiences written down as engaging articles. These articles answer questions about child behavior, child-parent relationship, etc. 

The blog has been mentioned in CNN, New York Times, etc. This is to show how credible it is. It’s got a really great interface. 

You can register and become a member of positive parenting solutions for free and enroll in some of their paid services on the website.

2. Hand in Hand Parenting 

A reader has this to say about Hand in Hand Parenting: “Hand in hand parenting helps us to be parents we want to be.” 

Hand in Hand Parenting has been around for about 20 years. They are out to help parents overcome the ‘hurdles’ of parenting and go on to create a healthy, loving environment within which children thrive. 

On their beautiful blog, they post articles written in such a way that even people who do not like reading a lot will appreciate it

The articles are researched-based—editors make sure of this. They offer courses and mentorship programs and host an online shop where you can buy books. 

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3. Grown and Flown

Parenting teenagers can be frustrating sometimes. Do you sit there wondering what you’re doing wrong and why your teenage children aren’t acting in the way you want them to? You’re not alone. Many parents do, too. 

Mary Dell Harrington and Lissa Heffernan Founded Grown and Flown to help parents like you. They are both authors and researchers who are interested in family structure. 

On this blog, which has about 50 writers, you can read articles that border on how to raise kids between 15-25 years. They write about high school, college, admission, good parenting, etc. 

One thing is certain about the blog. They write only real-life experiences most parents can relate to. You can purchase books and book private mentorship appointments. 

4. Your Modern Family

The first thing that’ll grip your interest in this blog is how beautiful the front page looks. Underneath their page title is the catchphrase ‘Tips for a happy household in the modern world.’ This catchphrase pretty much explains everything this blog is about. 

It was started by Becky Mansfield, a child development therapist and blogger. She believes sharing tips about modern parenting on her blog can improve the family structure this time. 

On Your Modern Family, you can read articles exploring parenting, kids’ activities, marriage, health, etc. 

5. Aha Parenting

One of the absolute best parenting blogs out there, Aha Parenting is quite a beautiful blog with a responsive interface. On the front page, the mission statement of Aha Parenting reads: “Dr. Laura Markham founded Aha! to support you, to create a more peaceful home and happy, responsible, considerate kids.”

Dr. Markham is a Clinical psychologist at Columbia University. She is one of the leading voices in child psychology. 

On Aha!, you can read free articles which are all written from real-life, fact-based experiences. They put up articles to help you understand child psychology better and teach you to become that parent you have always dreamed of becoming. 

You can also shop for ebooks, audiobooks, etc., on this blog. You can also enroll in paid courses. 

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6. Parenting Science

Education World, a magazine, describes Parenting Science to be a fantastic aid to parents and educators for its in-depth and objective analysis.’

Gwen Deur, a researcher and an educator, founded parenting science to help parents understand the science behind child-raising. 

You can read free articles that explore parenthood from a perspective often not explored on this responsive site. 

The articles border on what it is like and how to overcome the challenges of raising babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and even grown children. 

7. Scary Mummy

Scaring Mummy is a go-to parenting blog for the best parenting ideas! This is a tightly-knit community in every sense of the word “community.” They consist of moms who share real-life experiences about what being a mom really feels like: the struggles of being a mom and how one can overcome them.  

Their content, original and entertaining, explore parenting from a humorous yet fact-based perspective. 

On this blog, you can watch, read, confess (be part of the community), watch videos, shop, etc. Scary Mummy also has a quite beautiful interface. You should really love this one. 

8. Parents.com

This magazine has been on for around since October 1926. Their website houses a blog where you can read about virtually everything that regards raising kids.

The editors of this blog make certain that only real-life, fact-checked articles make it to the blog. When it comes to up-to-date and practical information, Parents.com is up there among the best.

Experts and parents out there can submit content to this blog. Their team of experienced writers and editors will then select the best and most relatable content for publication. 

Asides from reading and maybe posting articles on the Parents.com blog, you can also follow up on the latest news and trends on different families around the world.

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9. Café Mom

Café Mom states that its mission is: “to help raise happy, kind, and confident kids. This website has a pretty responsive and user-friendly interface. The blue and white colors, organized in a pretty unique way, make it an appealing site to look at. 

Here, you can find articles that explore all areas of parenting, beginning from pregnancy to childbirth to raising toddlers and even raising preschoolers. They also post articles about what raising teenagers feels like. 

The editorial team is made up of moms, psychologists, educationists, and researchers, who make sure only the best content makes it to the website. You can also shop at Café Mom.

10. Parenting Ideas

Parenting Ideas wants to help parents around the world raise kids who are confident and happy, and resilient.

Their website hosts a blog where anyone, wherever in the world the person might be, and whatever gender, can read content about what it really feels like to be a parent and also how to improve in areas where they might have been approaching parenting wrong.

These articles are fact-based and are written in such an engaging way—the editors make sure of this. 

Parenting Ideas, while providing articles, also provides online courses for parents, parenting guides and resources, books, video articles, etc. They also provide courses for teachers.

11. Parents Magazine

No doubt, this is one of the best parenting magazines out there! In the words of the editors, “Parents Magazine helps moms to navigate every aspect of parenthood from pregnancy through school years. We get to the heart of the latest news and recommendations on kids’ health, safety, and nutrition.”

This site posts articles covering every facet of parenting. It also includes areas that are not regularly spoken about, like sexuality, etc. 

They publish new issues regularly, which include works related to fashion and lifestyleYou become a member of Parent Magazine for free and shop for books and other materials relating to parenting.

12. Cool Moms Picks

This parenting blog is a beauty! From the purple header to the colorful pictures that beautify every post. Beautiful!

Parents Magazine describes Cool Moms Picks as “The online Arbiter of cool for the swingset crowd, ” and InStyle says it is: “Best of the web/kids.” These reviews aren’t lies or exaggerations. Cool Moms’ picks really are the real deal!

Its mission is to make parenting cooler and more fun. They do this by inspiring women all around the world to be a lot better equipped for the task that is motherhood

They post articles that explore everything about parenting. Their writing stands out as being well-written, engaging, and playful. 

13. Psychology Today

Psychology Today is one of the top voices on the net in matters relating to parenting. It is a digital magazine that was created in 1967. Since their creation, they have grown to reach a readership of millions of people. 

Psychology Today’s team is a team of psychologists, editors, writers, etc. They make certain only the best of the best articles make it to their magazine. 

Their articles explore topics discussed from a psychological perspective, attempting to answer the question, ‘Why in such an engaging way. You can also find a therapist on Psychology Today and get help.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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