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10 Types of Women Who Will Ruin Your Life

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Aug 18, 2022

To help you discover the type of women to avoid so you don’t end up with the wrong person, I have listed ten types of women that will significantly ruin your life, and it is best you stay away from them.

A relationship with the wrong person can be incredibly costly. Some women are quite difficult to deal with. Over time, for some reason or the other, they have developed coping mechanisms that come off as toxic and damaging.

Avoid these 10 types of women who will ruin your life.

1. Women Who Don’t Have Strong Boundaries

Boundaries are quite important part of our lives. They protect us and give us a sense of control over what happens within us. 

Women who do not enforce boundaries, especially with other men, will ruin you. Since they can’t be trusted with being around other men, you will most likely overthink it whenever she tells you she is somewhere around men. 

A thousand scenarios will play out in your head so that sooner or later, you find yourself becoming a jealous person with trust issues.

We should all stay away from anything and anyone that tries to damage our trust. Devoid of the ability to trust, we become sad things, overthinking just about anything that happens to us. You don’t want to be that!

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2. Women Who Don’t Respect You

Respect here means regard for you and your beliefs and feelings. It is said that someone respects you when they give attention and regard to how you feel, the things you believe, and the values you uphold. 

Simply put, a woman who does not respect you does not regard how you feel or what you believe. She will ruin you; this will happen because she will downplay all your actions, making it seem as though you are a problem. 

When people don’t respect us, it might have an effect on the way we perceive ourselves. We may even start to see ourselves the way they see us. 

3. Women Who Gaslight You Will Ruin Your Life

Gaslighting is a technique used in emotional bullying. It is simply making a person feel guilty for a wrong they have not done. Gaslighters use this as a means to escape accountability so that they don’t apologize. 

Some women would rather cry than apologize when they wrong you. This is a typical case of gaslighting. By crying, she is trying to make you feel like a monster. But you should see past this. Avoid such women when they put up attitudes like this because they will ruin your life. 

It is best you only stay around healthy women who are fine with apologizing when they hurt you. These are the best kind of women for you. 

4. Women Who Give Silent Treatment

Communication is such a vital part of any relationship. If one or both parties within a relationship intentionally refuse to communicate with the other, there will be problems. 

Women who give the silent treatment almost always pass as gaslighters. Rather than speak, they will give you cold shoulders, bombard you with negative feelings, and have you question yourself, trying hard to figure out scenarios where you could have done wrong.

If she always gives you the silent treatment, then it is probably best to leave because she is being manipulative and will ruin your life.

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5. Women Who Have Commitment Issues

By commitment, we don’t mean just a romantic relationship. We mean a commitment to everything else in her life.

The thing about relationships is that it almost always just mirrors what happens in a person’s life. A person will treat a relationship the way they treat other aspects of their lives. 

If they are committed to achieving their goals and dreams, then it is likely they will be committed to a relationship. If not, then the chances of being committed are slim. 

How does she treat herself? She will most likely treat you that way. 

6. Women Who Spend Excessively

A woman is supposed to have a healthy spending history if she is to be considered good for you. 

Some men can easily overlook extravagant spending, especially at the start of the relationship, but eventually, it will catch up with you and start to make you uncomfortable. In the end, it will ruin you. 

It is almost impossible to save as much as you are supposed to when your woman does not quite know how to minimize spending and maximize investment. 

Many women who spend excessively are also gold diggers because they are after what they can get from you. There is no telling; women who are after what you have are after your life. They don’t care about you as much as you think they do. It is money or nothing.

Stay away from them! Otherwise, they will eventually ruin your life.

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7. Women Who Lie Will Ruin Your Life

You will have a lot of difficulties trusting a woman who repeatedly lies to you. Piece by piece, with each lie she tells you, your ability to trust her, and eventually, everyone will be chipped away. 

This spells ruin. As mentioned earlier, you should not let anything or anyone take your trust away. Whatever can break your trust can ruin you because it will turn you into an insecure person who feels paranoid. 

8. Women Who Still Speak Intimately with Their Exes

I am not of the opinion that exes should become each other’s enemies. It ought not to work that way. However, there is a certain level of rapport that should not be crossed after a romantic relationship has ended, especially when one is trying to get into a new one. 

When a woman continues to keep a taut rapport with her ex even after you have indicated some romantic interest in her, then it is best you stay away from her. She will ruin you.

You will spend your entire relationship with her trying to measure up to her ex, to steal her attention from him. Guess what that is going to do to you? Ruin you! Women who can’t let go of their exes ruin people’s lives.

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9. Women Who Ghost You Will Ruin Your Life

It may start out as just one or two days of not speaking to each other, but often, it progresses into weeks and months that have you wondering what happened. 

Ghosting is amongst the worst kind of emotional manipulation because it has you wondering what exactly went wrong, seeking closure that might not come. 

10. Women Who Are Selfish

A person who is all about themselves does not have the empathy to consider the feelings of another person. 

This means that they often lack the ability to truly care for someone else, seeing that they are only concerned about what benefits them. 

A woman who is selfish will ruin your life. She will take and keep taking from you so that your relationship with her becomes one-sided and exhausting. 

One-sided relationships are among the worst kind of relationships there are. You should back away the minute you feel like you are putting in all the effort and doing all the giving. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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