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10 Types of Women Every Guy Can’t Resist

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Dec 29, 2022

This article will help you become that woman who walks into a hall and has every guy turning to stare. We dive right into the minds of most men and try to figure out the 10 types of women they can’t resist—why it is so hard to resist these women.

1. Stylish Women

By style, we mean women who are into fashion trends and know just how to rock whatever they put on. 

To most guys, these women come off as very fun to be around and very admirable. 

Anyone can become a stylish woman, including you. All you need to do is make sure you put on just the clothes that are right for you, rocking them with this confidence that draws a person in. 

2. Women who Look Snobbish

If you should know something about guys, then you should know that guys like a challenge. I don’t know if this has something to do with how they are biologically or mentally wired, but guys sure have a thing for women who challenge them. 

One of those things is a snobbish woman. Or at least one who looks snobbish. With her, they will want to try their luck. They will attempt to beat themselves to any challenge.

3. Women who do not have many sexual partners

Every guy is territorial, so they can’t resist women who stick to dating only them. They don’t want other men grazing on their turf. They want the woman they are involved with to be conserved. This is seen when women throw themselves at men. Too easy. Too easy for some men equate cheap. (This is a stereotype, though). 

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4. Women Who Give Mixed Signals

You see, as I mentioned earlier, men are drawn to a challenge, especially when it has to do with love and sexual attraction. 

Even though they will eventually get tired of a woman who keeps giving them mixed signals, at the very start of their friendship or relationship with her, there will feel an intense attraction that makes it hard to resist her. 

They will be kept by questions that go along the lines of: “Why is she being this way?” 

“Why is she hot on one day and cold on another?”

This does not seem fair to any man, but that is just the way it is.

5. Women Who are Less Available

Like women, men also seem drawn to people who are unavailable. The reason lies in our human nature of wanting things we cannot get.

You should realize, though, that this effect will only be temporary. As soon as the thrill that comes with chasing a woman leaves the man, he will stop feeling irresistibly drawn to a woman who is not so available. 

So, trying to make a man stay around you by ignoring or avoiding him is not quite the best way to keep a man. It might work for a while—but eventually, it sure is going to backfire. 

6. Women Who are Great Flirts

Men know a flirt when they see one. And trust me, a flirt is one woman who will draw a man and grab him. 

A flirt, typically, will be a combination of the other types of women we have listed here. She will be stylish, for sure, and will be able to draw a man in with how well she teases men. 

What do you think makes a woman a good flirt? Let us know what you think at hello@whatsdalatest.com. 

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7. Women Who are Great Conversationalists

A great conversation is what makes the difference to men. A woman may appear conventionally unattractive to a man, but the moment he finds out that she is great at keeping conversations, he will be drawn to her. 

He will always seek to talk to her: he will call more and text more—eventually, there is going to be a bit of attraction towards her. This will become love eventually if the woman allows the room for love to bloom. 

What makes a person a good conversationalist? I will say the ability to tell stories and empathize with the stories of others. 

8. Women Who Display Empathy

Of the many traits that look good on a woman, I will argue that empathy is by far the most good-looking. Empathy is a person’s ability to connect emotionally with another person. It makes a person able to feel what another person feels. A literal “Put yourself in my shoes” trait. 

When women show empathy, men are usually not able to resist them because empathy makes a person look safe and appear safe. 

Empathy makes it easy to trust as well. I mean, we can always trust those we know will always put themselves in our shoes. 

9. Women Who are Passionate About Their Dreams

I don’t think we talk enough about how attractive passion is. Passion, I would say, is what drives a person. And when a person has enough of it, such a person grows into a better, loving version of themselves. This person learns to win at love and at life. 

Men want a woman like that in their lives. To them, she is a woman no man can or even wants to resist. 

How passionate are you about your own dreams? How often do you talk about it? 

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10. Women Who Give Encouragement

By this, I mean women who are great at encouraging other people to follow their own dreams. 

Biologically, women are nurturers. Of course, they are by far better nurturers than men. They are not only great at nurturing dreams—but at nurturing dreams as well as other people.

Men often see a woman who encourages others as being very nurturing, so it is only normal for them to find her very hard to resist.

Bonus: men are also very drawn to women who hang around very beautiful and hot women. Hotness by association is a thing, as we seldom see very cute, model-looking people hang out in groups of people who aren’t that good-looking. 

Every guy is drawn to women who know how to be women, and they can’t resist them. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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