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10 types of students you see in every classroom

by | Ideas

Feb 7, 2024

In this article, we take some readers down memory lane while also exploring the present but hilarious reality of others. Here are the 10 different types of students that have been over the years. Which are you?

1. The Latecomers

These students never arrive early to class, and oftentimes, there isn’t even a good reason for their late coming.

Latecomers are very annoying to their teachers. I used to be one, and I can tell you that I almost always got into trouble. 

I remember one time a lecturer asked me never to attend their class again because I had arrived late for the sixth time in a row. I remember how the class roared with laughter. It was funny to everyone but my teacher.

Now that I am older and have to babysit kids every now and then, I see why it was not funny at all. 

2. The Noisemakers

These ones always have something to say. And worse, they have such a low patience threshold. They cannot seem to wait until the class is over. 

I find a lot of these students to be extroverted. 

And quite ironically, they tend to gravitate toward the quiet and introverted kids. So we see an introverted kid constantly coming to the quiet kid with a fresh gist of gossip. 

Guess what? The quiet kid often gets in trouble, whilst the loud and talkative student is spared. 

3. The type who raises their hands to every question

These ones want to be the life of the party. Or, in this case, the life of the class. 

They want someone, maybe a crush, to notice them and so raise their hands whenever a question is asked. 

They often become a lot worse when someone new comes into the class: say, an exchange student whom they think is attractive. 

The student who asks questions every time in class is often hated, and for good reason. They constantly remind the rest of the class that “I am better than you.”

Guess who likes to be reminded of that?

You guessed right. No one. 

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4. The type who never raises their hands

Other students and sometimes teachers often mistake the student who does not raise their hands to be very dumb. 

But this is not always the case. 

There are two kinds of students who never raise their hands. 

The first kind is the very timid one. This one may know all the answers to every question but will not raise their hands because of the fear that they will be laughed at. They are usually the book guys and the geeks. 

The second kind, however, are the ones who are not as smart. They don’t raise their hands to answer questions simply because they do not know the answers to the questions. 

5. The backbenchers

The backbenchers are often very noisy as well. 

But not all the time. 

There are a number of reasons students prefer the back seats, and here is why:

The back seat provides some immunity.

It is not so difficult to tell that people who sit at the back do not always get attacks from teachers whenever teachers are in the mood to toss questions around. 

The backseat is, therefore, some kind of safe zone. Everyone comes around here when they don’t want to be marked. 

Ironically, there are times when the backzone becomes the target zone, when every teacher throws questions at people at the back. 

6. The students who always sit in the front

These ones take pride in being serious students and are often hated. 

Other classmates call them geeks and sometimes laugh at them for being too serious.

However, the type of students who sit at the front are often the teachers’ favorites. Teachers love them so much and often take notice when they are not around. 

If you have ever heard a teacher ask after a student, chances are, this student has been one to sit at the front during every class. 

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7. The type who rarely comes to school

It will surprise you that the truants do not fail as often as teachers want them to. I know this because I have been a truant before. 

Even when I was in medical school, I had been a truant. It got me into trouble a lot of times. But I never failed a course. 

It, however, caught up with me when I began to practice. 

The truant may survive in a class. But in cases where one has to practice, the truant will often find himself in big trouble. 

Some are not so smart; they may even fail their courses. 

8. The type who never misses a class

This one dedicates his entire life to school. Does nothing outside school and may even have a hard time socializing with other kids. 

We had a lot of them in my school, and I can tell you this for free: they were very annoying. They paid us truants so much because teachers often used them as a basis for comparison. 

Teachers will often remind us that, unlike us, the students who came to school every day and never missed a class were doing something useful with their lives whilst we wasted all our time on things that did not matter. 

9. The type who eats throughout the class

But is class ever complete without a foodie? I think not. 

There is always that student who has food for everyone. 

There is almost never a time you don’t see them eating. Oftentimes, these types of students are.

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10. Those who always go out and come back in during class

This student hates to sit in a spot. 

They can make life very hard for the teachers. 

The teacher often gets tired of them and learns to ignore their constant walking about. But some of their classmates, especially the seatmates, never learn to ignore it. 

Which one of these types of students were or are you?

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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