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10 Different Types of Students Before an Exam

by | Ideas

Jan 28, 2024

Exams bring out the hidden parts of most students. Observing this can be both funny and helpful, as knowing the kind of student you are can help you identify exam anxiety and deal with it the way you should. In this article, we show you the ten types of students before an exam.

1. The unbothered

The unbothered students fall into two categories:

The unbothered one who is confident they will pass

These are the worst students to be around when you are scared of failing. They are not only unbothered but hyper-confident. They feel as though they are untouched and that whatever happens, they will record a pass. And chances are, they will indeed record a pass. 

The unbothered one who just doesn’t care

These ones almost always know that they are going to fail. They just don’t care, and so do not even put in the extra work for studying. 

They’re also very bad to be around, as they can allow discouragements to creep into your mind. 

”Is it not just a test? Don’t worry, you’re taking it too seriously.“

Don’t listen. You’re really not taking it too seriously. 

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2. The extremely nervous

You find a lot of these such students in the medical school or in departments where the workload is just so much one cannot possibly thoroughly exhaust the course work. 

They are usually nervous for one reason: the consequences of failure are just too grievous to be overlooked. 

In the medical school, one may even have to repeat a year.

If you are a nervous student, your best bet is to try your best and be confident in the fact that your best will almost always bail you out. 

If the course work is too much, find out the topics that repeat the most exams and give your attention to them. 

3. The calm and collected

These ones know what it means to be tunnel-visioned. They have their eyes on a pass and do not take it off until the pass really comes.

Calm and collected students are often very studious. They give in their best and know that it will come through for them. 

Often, the calm and collected students were once very anxious ones. They once had to deal with failure. I used to be one. When I was in medical school, I feared every exam as though my life depended on it. 

It got to a point when I got tired. This point came after a couple of resits. One day, I said to myself: ”No matter the extent of my fear, I might still go on to fail.“

That was it for me. The anxiety about failure was gone at once. 

4. The last-minute cramer

Teachers, at least most of them, hate the last-minute crammer. But the last-minute crammer is one of those guys who have found ways to defeat the system. 

Contrary to what teachers say, I have yet to meet a last-minute crammer who failed an exam. 

It never happens. Because cramers know just where to cram, they also know that it isn’t the best student who records a pass. 

The bad thing about being a cramer days before an exam is that nothing really sticks. As soon as one leaves that exam hall, everything—and I mean everything in the very sense of the word—flies away. 

Once or twice, some thin perch. But never for long. Everything crammed becomes a very hazy memory when it will be needed the most. 

5. The know-it-all all type

“I am not scared. I have read everything.”

The truth is, these ones never know what is coming for them. And trust me, it almost always comes. 

There is something about exams that makes a person realize they didn’t know as much as they think they did. 

The know-it-all type of students during exams are often read as isolates. They don’t belong to groups. 

They only pop in and out of group conversations every now and then with: “That? Oh. I know that. Forget about that.”

Don’t forget about it or risk learning the hard way. 

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6. The type who don’t stop asking questions

These are the clueless. They most likely had no clue what went on all through the semester. And now the exams are here. 

The questions never stop. And the annoying part of it all is that they do not even stop when they are seated in the exam hall. 

The ones who don’t stop asking questions almost always get into trouble with invigilators. 

“Hey, why are you talking in the hall!?”

7. The type who doesn’t talk to anyone 

The student who doesn’t talk to anyone before an exam is usually very saturated with “stuff.” Stuff is a word coined by medics in West Africa. 

Stuff means important information and logic. 

The ones who don’t talk to anyone do it to preserve their stuff. They know that by talking, some stuff may leave their head. 

The one who doesn’t talk to anyone should be left alone. He or she, too, is scared of failing. 

8. The type who doesn’t read but somehow passes

If unbothered has a face, it would be the face of students who don’t read before an exam but somehow pass. And by pass, I mean come out with good grades. 

He or she has somehow mastered the art of passing. And no one can take it from them. 

They know how to pass. They cannot be stopped. 

9. The cheater

The cheater has it in mind to cheat even before the exams begin. Usually, this is a very lazy student. 

They want to cut corners. But sadly, corners cannot always be cut. 

10. The prayer warrior type

This type of student almost always gets shocked when the results sheets are posted. 

Prayer is great. But prayer cannot substitute study. 


Students put on different versions of themselves during or before an exam. At the end of it all, it helps to be relaxed and confident rather than anxious and perplexed. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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