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10 Types of Guys Women Instantly Ignore Online

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Apr 1, 2023

While lots of guys meet women online and build relationships with them, others just get ignored. One or two texts in, and boom, they no longer get a response. Whether you’re a guy looking to improve your online dating game or a woman curious about why you may be swiping left more often than right, this post will provide valuable insights on the types of guys women ignore online.

Here are the 10 types of these guys women instantly ignore online. Don’t be these guys. 

1. Guys Who Don’t Have a Forward-Facing Profile Picture

There is a lot of catfishing going on the internet these days. At least 10 of the women I reached out to via Twitter agreed that they had been catfished at some point in their lives. 

Natasha reports that she has been catfished more than once. “I don’t know why I let myself slip that way,” She said. “But I no longer give room for it to happen again. If he doesn’t have a forward-facing profile picture, I am ignoring him instantly.” 

If you do not want to be ignored, put up a forward-facing picture that is clear and crisp. Make sure it is your best! 

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2. Guys who are Too Far Away

While a lot of women are open to the idea of getting into a long-distance relationship, others are not so interested. 

Don’t bother texting most women who are too far away from you. You are going to be ignored.

3. Guys who Talk About The Women They Have Been With

I have seen guys brag about the number of women they have slept with on even dating apps.

They say things like: “F**ed her real good.” 

With these guys, it seems like women are trophies who are won and taken to bed. I guess it has something to do with trying to manipulate natural selection. 

They brag in hopes that other women will find them attractive. But this does not work. In fact, it achieves the opposite.

Women who come across such posts are going to view you as creepy. And creepy guys always get ignored. Rather than make these women happy, your texts are going to annoy them so much.  

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4. Creepy Bios

Of course, your profile picture gives some hints about your personality. But on your profile, nothing gives a woman clues about you more than your bio. 

Women will ignore you instantly if your bio looks creepy. They do not want that. Instead, they need to read a bio that is funny and engaging, one that suggests to them that you are a fun guy. 

Your bio does not have to be too long. Just a couple of words make the difference. Also, don’t include sensitive information about yourself in your bio. Stick with being shallow; it makes a woman want to reach out and know more. Otherwise, she will ignore you.

5. Guys Who Have Very Annoying Opinions

Your opinions give women a clue about you, and women instantly ignore guys with very annoying opinions online.

Lara told us: “I go check out a guy’s profile the moment he texts me. I do this in a bid to figure out his personality. I know to ignore him if he is overly annoying and has too-strong, too-hateful opinions. I do not even think twice.” 

Rather than have hateful opinions on your dating app profile, it is best you spread love. Put up pictures of your pets—women love those. I asked five women what they thought about guys who owned pets. 

Guess how many of them thought these guys to be absolutely adorable? All five!

6. Guys whose Usernames Look Weird

Weird usernames may be fun to some women, but to women like Denyl and five others, weird usernames are some kind of ick. 

“I like it when a man uses his real name. If he chooses to use a nickname, it doesn’t have to be ridiculous.” Denyl said. 

Jasper added: “I respond to men whom I respect. I want to respect you the minute I click on your profile. If your name sounds funny or ridiculous, that respect is not going to come.” 

Use your real name or a sleek username.

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7. Guys who Seem Threatening

One of the major concerns of women on dating sites is their safety, so they quickly ignore guys who seem threatening online. A bulk of these women agree that they don’t feel safe enough around guys they meet on Tinder and Badoo, except there has been a rapport going on for quite a while. 

So, if you in any way seem threatening because of how your profile is set up, it may be time to take some of your pictures down. 

Some no-brainers are: 

  • Pictures with you holding guns: of course, I can tell you love to show off your guns. You probably have such a big hatred for gun violence. But guess what? Women online don’t know about this. They see you with a gun and immediately consider you the wrong person to be talking to. 
  • Comments About How you are a Heart Breaker: I have, over the course of my studying relationships and meet-ups, seen the most bizarre of things. 

You won’t believe that I once saw a guy’s profile on Tinder that read: “Heartbreaker.” 

That isn’t going to bring any women to you: it is going to scare them away.

8. Guys who Don’t Pass the Vibe Check

Every woman has a vibe check that has to be passed. Most women will not ignore your first text. They may likely engage with you for, let’s say, four to five texts. 

This is called the vibe check. They are checking to see if you are really fun or if you are a creep. 

You fail the vibe check when you prove not to be fun. You pass if you prove that you are fun enough to be talked to long-term.

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9. Accounts that Have Not Been Active in a While

Accounts that have not been active in a while all look like catfishes to women who have been catfished before. Girls ignore catfish profiles because they are fraudulent and deceptive and can lead to emotional harm and financial fraud.

Tinder now has a “Recently Active” feature. Women pay attention to it.

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10. Any Guy They Feel Like Ignoring

Women can ignore you online sometimes just because they want to. It usually has nothing to do with you but rather with their preferences. Don’t take it to heart. 


You have to make quite the first impression if you are to get a response from a woman when you first text her. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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