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10 types of friends you should get rid of

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Mar 28, 2024

We should all have friends. Making and maintaining good friends should not be counted as a “big” achievement. People have had friends that became family. This should be the case for everyone. So, when friendships become like a thorn when they start to burn rather than soothe, one has to realize that these friendships have to go. In this article, we will be showing you ten types of friends who should no longer bear the “friend” title. These are the friends you just have to dump right now if you’re to enjoy your space and have peace in your life. 

1. The competitors

Have you ever had that friend who constantly felt the need to compete with you? And for literally no reason at all. None. 

They are the ones who find out you are applying for a new job position, opening a new business, or going out with someone new, and all of a sudden, they are going after the same things—all the while vehemently trying to convince you it doesn’t matter because we run individual races.

They also try to make you feel wrong in front of other friends for being upset over their competition with you. 

And worse still, they may try to blackmail you into thinking you “stole” the idea from them in a bid to drive you to abandon your pursuit altogether. 

If you do not seem to be affected by all the mind games, unwillingly to let go of your goals, they might likely go the extra mile to outdo themselves or undermine your efforts to prove they are better than you. 

Bear in mind that every now and then, healthy competition is necessary to push you into accomplishing your utmost capability. 

Unless as a last resort to help drive you out of laziness, your friends should not be the ones in competition with you. That is what colleagues at work are for. 

Dump that friend who is always in competition with you. 

Chances are, they will never stop being in that mental competition. It will show up in everything, eating your joy and forcing you to hide your achievements. 

What is friendship if wins and losses cannot be shared amongst yourselves? 

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2. Jealous friends

I think jealous friends are the absolute worst. Perhaps even worse than friends in constant competition—even though the driving force of both categories of people is pathological low self-esteem. 

The jealous friends are the ones who are most likely to put you in harm’s way or watch you drown in trouble yet do nothing about it because your pain gives them some sick satisfaction. 

Jealousy is a vile emotion that does not rest unless it burns the object of its perceived oppression. 

Jealous people hate others for doing better than them, and justify this by convincing themselves that they deserve better things—not you. They blame them for you failures instead of taking control of their lives and becoming something. 

If you spot any inkling of jealousy in your friends, it may be time to get rid of that friend. This is especially true if this display of jealousy has gone on for a while. 

Quite frankly, there is nothing to talk about. You can try, but I assure you that little to nothing is going to change. 

3. Sabotager

Think of that one friend who is always there to make you look bad in front of others. It could be by telling an embarrassing story about you in public, trying to talk people out of your compliments, or making you the butt of jokes when in the company of other friends. 

Two things these people are good at are trying to manipulate you into thinking “it’s not that deep” or blackmailing you into believing they are, in fact, the victim.

They blame you for overreacting to “simple” jokes when you call out their misbehavior.

I can assure you that they will never stop. Please think of the last three times you’ve told this person you do not appreciate their jokes. There is your proof. 

The odd thing is that they do not respect you at all. And if there is one thing friendship is, it’s the bond of people who have mutual respect. 

Let that friendship go. There’s nothing to hang on to. 

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4. The users

If people want to be your friends because they stand to benefit something from you, then you should know that they are not even friends in the first place. 

True friends care deeply about each other and don’t cement the relationship on what can be gained. 

You should not feel “milked.”

Yes, you will give up a lot as even genuine friendships progress. 

The difference is: there is going to be a balance. There is going to be the feeling of satisfaction rather than the feeling of drowning. 

You should understand what I am saying if you’re with a friend who is a user.  

Have you had people who otherwise did not notice your existence or give a care in the world trying to latch on to you when they discover who you indeed are, how much you have accomplished, your net worth, or what influence your family has in society? 

Those are the users. They are there only for what they can gain from being in your life. Take that away, and they would have vanished with the wind. 

5. The negative influences

Although this category of friends is likely the most fun, you are and feel least safe in their company. 

My best friend would say, “Be friends with someone who knows when to go home.” 

Do you have those friends who push you to make wrong choices, give you bad advice, or give you such horrible dares? For your safety, cut them off from your life. 

We are fully capable of getting ourselves into enough trouble as it is. The last thing we need is a physical representation of the “devil’s voice.” 

Your friends should be the people who can call you to order and put you back on the right track when you are going out of line and not encourage you to do wrong. 

6. The secret hater

Although this friend might cheer you on (from the sidelines, of course), inflate your ego, and flatter you, they never really add any value to your life, and this is because they hate you. 

Because they gossip so much about you, they most likely spread those nasty rumors that do an excellent job of tearing down your self-esteem.

Of course, they would mask their true intentions, but deep down in your gut, you would know what they are. 

And to bolster this fact, occasionally, you might hear of the grapevine about how they have sabotaged you. Those are the signs. They would most definitely deny it.

7. The ghost

At some point in our lives, we have had that one friend who suddenly performs the disappearing act, goes away for so long, and when we start getting over them, they reappear and begin to lodge themselves back into our lives like they did not just ghost us for the last two months. 

They might even continue a chat they left unread the last time they talked to you—it could have been years!

I am particularly resentful of this category of friends because I only recently got over a friend who behaved this way. The trauma this fellow gave me left me mortified and heartbroken.

This person is your friend until they get back together with their lover, get over a heartbreak, or get a new job. When their lives crumble, they come running back to their emotional dumpster. Never give anyone the liberty to treat you like that.

8. The pessimist

Now and then, a little caution is needed, but who gets through life without taking risks anyway? 

The pessimist friend is a herald of doom. They are always there to show you the negative side of things and discourage you from taking action because of their untreated fear of the unknown. Although you might mistake this for care, know where to draw the line.

Cut them off now, especially if you’re embarking on a big project. 

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9. The energy drainer

Do you have that one person who calls you, and your mood automatically goes terrible because you know the tales of woe coming? It might be about them or other people. They never have any fun or uplifting news to give.

I know it is a beautiful thing to be there for our friends, but we must establish a clear cut between being shoulders to lean on and having our mental energy drained.

10. The bad borrowers

The bad borrowers always need emergency funds but never pay them back. They would drag the payment date and even shame you for asking and often pulling out the “What are friends for?” card. You should tell that friend that friends are not for driving each other into penury.

As much as we encourage you to seek and maintain healthy friendships, it is of utmost importance that you are a good friend yourself. Do some self-reflection to discover if you exhibit any of these traits you would not want your friends to have. And always remember, you attract the energies you give. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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