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10 Types of Creepy Guys to Avoid

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Aug 10, 2023

In your dating years, you are going to come in contact with almost every type of guy. The nice one. The one who does not seem too nice but isn’t bad either. The mean guys, and sometimes, very creepy guys. Here is how to tell the creeps from the nice. These are ten types of creepy guys to avoid.

1. The Narcissist

Of all the guys to avoid, the narcissist makes the top of the list. The term narcissist is a difficult one to define sometimes. But a narcissist is one who is so full of themselves it becomes hard to care about others. 

Narcissists are creeps because they will, sooner or later, begin to mess with your mental health. I have not met a woman who has been with a narcissist long term and did not pay with her own sanity. 

You don’t have to be such a woman. You deserve the purest kind of love there is, and so you must avoid narcissists at all costs. 

2. The Pathological Liars

You have probably met a couple. But if you haven’t, no worries. These types of creepy guys are pretty easy to spot. 

They lie without reason, and oftentimes, these lies are ones that were told unprovoked.

Guys like this are creeps because it is pretty hard to trust them. Weirdly, they do not even trust themselves.  

Imagine how bad it has to get for someone to find it hard to trust themselves. If that does not scream: “Creepy: Stay away,” I do not know what does. 

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3. The Stalkers

Stalkers are everywhere around us. If you are being honest, you will agree that there has been that one time when you stalked someone. It may have been going through their Facebook for hours or having someone you know talk to them and try to gather information. 

This is stalking, and guys who stalk you will not be of any good to you. It is better to avoid them, as you will sooner or later run out of all the energy to keep up with mental gymnastics. 

Weirdly, you are better off alone than with someone who stalks you. 

You may not know he is a stalker at first. But you can sure bait him so that he opens up to you. For example, you can ask about his ex and hear what he says. If he gives off too sensitive information too easily, then you have to know he has stalked her at some point. 

4. Guys who Release Sensitive Information About Others

There are men who do not hesitate to release information about other people. 

For example, you could be talking about someone, and out of nowhere, he begins to tell you everything about this ‘someone,’ including the bad. 

Guys like this are considered creeps because no secrets are safe with them. When one is fine with easily releasing information about others, be sure that they will someday release information about you to someone else. 

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5. Guys Who Are Addicts

Guys who are addicts may be victims, but many times, they can be creeps as well. 

A victim is someone who has had his will overpowered. While it is a great idea to sympathize with addicts and try to help them when you can, it is not a great idea to date them in a bid to save these guys. 

You are not a therapist. You are better off away. Addicts are most loyal to the object of their addiction. 

Let us say he is addicted to drugs. He will choose those drugs over you any day and anytime. 

6. Guys who are Too Sensitive to the Word ‘NO’

There are guys who cannot take no for an answer. While it is a good thing to be pushful and determined to get positive results, it becomes pretty bad when your determination attempts to subject another person’s will. 

We should only be determined to change things in our power to change, accepting that it is impossible to change how a person feels about us or what they say behind our backs. 

If he ever makes a joke about having you in his life at all costs, then you should label it a big red flag. He has just let you see that he is sensitive to the word ‘No.’ He is a creep. 

7. The Revenge Lords

These are guys who cannot let things go. They would rather die than let you get away with one bad comment. You see these types of creepy guys everywhere, and most of the time, they seem to be hot-tempered. 

You are much better off without these guys. They are creeps. 

It is best you stay away and find someone who is more open to forgiving, as you will almost always hurt someone in your life, especially when you both happen to be close. 

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8. Guys who Make Rape Jokes

As much as it seems unlikely, there are guys out there who are fun of making jokes about rape. Do they find ways to laugh about it? Yes, of course. 

You should stay away from these guys as they are creepy and will make you feel uncomfortable more than they make you feel happy. 

You know a guy is bad for you when you feel happier away from him.

9. Guys who Catfish

Catfishing has become something of a concern lately. Almost everyone I have interviewed for the purpose of writing this article agrees that they have been catfished before. Some have even admitted that they did the catfishing themselves.

Guys who practice catfishing are not only expert stalkers. They are liars as well. And every liar is a creep that is better off avoided.

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10. Guys who are Obsessive and Jealous

Obsession is not the beauty it is painted to be. It is very pathological and creepy. You should avoid the jealous and obsessive guy as much as you can. 

He is not great for you!

Guys who are very obsessive are creepy because they disregard personal boundaries, leading to an intense and unsettling focus on you. They will make you feel invaded or manipulated by excessive attention. 

Their behavior often creates discomfort and unease for anyone they are obsessed with.


These ten types of creepy guys should be avoided at all costs.  

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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