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10 Turn Ons for Guys: The Things That Make Men Go Crazy

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Oct 13, 2022

One of the ways to have your man focused on you is to keep his sexual energy directed at you. Do this, and you lessen the chances of him being turned on by other women. To help you out, I’ve come up with a list of sexual and non-sexual turn-ons for guys and ways to keep your man focused on you. 

Here are ten turn-ons for guys.

1. Perfect Clothes

You need the right outfit if you want to turn your man on. Guys are very visual and will go after whatever catches their eyes. 

Put on clothes that bring out your feminine essence—ones that make you seem like the brightest thing in the room. It works like magic: the brightest thing in the room always turns guys on. 

2. Listening

Guys like to talk about their issues, contrary to what people think. The hurdle there is they will only talk to safe people. A safe person has to be a good listener who listens without being judgmental and only speaks when they have been offered the space to. 

When a man catches up on the fact that you listen to him, he will be more drawn to talking to you. He will reveal more and more during each conversation until, eventually, there is a bond between you both—one that deepens into something romantic and sexual. 

He will be turned on by the woman who listens to him more because, with her, he can be himself; he does not have to suppress his sexuality out of the fear that he will be seen as weird when he expresses it. 

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3. Sexual Expressiveness

Men often find that they are sexually attracted to a woman who is in tune with her sexual side and does not resent being sexual with a man she feels safe with.

If you let a man see that you are fine with having sex because you enjoy sex as well as he does, he will be turned on by you. 

One of the reasons why men try to suppress their sexual natures is a phenomenon called ‘Toxic Shame.’

Dr. Glover, in his book, No More Mr. Nice Guy, asserts that a lot of guys harbor a lot of toxic shame toward sex. They usually suppress their desires, often to the point where these desires become almost non-existent, as a result of this shame. 

Take away this shame, and you will definitely turn on these guys. 

Show your man he has a right to be turned on by you because you, too, are turned on by him. Do not make remarks about him wanting ‘too’ much sex. 

4. Some Random Pictures in His Inbox

Sending him random pictures at work is the perfect turn on for any guy. This action spells one thing: interest. 

Showing a guy how interested you are in him, using those little, non-sexual gestures, is sure going to turn him on. 

Best believe he will stare down at your pictures and wish you were next to him to offer a kiss. 

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5. Independence

Guys are suckers for independent women who are also in touch with their feminity. 

The reason is clear: independent women are often bold and daring and do not carry around any resentment towards sex. If they want sex, they go right to saying it. 

Become an assertive woman today, and I promise you, there will be a major shift in how your man views you. He will be more willing to get down whenever the mood presents itself. 

Please note that independence does not necessarily mean that you have to be on your own all the time. That will only put a strain on your relationship. While being independent, you should also create a balance in your relationship. 

6. Space

There is a saying that attraction grows in space. This is quite true. If you pull on two ends of an elastic band, there is, of course, going to be stretching. But the moment you release your grip, the two ends of the band will become closer than ever. 

This is similar to what happens in relationships. When you create space between you both, there will be stretching. This stretching equates to sexual tension. In that space, he is going to really miss you. Your being on his mind all day will turn him on. So that when the space is finally removed, you both will be closer than ever. 

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7. A Challenge

The masculine is quite different from the feminine in one thing: the masculine likes to chase. So, the moment there is a challenge, you can trust the masculine to be really pumped up to fix this challenge. 

A challenge, in this case, suggests that while you show him that you are comfortable with being a sexual being, accepting that he does not wrong seeking you out, you will not make things so easy for him. 

This will turn him on. The sexual energy embodied in all his manliness will get to work as he tries to solve this challenge. 

8. Feminine Energy

The feminine is usually likened to the energy of a child. This is not far from the truth. True feminity is like a burst of energy. It is like a flower along a path; a very beautiful flower.

We asked ten men what they wanted in their women, and they all agreed they wanted their women to be feminine and supportive.

This goes on to show that the feminine just calls on a man from within. He wants to have a feel of what it is like. 

You can become more feminine by: 

  • Having a burst of enthusiasm
  • Acknowledging the masculine
  • Being bold yet soft-spoken. 

All these are going to turn him on. 

9. Options

The masculine does not only like to solve problems. It also loves to compete. 

If a man finds that you are sexually appealing to many other men and that these men constantly seek you out, he will be more drawn to you. 

He will do more just to have you around, and in the process, he will be turned on by you. 

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10. Gifts and Compliments

This is a non-sexual expression that does go a long way in making a guy turned on by you. 

In all, it indicates interest, and guys are interested in women who are interested in them as well. 

Give your man more gifts. Tell him how much he means to you as often as you can.


Guys are more sexual when no shame comes to them. They are more open when comfortable. Yet, at the same time, they do love just the right challenge. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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