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Top 8 Places to Visit in Wolfsburg, Germany

by | Home

Jan 14, 2022

Planning a visit or a trip to Wolfsburg? Start with these top places and great sightseeing destinations in Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg has everything you need within a few square miles. From world-class cars and interactive science museums to a park, lake, and castle, you won’t get bored visiting the top places in Wolfsburg. There are plenty of options for the whole family.

A trip to Wolfsburg is essential to soak up northern German culture. A place not only to shop for cars but to eat delicious food, drink beers, sip on smoothies, and stroll around the city center. Whether you’re simply looking for a bit of window shopping or you’re down to splash the cash, an afternoon in Wolfsburg city will satisfy all your desires.

Here are 8 top places to visit in Wolfsburg.

1. Allerpark

Allerpark in Wolfsburg is a quiet and beautiful location. It has an unusual lake surrounded by many trees. The area is hardly populated and it’s located about 20 minutes’ walk from the city’s center.

Many people like to visit the park just to enjoy recreational activities like jogging, swimming, relaxing, bowling, walking their dogs, and playing around with their families.

The park is also home to many Boat Clubs like Wolfsburger Yacht Club, Wolfsburger Ruder-Club e.V. and MTV Vorsfelde, Segeln.

There are some stunning views around the park to be had while you are in this small area. The pathway that circles the lake is about 3000 meters long of shoreline where picnicking can be enjoyed, and it takes approximately 30-minute to walk.

The thought of having to head home at the end of the day doesn’t appeal to you? Then you can head to Allerpark and enjoy the atmosphere.

There are also some bars and restaurants with simple but characterful dishes with homely flavors you’ll find around the lake, making it a perfect match for your meal.

2. Phaeno Science Center

This spot offers regularly scheduled after-school plus drop-in workshops and caters to kids and adults alike. The minimum amount of people per workshop is ten and lasts for 60 minutes.

Curious school kids never need to feel bored—not when Phaeno Science Center encourages kid-focused scientific exploration and creation. There are tons of fun things for kids to get scientific in Phaeno. 

Kids get the opportunity to experience spatial disorientation in the tilted room, use the mind ball to control the movements of objects through brainwaves, play with an echo chamber, and command a robot at their fingertips. Phaeno science center offers plenty of exciting activities

3. Autostadt

Autostadt is home to a wide variety of attractions, but it’s the car delivery center and ZeitHaus car museum that create a real splash.

Autostadt, in English Car City, is famous for its exhibits of over 60 different brands of cars, colorful atmosphere, and the world’s largest car delivery locations.

The location has many dining options, sophisticated bars, a river that runs through it, Brand Pavilions, and Car Museum that make for a beautiful view.

There are countless fun activities in the area that use during the summers and winters. Autostadt is perfect for those that want to get away from it all and indulge themselves for a few hours.

4. BadeLand

Amongst the most favored and popular places to visit in Wolfsburg, you can’t forget to count in BadeLand. The BadeLand is located in Allerpark and is a place for sports and leisure activities like swimming and sliding.

BadeLand in Wolfsburg is more than just a lovely place to relax. It offers budget-friendly community hours to help keep it accessible for people of all income levels. Pools of 36-degree warm water fill the sprawling space, and visitors are encouraged to journey through the baths at their own pace.

It’s a popular attraction for swimmers. One of the most distinctive features of the BadeLand is that it has a waterpark and indoor swimming pool. The little ones can spend hours playing in the water and taking on the waves.

There are trained lifeguards and staff that are always available to ensure everyone is safe.

If whenever you’re looking to visit a waterpark while in Wolfsburg, this location should be what you need to get your fix of fun.

5. Wolfsburg Castle | Schloss

Built in the 13th century, Wolfsburg castle is a perfect example of the Renaissance style. Your eyes will sparkle with amazement as you tour around the castle.

Its walls stand out among its surroundings. Until the 19th century, the biggest protection points of this castle were two moats fed from the nearby Aller and the Hasselbach stream.

If you are interested in the history and culture of Wolfsburg, be sure not to miss this unique experience! As soon as you arrive, you are welcomed by the outsize stone figures on horseback. All around the castle, an esplanade gives the feeling that this residence dominates the whole area.

6. City Galerie

Nestled along Porschestraße and Pestalozziallee, the Wolfsburg City Gallery has multiple access points, restaurants, and unique shops that make it seem less of a mall than many other shopping centers. Although you’ll find the usual suspects, it’s also a favorite hangout for both locals and tourists to Wolfsburg.

Apart from the trendy stores, the ambiance is quite spectacular. Between the overall airy environment, you won’t mind spending your time walking around the shopping mall.

Frequent street performers entertain crowds in the surroundings with their musical, unusual and comedic acts for tips in public areas. 

7. Strike Bowling and Event Center

The Strike bowling parlor, located in Allerpark, Wolfsburg, has a cocktail lounge. It is a classic venue to visit in Wolfsburg. It offers an excellent bowling experience. Anyone looking to enjoy bowling in the city can’t go wrong with Strike Bowling Center.

The Strike Bowling and Event Center has 20 bowling lanes which leave room for everyone and serve up tasty bites with a full-service bar. You can enjoy music as you play a game.

Even if you’re not into bowling, nestled neatly in the center, you can come by for a game of billiards, darts, and air hockey. You’ll be hard-pressed to be bored here.

8. EisArena Wolfsburg Ice Rink

Found in close proximity to Strike Bowling Center, EisArena also offers a unique experience to anyone looking to have fun in the city. EisArena Wolfsburg is the official home of the Grizzlys Wolfsburg Ice Hockey team, which plays in the professional German Ice Hockey League Deutsche Eishockey Liga, the top tier of ice hockey in Germany.

Every weekend, the Wolfsburg EisArena, located in Allerpark, is open to the public and offers a range of recreational skating sessions and activities to guests of all ages who want skating fun.

Skating here during weekends is packed with entertainment for the whole family.

By Allison E.

Allison E. is the Head and Editor at Whatsdalatest. He enhances brand awareness and the communication process. He enjoys writing useful content and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

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