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15 Tips to Help You Improve Your Relationship and Make it Healthier

by | Love

Feb 2, 2022

To improve your relationship and to make it healthier, there are specific things you can do like working as a team, being committed, and many more. Love isn’t exactly a fairytale, and it requires a lot of effort to keep the flame burning. It isn’t something that you get a manual for; it is something you have to navigate through yourself, making errors and improving.

Apply these 15 tips to improve your relationship and make it healthier. 

1. Admit your faults

Know when you are at fault and accept responsibility for it. Avoid saying things that push the blame on your partner. Pushing the blame on your partner prevents you two from resolving any issues you might be having with them.

Try to find common ground and admit your fault. When you do this, instead of trying to pin the fault on your partner, things get settled better. 

2. Approach Misunderstandings in a Better Way

Fights are the one thing that can mar a relationship. Whatever the cause of the issues you may be having with your partner, there are only two possible outcomes to misunderstandings between couples:

— Solution

— More misunderstanding

It all depends on both of you.

A single word can change the way things are between you two for the worst, and likewise, a single word can solve misunderstandings. 

When in the heat of an argument with your partner, try to be calm. 

If it helps, walk away, so you don’t blurt out the wrong things. And if things get out of hand before you can do so, give each other the chance to blow off steam and then resolve the issue. 

Times of disagreements shouldn’t be for you and your partner to become toxic because you want to hurt each other more. Arguments can be constructive. It all depends on the tone, the manner, and the words being spoken. 

3. Assume less

The crack in relationships comes from the reduced communication between partners. In situations where communication reduces, it becomes easier for obsessive thoughts to step in. 

You can stop these thoughts from having a hold on your relationship by asking questions. Break the strings of thoughts that deter you from seeing the love you share for your partner by clearing the doubts. 

If you feel unsure of something, ask your partner about it. Their answer might be the one thing you need to stabilize yourself. Asking questions also gives room for you to know your partner better. 

4. Share your discomfort

Often, vulnerability is laughed at and mocked by people. But that shouldn’t be a block for you. There are times things get so hard and become too much of a burden for you to handle. 

You’re not alone in this, and telling your partner about it can help to lessen that burden. It might be something that hurts you or something about your relationship.

It is best to air it all out. Rather than struggle alone, this can be a perfect opportunity to bond with your partner. 

5. Plan date mornings/nights together

With work-life and busy schedules, you should have a day set aside for you and your partner. Nothing should change this day, except it’s extremely urgent. 

Depending on your work routine, you can pick your dates to be during the day or at night. Your date nights can be indoors or outdoors, depending on the taste you and your partner have. 

If you’d rather have a moment alone with your partner, away from the eyes of the public, it might be advisable to go ahead with an indoor date.

Doing this together helps you two to find common ground where you can simply unwind with each other without being stressed by work. 

6. Remain mindful around your partner

Mindfulness means awareness. By being aware, you stay grounded in the present. Sometimes you might be there physically with your partner, but your mind might be elsewhere. 

What it means to be mindful of your partner is for you to pay attention. Listen to what they’re saying, respond when necessary, and show them you understand the things they are saying. 

Arguments can spark up when a partner seems distracted or misses some information that their partner passed across. In cases where you feel yourself slipping into your head, you can ground yourself by making eye contact with them. 

You can also try touching or holding them if that helps better. If your partner brings up a discussion when you’re not aware, you can easily ask them to speak to you some other time when you are present physically.

You don’t have to say this rudely, so they don’t misunderstand your intentions. 

7. Put your phone down

Phones can be very distracting, and it prevents you from having quality time with your partner. The solution to this is to reverse it so you can both be focused or simply keep it somewhere for the time you plan to spend together.

Keeping your phone away to listen and pay attention to your partner is one way to improve your relationship.  

8. Plan little surprises

Things don’t have to be grand to make your partner happy. There are lots of ways you can surprise your partner and improve your relationship with them.

You can gift them with their favorite treats. Leave them sticky notes where they can find them, surprise them at work during their break, and so on.

These surprises would definitely make your partner feel loved and noticed. 

9. Stay away from comparisons

No one enjoys being compared to or spoken down on, so don’t do that for your partner. Avoid boasting about other people’s accomplishments, intending to rub them in their faces. It isn’t fair to them or their ego.

A bruised ego is just as equivalent to a bruised heart. If this goes on for too long, they might tire of enduring the jabs. The best thing you can do is support them through their careers or lives without belittling their efforts. 

10. Personal space

You and your partner deserve to give each other some breathing space. It isn’t necessary for either to constantly be in each other’s spaces. Doing this regularly might make the relationship stunted.

Give each other a break and let each other do things you have missed. Going out alone, reading a book, visiting friends, and more. These might have things you haven’t gotten the chance to do. 

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11. Nonsexual activities

Every moment doesn’t have to revolve around sexual activities alone. If you can’t remember the last time you held hands with your partner or gave them a heartfelt hug, then you might need to do these things.

These activities include hugging, handholding, temple/forehead kisses, going for walks together, and so on.

Also, there are times you and your partner might have one habit or the other you perform together. Try to continue this habit no matter how long it has been. It will help to improve your relationship.

12. Sex

It might seem like an activity that isn’t necessary unless it is put to use right. Sex, for some, might just be an avenue to destress or distraction, but it is also a moment to bond.

Discover things you never knew about your partner. Spice things up in the bedroom. Try something new. Amuse yourself and your partner, and keep the flame of desire burning in your hearts. 

13. Check on your partner

If your partner is always busy and doesn’t have the time to call regularly, try to check on them. This isn’t really the time to be petty or neglect them because they haven’t been available.

Little things like texts or calls are enough to check up on your partner. For a proper routine construction, you can choose a day to check up on them. You can do this weekly or monthly.

Catch up with them on happenings, encourage them and give them assurance regarding what it is they’re doing. Doing this shows your partner that you have them on your mind. 

14. Show appreciation

When things come regularly, it is quite easy to forget to say thank you. Remember to appreciate the little actions your partner does for you, no matter how regular it might be.

Appreciation can go a long way, and it makes your partner eager to show you more. Appreciate them genuinely, and remember to say thank you. 

15. Reminisce of past moments

No matter how long you have been with your partner, you two must have had found moments that led to your relationship.

Those moments aren’t to be forgotten or pushed away because they were the starting points of your relationship.

So give your partner a good laugh by bringing up some of these memories while you’re out on a date or spending time together. 

Wrapping up

A relationship is complex, and there are always areas to improve and more to learn. And while love and understanding are only part of the keys to a healthier relationship, they’re crucial.

By applying these tips to make your relationship better, yours will stand out. You’ll also reduce problems and have a healthier relationship.

  • Admit your faults
  • Approach Misunderstandings in a Better Way
  • Assume less
  • Share your discomfort
  • Plan date mornings/nights together
  • Remain mindful around your partner
  • Put your phone down
  • Plan little surprises
  • Stay away from comparisons
  • Personal space
  • Nonsexual activities
  • Sex
  • Check on your partner
  • Show appreciation
  • Reminisce of past moments

Photo by Shea Rouda on Unsplash

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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