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Tips for Shaving Your Pubic Area | Guide for Women

by | Health & Wellness

Feb 21, 2023

Are you one of those millions of women who use a blade to go through that ritual of shaving your pubic area occasionally in the bathroom? If so, consider the tips for shaving your public area with blade suggestions in this article to make it bloodless, effective, and painless.

With women, shaving is not so simple. Waxing might be, but shaving definitely, is not. Shave poorly, and you may have to deal with itching and, sometimes, even bumps. So, how does one do it right? Keep reading to find out just how to shave your pubic area as a girl.

1. Wash your pelvic area

Do not wash with soap so you do not upset the normal flora of your vagina. Just wash with warm water. The aim is to take out all the oil and accumulated sweat, leaving the area cleaner than it was so dirt does not steal into any broken skin the razor leaves. 

It is fine not to wash, however. Getting right into shaving is also acceptable.

2. Trim

If your pubic area is bushy, a good tip for shaving your pubic area is to use a scissor to trim first before going to use a shaving stick.

The choice of a shaving stick is quite important. 

Using a normal shaving stick would make the job harder. Too much hair can also make your blade get blunt fast, and the job might not be neatly done. 

You might have to wash it again, but it is fine if you don’t. If you do, remember you should let the area get dry. Damp wouldn’t do either. 

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3. Never repeat a blade

One sure way of getting shaving bumps is by using a blade more than once. No matter how you try to clean the blade and remove the hair, it would most likely still cause bumps.

The bumps show up because since the blade is blunt, it does not take out all the hair that needs to be taken out. The hair that is left becomes ingrown and forms a bump.

4. Choose a comfortable position for you

Always get yourself into a relatively comfortable position. If you’re in the right position, shaving would be a walkover. Feel free to explore different positions. They might look weird. Don’t be shy. It’s just you in the bathroom. You can choose to stand or squat.

Use a mirror. Using a mirror would help you see every angle of your vagina and thereby enable easy shaving. 

5. Rub shaving cream

It is advisable to put on at least a little shaving cream. Shaving cream helps to soften and reduce friction between the blade and your skin. Some are even made to be anti-bumps. Search for those brands that contain disinfecting properties. 

In the absence of shaving cream, you can improvise with some baby lotion or white powder. Just use a little of either. 

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6. Don’t shave against the grains

You must always shave in the direction of hair growth. You stand the risk of getting nicked by the razor when you shave against the grains.

If you study the hairs on your body, they grow in a certain steady direction. Once you alter that pattern, you will get a painful and rough result.

7. Keep the blade away from your vagina to avoid injuries

If you are a really hairy person, some hairs may grow at the very entrance of your vagina. Please, resist the urge to go further and shave down there.

First off, the skin in the vagina is different from the one outside. The vagina’s skin is soft and tender, and it is more prone to injuries than anywhere else. Second, you risk transporting germs from the other parts inside.

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8. It doesn’t have to be smooth/clean

Always remember that the ads on TV or the internet are not and cannot be real life. They show you what would boost their brand. Not exactly what is very relatable to real people. 

If you go too hard because you want to get the baby skin effect you saw from the shaving stick brand ad, you might get an injury. 

9. Remove excess hair after every swipe

Use the swipe/remove pattern when shaving. When you swipe and shave the hair, remove the hair from the blade because if it remains there, it will clog the blades and make shaving difficult.

You do this by hitting the stick on a flat surface or using a pointy object to clear out the hair. 

10. Wash off again

At this point, you are almost done. Every girl gets tempted to round up here but don’t. You have to wash off so that the smaller hairs can become more accessible to the blade.

11. Shave off any excess hairs

Dry off the water, and get to shaving the excess hair off once more. Be more calculated this time. Many of the injuries I have had whilst shaving off my pubic area have come during this step.

12. The final wash

You’re almost done. With some cold water, wash properly.

You can use some non-scented soap to wash off the surface to clear out the hair, but just make sure it doesn’t get into your vagina.

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13. Mop off

Moping off is a ritual that must be performed after every wash. It not only makes you dry and comfortable, but it also improves hygiene and body smell. Dampness can give any part of the body a bad smell. 

14. Moisturize

Of course, your skin may be broken at this point. A moisturizer functions to ease broken skin, oiling it up. 

After a shave, you need less friction around there. A moisturizer sees to this as it protects and refreshes your skin.

15. You’re good to go

Shaving for women is fairly easy. Pay attention to your techniques and hygiene as you shave your pubic area.

Likely you already employ some of the suggestions in this post. Whatever the case—enjoy clean shaving!

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By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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