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15 Things Women Secretly Want

by | Love

Aug 9, 2022

There are no two ways about it. You just have to pay attention to your woman. There are a lot of things she secretly wants but won’t say because she wants you to figure them out on your own. What she doesn’t know is that Whatsdalatest is here to help you know those things women secretly crave. 

Look closely at this article, and find out the 15 things women secretly want.

1. Women Want Their Men to Focus on Them

No woman wants to be a distraction to her man. When a woman decides to love a man, she is deciding that she will be a part of his life—she wants to watch him become a better man than he was before he met her. 

Focus on achieving your own goals while giving her the attention she needs, and watch her attraction for you increase exponentially. 

The easiest way to lose a woman is to make her the focus of your own life. At least so much that your life begins to hit rock bottom. She will view you as a man she cannot trust. 

2. Women Secretly Want Men to Pay Attention

Women love attention. But they want your attention to be passive. She wants you to pay attention and be very involved in everything she does. 

Observe her. When you feel a change in mood, ask her about it nicely. Say that you noticed that her mood had changed and would want to know why. This is going to make her feel so loved and appreciated. 

Ask about the little things, too—like how her presentation at the office went. You can even ask if she bumped into anyone at the grocery store. 

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3. Women Want to Be Involved in the Relationship

Men make the mistake of doing everything in the relationship, making every decision so that the woman starts to feel like a spectator. 

No woman in the world wants to be a spectator in her own relationship; she wants to be involved and involved in everything. 

She wants to have a say about the next time you both go on a date. Granted, there will be times when she wants you to lead (I will speak about this), but the leader shouldn’t always have a perfect say. 

She wants to be involved when you decide where you both spend the next vacation

4. Women Want to be Involved in Their Men’s Life

As much as she wants to be involved in the relationship, she wants to be involved in your life’s decisions as well—even decisions that do not directly affect the relationship. 

No, she doesn’t feel like you are a bother when you tell her about your issues at work. In fact, she feels great that you can trust her enough to speak about that. 

She interprets your opening up to her as deep respect because, for a fact, we only open up to people we respect. 

This will make her respect you more, and the attraction will bloom. 

5. Women Secretly Want Their Men to Be Strong

Women want a man who they can depend on. The feminine is safe when it is around the masculine. 

By strong, we don’t mean she wants you to go hurt yourself just to prove a point. No. We are saying that you should exude all the qualities of a strong person, both mentally and physically. 

She does not want you to run away from confrontations that you can obviously deal with. 

Let’s say you both get into an argument because of something she’s done. She does not want you to shy away from this argument. Instead, she wants you to stand up to her. 

Women secretly love it when their men stand up to them. 

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6. Women Secretly Want Their Men to Lead

Women often leave very important decisions to their men. For example, she does not want to tell the man when he is to propose to her. She just wants him to do it—in these sorts of things, it is expected that he leads the relationship and that she follows him. 

She secretly craves to follow you. But she won’t do this if you don’t have yourself figured out. Figure yourself out, and she is sure going to follow your lead.

7. They Want Their Men to Trust Them Explicitly

Every woman secretly wants to be trusted by her man. Your trust is like a badge of honor to her because she sees it as a reflection of her character most of the time. 

When you don’t trust her, she might believe that it is because you think she is somewhat not worthy of trust. 

I have seen this happen before in my past relationships. My last relationship ended because I couldn’t trust her enough—I had been suspecting her every move, and it became such a toxic place to be in.

8. They want you to Love Them

This may not be such a secret, though. Women secretly want to be loved, I am telling you—they crave to feel like babies in our arms. 

All that affection gives them room to truly be themselves in all their feminine essence. 

Tell her she looks good. Don’t hold back praise from her. Hug her as often as you can. Kiss her forehead. Remember little details. Give her gifts. Surprise her. Women love surprises.

When next she mentions a thing in passing, if you can, get her that thing. 

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9. They Want Their Men to Establish Boundaries With Other Women

One thing that repulses a woman so much is her man’s inability to establish boundaries with other women. She secretly wants you to build those boundaries!

She doesn’t want to hear your phone ring by midnight and look to see another woman’s name popping up. 

She doesn’t want to see another woman holding you inappropriately. 

Establish those boundaries. 

10. Women Want Sociability

A woman would naturally be attracted to a flawlessly outgoing man. The reason is that they will consider scenarios where he will be introduced to her friends and family if the relationship ever progresses.  

Get off that couch and go hang out with friends. Show her you’re a friendly type and can get along in social settings. This will make her feel comfortable with being indoors or outdoors with you without her worrying about any uncomfortable situations.  

You don’t need a large group of friends to make this woman like you more. All she wants is to be assured that you can get along with people. 

11. Women Want Men With Integrity

Women want a guy who has integrity. As a man, you should have a strong moral compass. Be the kind of man that stands up for what he believes in, no matter what anyone else says. 

Be genuine. You want to be that guy who is comfortable in his skin and doesn’t need external validation from others. 

Most importantly, be true to yourself. Women do not want someone who is going to change his personality or values just to make her happy. You want to be the real deal, and that’s what integrity is all about. 

12. Good Communication Skills 

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who can’t communicate. You know the type – they grunt and nod their head instead of opening their mouth and saying what’s on their mind. It’s like having a conversation with a refrigerator. 

Women want someone who will listen to them, understand them, and be able to share their thoughts and feelings as well. They don’t want to be stuck in a relationship with someone who can’t hold a conversation. 

So if you’re looking to attract a woman, start by working on your communication skills. Be sure to listen to her, ask her questions, and pay attention to what she has to say. It’ll make all the difference. 

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13. Maturity

If you can already relate to the other tips given in this article, it shows that you are mature. Show her that you are capable of being a grown-up when a situation calls for it.  

Work on your communication mode, mental maturity, rationality, and emotional maturity. These things will help you be a better problem solver. Once you master these suggestions, you will see that that woman will draw closer to you and respect you even more because she knows she can count on you to be sensible.  

Don’t get it wrong; the fact that you are told to build maturity does not mean you cannot be vulnerable around a woman. Have fun and do silly things together. Vulnerability is maturity too.  

14. Women Want Positivity 

Do you mope around all day? Are you always going around with a broody face? Are you a grouch that saps vibes from the people around him? If the answer is yes, forget about attracting that woman. 

Women are attracted to men who can make them smile and feel young again.  

When you approach a woman with a positive mindset and a cheery demeanor, you are more likely to get positive responses. Change your mindset and find reasons to be happy and bright.  

Talk about the positives you see around you. Tell her about your day and all the positive outcomes you had. Before you know it, that woman will be more drawn to you.  

Share positive thoughts and moments you experience throughout the day, and she will get hooked to your positivity in no time. 

15. Sometimes, Women Don’t Even Know What They Want!

This, you have to figure out yourself. And when you do, she will say, how did you know I so much want this? Her love for you will grow. As a man, you’ve got to understand your woman and know what she secretly craves. Here are 260 deep questions to ask your woman.


Every woman on planet earth secretly wants to be involved in their man’s life and wants their man to be involved in theirs as well. Give her time and attention, and you will be fine.

To be a man who can give women what they want in a guy, remember to be loving, loyal, kind, respectful, understanding, attentive, romantic, passionate, and honest!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Geez, this is kind of exhausting. Do women want all of this stuff?” Yes, yes, they do. And you’re in luck because you can give it to them.

Of course, every woman is different, so you may need to tailor your behavior to fit the woman you’re with. But this list is a great starting point for understanding what women want from their partners.

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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