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9 Things Women Say When They’re Not Into You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 31, 2022

Are you finding it difficult to understand the lady you like? You are not certain if she’s into you or just stringing you along. While no two women are the same, there are clearly non-verbal signals and phrases that just about any woman on earth would show or say if she is not into you.

If we all wished for a superpower, the majority of us would wish that we could read minds because people are very complex, and what they show may not be how they feel, and this is true about the woman you want to get to know; you just can’t be certain if she likes you too.

Believe that sometimes, it can be difficult for women to tell men that they do not want to have anything intimate with them to avoid hurting their feelings or ego. Men likewise do not know when to put pressure on a woman to make her like him or when to ease off, which leaves so many confusing feelings.

So, dear men, this article is dedicated to opening your eyes to the things women say that will indicate they are not into you.

Asking a lady out or trying to scale past her defensive wall can be such a dangerous sport if she is not into you, and such a lady will come up with different excuses ranging from the genuine to the mundane.

Guys, be on guard for these 10 signs and lines:

1. I’m in a serious relationship

This is the most cliché line used to turn down an admirer. It could be a real or phantom relationship, but oftentimes, it means she is not ready to entertain further discussion(s) about your feelings toward her.

Most times, women will make up faux relationships to weasel their way out of getting in a relationship or emotional tangle with a man.

If a lady tells you this, it may be time to move on because the chances of her giving you her all have just become slim.

2. Let’s just be friends

When a lady tells you to just stay friends with her, it may be because she doesn’t see you as anything more than a friend. She feels that she gets along with you better without complicating what you have.

She may be saving you from yourself because women are intuitive, and she has probably seen a reason or two that it may not work between you both.

Many men have fallen into this bottomless pit called the “friend zone,” hoping that if they stick around under the guise of friendship, they may become the “chosen one” eventually. This is very wrong, and it only breeds enmity and anger.

If she constantly introduces you to people as a friend, then you are probably one with nothing attached.

If you don’t think you can cope with staying friends with her, it will be fair for you and her to part ways amicably.

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3. Busy and have some stuff to do

People occasionally cancel plans because something came up that needed their immediate attention, so if that woman has canceled plans or said no once in a while, it may be because something really came up.

But if she’s constantly canceling on you or not showing up for plans made, that is a clear sign that she doesn’t want you the way you do her.

One of the ways to a lady’s heart is attention and affection, but once she is denying you that opportunity, then she isn’t all that into you.

She will constantly look for unbelievable excuses; she will even give you a comprehensive schedule of her activities for the next few years to come if you push her enough.

4. You are not my type

This response is straight forward and as much as the statement is scathing, be thankful she came out to tell you how she feels. This is a subtle way of saying this has zero chance of going anywhere and that she does not want to keep your hopes up.

Don’t get it wrong, you may be lots of ladies’ wet dreams, but attractiveness is relative, and the definition changes from one person to the other.

You may be what one lady wishes for, but to another, you are everything she can’t even bring herself to be intimate with.

Where one lady is attracted to tall, hunky men, another may prefer an average height skinny man, and so on.

So, if she says you’re not her type, bro, you just might not be.

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5. She does not like physical contact

A clear sign of people who are into each other or romantically interested is constant touching. It could be as little as reclining into each other unknowingly, adjusting accessories, or playfully poking each other.

If her body language is off or unapproachable, then she is either letting you know that she’s shy or she’s just not into you.

An uninterested woman will keep warding off your attempt at slightly touching her.

If you’ve seen each other for a while and you see this sign, you have to back off because unwanted touchy-feely is sexual abuse, and it is a big deal.

6. One-word responses

This doesn’t even need a long explanation, the exception being that maybe she cannot write.

If after writing long epistles over a lengthy period and all you get during your conversations are ‘K,’ ‘aww,’ ‘wow,’ or an emoji if it’s via chat, chances are she’s not feeling you.

She will always have something to discuss with you, even if it’s just to keep your attention on her.

If you notice a lack of interest in conversing or she takes too long to respond to your messages, you may want to take a step back and watch how she reacts. If the conversation dies between you two eventually, it’s a clear sign that you are not her prince charming or that she isn’t ready to pursue anything at that time.

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7. She does not introduce you to people around her

If you have been seeing this lady for a few months, or at least you think you were seeing her, but for some reason, she does not introduce you to the people she interacts with, there’s a possibility that she is not committed to the relationship like you thought. 

If she does not introduce you to people, even the ones she runs into when you’re both together, it’s clear she does not see a future with you.

Being hesitant early on in the relationship is understandable, but when you’ve been going steady for a while, take your cue and either confront her or look for someone that will be more committed to you.

8. She doesn’t make plans with you

One obvious way to know if a person likes you is how interested they are in wanting to see you.

A lady that likes you will be very much invested in seeing you as much as you are interested in seeing her.

If she ever feels bored or wants to hang out with someone, you are likely to be on her top-people-to-call list.

But if she avoids any discussion about making plans or doesn’t call you up to make any plan, she is telling you that she’d rather be without you.

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9. She does not pick up your call and does not call back either

Imagine calling someone a couple of days ago three times, and not once did your calls get returned, but when you call her with a different number, she picks up like it’s a regular day; but when she eventually returns your call, she tells you she has been too busy to talk. Do you need a more obvious sign that the woman is not into you?

If, at any point in time, you notice that she does not seem interested in talking to you via phone or otherwise, you may start to cut your loss and move on.

Interested people pick up calls or call back when they find time; they send messages to check up on you, and so on.

Lots of women know what they want from the first few conversations you have with them, and they will give you clear signs if they want to proceed into something more serious with you. 

She will talk with you for a long time even when she’s busy. She will call for unnecessary reasons and will like almost all your pictures on social media.

But if she is not into you, she will find reasons to avoid your intimate gestures.

What other signs let you know that she is not into you? Drop us a line at hello@whatsdalatest.com.

Photo by Keira Burton

By Grace Obisesan

Obisesan Grace is a writer and an editor for Whatsdalatest. She has worked as a reporter and content creator for many publications. Obisesan is obsessed with creativity, and she likes to spend her free time learning how to improve her skills. She enjoys watching Sci-Fi and action movies, reading, writing poetry, and listening to continental music.

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