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10 Things Women Love to Hear

by | Love

Sep 3, 2022

Ever wondered what the perfect things to say to a woman are? In this article, we get into the minds of women and figure out the things women really love to hear. Say them, and watch your relationship with her blossom.

Here are 10 things women love to hear.

1. You Are So Good at This

If anything, women want their efforts acknowledged, especially if they are working on something that may not entirely benefit them. 

If you only compliment their expertise on something that benefits you, they may think the compliment didn’t come from the right place. 

When next you find her seated behind her computer, walk over and say: “You have been at this for a while. It looks good. You are so good at this.”

These few words can make her feel cheerful for the rest of the day. 

2. You Look so Good in That

No, she doesn’t always have to ask. The mere fact that she asks might even kill all the thrill. If there is something you have to know about women, it is that they sure want to be noticed, especially by the men they love. 

They want to turn and see you watching, admiring. They want you to sniff out the details without their help. This makes them feel loved and appreciated. And their feelings are right. Only people who genuinely love us notice details. 

Tell her how good the dress fits. If possible, walk over to her and help adjust areas that need adjusting. 

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3. Sometimes I Forget How Beautiful You Are

While this might seem like the classical compliment that, over the years, has gotten boring, I assure you that it works and is just what many women love to hear. All that matters is the timing. 

This compliment is best said when:

  • You haven’t complimented her facial features in a while: this way, she would not be expecting it. A compliment that comes as a surprise goes in deeper than one which doesn’t. You should know this. 
  • You have just had eye contact: let’s say you are driving. When you get to a stop sign, give her a fleeting look, turn the other way, and say: “Sometimes I forget how beautiful you are.” 

4. It is Fine; I Forgive You

Women are not like men, who may be fine without “worded forgiveness.” No, a woman does not want things to go back to normal when words of forgiveness have not come along. She will only see this as an act, and a scary one too. 

When you have forgiven her, she loves to hear you say the words to her face that you are no longer angry. “I understand it is not your fault; I have forgiven you.” 

This will have her feeling lighter and more cheerful. 

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5. You Make Me Feel Easy

Women may be very great at intuition. But the truth everyone knows is that they are not “mind readers.” They can never get into the mind of their partners and pry out words. 

This means they love to hear just how they make you feel—and they want to hear this often, even if the feeling is not a pleasant one. 

A woman loves to hear you say: “You make me ‘feel’ safe. I can truly be myself around you.” 

If she genuinely loves you, she will keep up with doing things that make you feel safe. 

6. You are Safe Here; I want You

One of a woman’s greatest fear is to be in a place where she isn’t loved and appreciated, In a place where she always has to question her space, where she feels as though she has overstayed her welcome. 

The moment she begins to feel this way, she will begin to consider leaving. 

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are doing things to make these feelings take hold of her. What matters is that she feels them. 

It, therefore, becomes your duty to remind her of her place in your life. Remind her how much she matters to you. 

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7. You Were Right After All

Quite often, a man turns out to be the wrong party in the argument. When this is the case, women love to hear that they have been right after all. 

She doesn’t want you moving on like “nothing happened.” While some women might walk over to you and say: “Hey, I told you so!” others won’t. 

In the second category, some poking at their ego and giving it some nudging can make the difference completely. “You were right, after all, Alysa; you are such an intelligent woman.” 

8. You Are a Special Kind of Woman

We all want to feel special. It is not entirely a woman thing. But here is the thing with women: even though they want to feel special to you, they will seldom say so, and they will seldom ask. 

So, it is left to you to tell her how much she means to you, how special she is, every now and then. 

Say it whenever you feel like it. There are no rules. In fact, no one should tell you when you should complement your woman or not. 

9. Are You Mad at Me

This one might surprise you. But, hey, women sure love to hear you ask this. You see, since many women have issues wording out their feelings when they have not been asked, they tend to approach hurt differently from men. 

A man who is hurt might say straight away that he has been hurt. But a hurt woman would not. She will rather act cold all day in a bid to get her man’s attention. And when she does get it, what she wants to hear is: “Are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong?”

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10. Do you Need Some Help? 

This one explains itself. Everyone needs help once in a while. Your woman loves to hear you ask to help her. 


Women just want to be loved and appreciated. They never want to settle for being in a place where they are not truly appreciated and loved. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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