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15 Things to Talk About with a Guy

by | Love

May 30, 2022

There are exciting things you can talk about with a guy that can potentially improve your relationship with him and stimulate his interest in you. Such things have the power to capture his attention and make him invest his time in you.

It takes good skill to keep a good conversation. A conversation is considered good if both parties enjoy and are really into it; rather than want it to end already, they want it to continue. 

To keep a good conversation with a guy, you sure have got to have an idea of what guys like to talk about. Things that will grab their attention when you say them, making them invested in you.

Check out these fifteen things to talk about with a guy that will pique his interest and have him wanting to talk with you a lot.

1. Ask him about his childhood

With only a small exception, almost all of us love to talk about our childhood because childhood holds many memories that are dear to us. 

When you sit with that guy to talk, ask him what it felt like growing up. Ask the city he was born and raised. Ask him what their old house looked like if he played with other kids around the neighborhood. 

Ask if he learned how to write a bicycle; how his grades at junior school used to be. When you include his childhood as part of the things to talk about, you will get him personally involved in the conversation.

Be observant, and know when he starts to get uncomfortable. Then, if he does get uncomfortable, stir the conversation away from his childhood.

2. Talk about school

To stimulate a guy’s interest in your conversation, talk about where he studied with him. Guys like to talk about school, mostly because it feels great to be in school and also because it is in school that they gather a lot of experiences and see a lot of things that they appreciate. 

Wearing a smile, ask him things like where he studies. Ask him about his field of study. Ask him why he chooses it. He’ll most probably respond by telling you a long story that has you both laughing. 

Now, ask him what his professors are like and what it really feels like to be studying in that institution. 

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3. Ask him about his beliefs

Now, you have got to be careful here as a lot of people treat conversations about their beliefs with the utmost sensitivity. Talking about beliefs works when conversing with a guy because beliefs are rooted deep in us, and we often talk about things that go so deep into our core. 

Ask him his deepest beliefs, what means the most to him, and why he sticks to them. Ask as though you are truly fascinated, as if all you want is to know why. This will make him cheer up and talk to you with sincerity. 

In fact, he’ll be happy to talk to you. We often feel so glad to talk about the things that mean much to us.

4. Ask him about his family

Many guys like to talk about things that involve their loved ones. You can talk to the guy about his family and have him very interested in the conversation. You don’t need to ask about the pretty personal stuff, which can have him feeling uncomfortable. The simple stuff is just as cool. 

Ask where his family is based. Ask him about his position in the family, if he has just brothers or sisters or both. For humor, ask if his sister is as beautiful as you. This is going to make him laugh and probably say a sarcastic yes. 

Guys, at their core, are pretty sarcastic, so it is important that you understand how to use humor and sarcasm whenever you talk with a guy about anything. 

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5. Talk about work

The goal is to intrigue the guy by talking about things that make up a big part of his life. Work makes a big part of the lives of most guys. Talk with a guy about work. Don’t ask in a way that suggests that you are prying. Ask in a simple yet fascinating way. 

Something like: “Do you work full-time, or are you a freelancer?”

Now, ask about his boss and if his coworkers get on his nerves. 

Also, rather than talking about the same topics on every occasion, it is usually more effective to explore different things that girls can talk about with a guy and be ready to adjust the topics as you observe his response.

6. Talk about trends

Social media trends make up a big part of our lives these days. In the music space, something trends; a new album is released and makes the billboard charts, etc. On Twitter, something new trends every day. 

Talk to the guy about trending things. Ask him about the song that was newly released; ask what he thinks of it; if you want, you can criticize it just to show him that you are invested in the conversation. Also, you can ask a guy what he thinks about what a certain celebrity said.  

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7. Past relationships

Many guys like to tell stories about their past relationships, especially ones they have moved on from. 

Many spaces have gained popularity on Twitter. There are some spaces where guys come to talk about their past relationships and make fun of the mistakes they made. 

Ask him about his past relationships. It helps to seek consent, just to be clear that you don’t end up hurting him when you start to talk. 

Say stuff like: “Can we talk about your ex?” If he says yes, you can then go ahead and be sure to keep the conversation interesting. 

8. Present relationship status

Ask the guy if he is dating. Ask it in a sarcastic way, in a way that sparks his humor. Whatever his response is, build a conversation from there. Be easy, though, steering clear of anything that makes him sound or look uncomfortable. 

Ask why he isn’t dating; if he would like to date you. This is the perfect opportunity to flirt if you have been thinking about flirting with him. Be sure to watch his face. A guy will be more favorably disposed to your conversation when talking about things like this to him.

9. Ask him about his interests

When you are seeking to talk to a guy about things that will have him like to speak to you, talk to him about his interests—that is, things that mean much to him. 

If he is a musician, ask why he likes music so much and if he plays a musical instrument. If he does, ask him what it felt like when he was just starting to learn how to play the musical instrument. 

If he is big on literature, ask what books he loves most; ask if he has been published and by what magazine. Guys like to talk about their publication history. I like to talk about mine. Do you want to know the big magazine that last published my work or the last short story prize I won? I am in. I’ll fill you in on every detail. 

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10. Things he wished he could do

Ask him the one thing he wished he was good at. No matter how good someone is, there is at least one thing he will falter at. Even Jack of all trades will flop at certain trades. 

Begin this conversation with something like: “You know, I have always wanted to be good at…” He will get involved. “Wow? Me, too.” Then the conversation can keep going. 

11. Ask about his talents

Our talents make up a big part of our lives. When you talk to a guy about his talents, be sure that he will definitely be interested in talking to you about them. Ask him things like:

  • Ask what he is really good at now. 
  • Ask when he started being great at it. 
  • Ask what he was pretty good at as a child but isn’t so good at now. 

We all have stories bordering around stuff like this. We have all heard someone say much about how they were once great at doing certain stuff but can’t seem to be good at them anymore. 

12. Talk about games

It isn’t news now that guys are really into games. A guy can spend half his day playing games and feel pretty good about it. When talking to him, quip in a question about games. 

Ask him about his favorite game. If it is an arcade game, ask which level he is at. Ask him what the hardest obstacle or villain he had to defeat to get to that level was.

He’ll be willing to talk about this, for sure, if he is a gamer. He’ll take charge of the conversation, in fact. 

13. Embarrassing moments

Talking about embarrassing moments can be fun sometimes, especially if you both find a way to laugh about them. Ask him to tell you that one time when he felt pretty embarrassed about something. 

It could have been him putting on the wrong side of his clothes or him missing a step and almost falling on the bus, people echoing laughter. 

Be sure not to make him feel bad. Also, be sure to use humor. Humor makes the conversation pretty easy and shakes off the pressure. 

14. The kind of women he like

Guys often talk to each other about stuff like this and won’t mind talking to you about them if you do not mind listening. Look at his face, smile, and ask: “What kind of women do you like?”

He is probably going to start making a list, and the conversation is going to end with you both laughing. Remember to be very funny. 

15. Tell him about yourself

You are pretty and such a fascinating person. When talking to a guy, remember to talk about yourself. Tell stories that are relatable; tell these stories in ways that pique his interest. 

In fact, tell him stories about everything he had previously shown interest in. 

Be positive and follow up on the interest you get as you talk about these things with a guy. If you have had a pleasant conversation with a guy, do not neglect to reestablish a conversation with him to cultivate interest.

Photo by Igor Érico on Unsplash

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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