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25 Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

by | Love

Feb 22, 2023

Want to know what to talk about with your girlfriend? This article will give you some great ideas! They will help spice things up between you with your girlfriend. From the first time you met, where the relationship is headed, and short-term goals to fun places, hopes, and aspirations. Without further ado, here are the best things to talk about with your girlfriend

1. The first time you met

The first time a couple meets is a fond memory for them, and memories definitely spice things up. Conversations such as this have the tendency to bring you both closer. You can both relate to your first meeting, of course. 

2. Your friends

Couples should evaluate each other’s friendship. This equates to safety and peace of mind. You shouldn’t say you are out with friends, and half the time, your partner is worried about your well-being because she doesn’t know if your friends are safe.

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3: Work or School

You should talk about what work or school is like for you with your girlfriend. Talk about both the fun part and the challenges you face on a daily basis. Who knows, they might have a solution to them.

4. Your day

Noel said: “It is a daily ritual in my relationship for us to give each other a run-through of our days and how they went. My girlfriend has this way of listening closely, asking questions, and generally showing interest. It makes me feel important and loved.”

This is very true. Everyone wants to have that one person they want to “report” to. Since you have a girlfriend, basically do all your daily reporting to her. 

5. Where the relationship is headed

No one wants to keep walking with no destination. You should talk about where the relationship is headed as often as the need arises, if it is headed to “forever” or for “good times” only.

6. Your family

I, for one, date to marry, as do many other people. We talk about our families, so we know the type of people we are making ties with.

When you talk about your family with your partner, you tell them, “this is where I am coming from. I want you to learn to love them since you would be a part of”

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7. Her family

This is basically the same thing talked about in the previous paragraph.

We all have different backgrounds. When we talk about them, we are giving our partners a heads-up about our lives. This way, they would know how to act around them so as to not get off on the wrong foot. 

8. Your short-term goals

Discussions on short-term goals are more than just small talk. These goals revolve around self-discipline, objectives, and aspirations.

Zear, my friend, told me his girlfriend is so smart she always has a plan for everything. Zear’s girlfriend hears of a goal he has, and she draws out a full plan on how to achieve it.

9. Your long-term goals

Talking about long-term goals is a very healthy and much-needed discussion. 

When you talk about your long-term goal with your partner, if they really love you, they would, in turn, figure out a way to make theirs align with yours so things would work smoothly in the future.

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10. Your finances

This can easily be at the top of any list. Recent surveys have shown that financial problems constitute a bulk of relationship problems. 

Everyone deserves to know the financial status of their partners. To know if they can be there or not.  

11. Books

My partner recommended some of the best books I’ve read. Although this does not apply to everyone, we can’t all be bookworms. 

Talking about books is a very good conversation starter, both in a relationship and outside them. 

My partner even goes as far as sending a full self-written review of a nice book she read to my email. I have come to realize I look forward to those.

12. Fashion

Talking about fashion may seem out of line but believe me, it’s a must-do. Fashion means a lot to women, and they love to talk about it. Initiate the conversation and sit back. You don’t even have to stress about it. She will do most of the talking.

13. Your favorite songs

Imagine coming back from a long day at work, and the soft tunes of your favorite song are playing from hidden speakers. Upon hearing you return, your girlfriend plays it. This really lifted my mood once. And I’m sure it would do the same for you. 

Also, we get to know a lot about people based on the kind of music they listen to. 

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14. Other couples

This might come across as gossiping but come on. A little fun never hurts anyone. Talking about other couples might involve laughing at them, but it is all shades of fun. 

Not dwelling on the bad parts, you could lounge on a couch and talk about the relationship of a celebrity couple or your friends you could model after. 

15. Food

Food is a necessity. Talking about it is too. When you talk about food, you know what to prepare for her surprise party which you have planned.

If I hadn’t talked about food, I wouldn’t know my partner was allergic to bananas. I perhaps would have made it the key ingredient in a cake I wanted to gift her. 

16. Fun dates you have gone on recently

My girl had this girl’s night out with her friends, and it made her happy. When she got back, she told me about it, and how she described it made me feel like I was there through it all. 

Talking about the dates is a necessary thing to talk about before and after. You don’t want to get into a fight because you were found somewhere the other person didn’t know you would be. 

17. People annoying you

Sonia said her boyfriend does this solidarity thing that makes her feel really loved. Once someone makes her angry and she tags that person as an enemy, he finds a way to make her battle his. 

Do you have this cranky boss at work? By all means, talk about it.

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18. New ways to make money

If you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t jump into a new business venture without the knowledge of your partner. I got into that crash, and my girlfriend noticed me moping, and after telling her, she had little to say because “when did you do this? Why am I just getting to know about it?”

They wouldn’t all crash but discuss new money-making schemes with your partner. 

19. Your sex lives

This is the real deal. For someone like me, this is a really uncomfortable topic. Nevertheless, I talk about it. You get to talk about sexual compatibility, preferences, and even former sex partners. 

Many people break up with their lovers as a result of sexual incompatibility. But with the right amount of communication, even this can be worked out. 

20. Travel plans

You don’t want to wake up one morning to see pictures of your girlfriend chilling in the Bahamas. For me, this is a very valid deal breaker. Talk about your travel plans even before you make them.

It is a very respectful thing to do. You not only make your girlfriend feel honored, but she also feels they’re an important part of your life. 

21. Religion

While not ruling out the fact that people of different religions can build a life together, it is relatively safe that people who decide to be together should have similar religious beliefs.

Even though this may interfere with the very core of their lives, they should be willing to compromise or shift out of their comfort zones for the other person so they can be together.

22. Share silence together

Sometimes the best thing to do is not talk. Silence can be a conversation.

I have had these rare moments with my girlfriend where all we do is sit down, not say anything and simply enjoy each other’s company. I leave and feel like I have just had the best conversation of my life. 

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23. Fun places

You should also talk about fun places you both want to visit. And who knows, your lover might just gift you a travel ticket. 

My girlfriend loves aesthetics and talks about visiting the Sunflower room at the Van Gogh Gallery in Amsterdam. I might take her there someday.  

24. Stars at night

This is very similar to sharing silence together. Imagine it. You are both in each other’s arms on a mat in a field, staring out at the night sky, and there is that lucky shooting star. 

I only recently got to find out how much my girlfriend is interested in astronomy when we had a moment like this. 

25. Hopes and aspirations

One good part about being in a relationship is the companionship it brings. Here, you can freely talk about your dreams and desires without the fear of getting laughed at. 

You would have the chance to share ideas, hopes, and everything good.

You should never run out of things to say to your lover if you are great at keeping up conversations.

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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