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10 Things That Turn Women On

by | Love

Sep 16, 2023

You have probably noticed how it seems as though women are turned on by the same kind of guys. You most likely want to be that guy as well. In this article, which is going to be split into two sub-sections, I will be showing you 10 sexual things that turn a woman on.

Nonsexual Things That Turn Women On

1. The Smell of Their Cologne

Many don’t know how important the sense of smell is when it comes to igniting sexual attraction. 

All of the five women we reached out to with questions about what turns them on told us that the scent of a man’s cologne did the work just fine. 

This means for you to truly be the woman magnet you want to be, making every woman who comes around you burn with an eager kind of sexual attraction, you have got to wear the right cologne. 

Good cologne passes the criteria I call the fantastic three for men who slay: it must be mild, it must be masculine, and it must be rare. 

If you get yourself one that passes all three of these, you will find that you begin to turn women on without even trying too hard. 

2. Smiles

Women love men who can display very bright smiles. It is one thing that truly turns them on. 

Put two men before a woman and ask that she chooses one, and I bet she is going to go for the one who smiles more, even if the two look exactly the same and are dressed in the same clothes.

This is because smiles go beyond being just smiles. Smiles are a way with which we communicate with our worlds. It can tell our world how confident we feel about ourselves and how much fun we can potentially be. 

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3. Being Wanted by Other Women

This is weird, isn’t it? I know it is. Do you ever feel like women only ever come after you the moment you get a girlfriend? 

A lot of men have felt something very similar. 

Jay tells us: “It is as though I become a woman magnet. The minute they see me with a very pretty woman, they want to be around me more. As though they are turned on by me.” 

Why this is so is deeply biological. It is called: “Competition.” 

Women believe that your being wanted is a big sign that you are of high value. Because, quite obviously, the beautiful women around you have not settled. 

Women will want to bed you more when other women show an interest in you. 

4. Confidence

Confidence is one of the things about a man women cannot resist. Confidence means power and control, first, over the man himself and then over the people under his lead.

Truly feminine women know that they have to be led and loved by their men, and so they tend to only want to be with a man who qualifies as a leader. 

Trust me; it is amongst the most nonsexual things that turns a woman on. 

Get your confidence game on. Do this by improving your dress sense and the way you speak. 

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5. Good Clothes

While you get yourself the best cologne you can find, do not forget to get yourself the best clothes as well. 

Women are lovers of good clothing on men, especially men they have it in mind to get down with. 

She is going to be drawn to you and possibly turned on by you when you rock clothes that make her gasp. 

Typically, women are more turned on by darker colors. So, you have no business putting on a red suit. 

You should go for darker colors like black or brown, putting on the brighter colors only when it is very necessary. 

Sexual Things That Turn Women On

6. Some Skin Here and There

Men like to think they are the ones most attracted to skin. But trust me, the typical Instagram guy with a banging body he is not afraid to show off from time to time has more women yearning to have him than his just-as-handsome counterpart who doesn’t. 

This shows that women like it when men show somebody. It turns them on. 

So, when next you put on that shirt, be sure to leave some buttons loose.

Let the chest show a bit. Replace some of your long sleeves with short sleeves that show your arms. 

7. Dirty Talking

Dirty talking is sure to turn anyone on, even a woman. 

A man who talks dirty and finds a way to not make it offensive is going to turn a lot of women on. 

If women get offended by your dirty talking, it is likely you are doing it wrong. You should stick to your boundaries whilst making those jokes so they do not take everything the way they should not. 

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8. Lip Licking

Have you wondered why there is almost always a scene that has a man licking his lips in a typical romance movie where a lot of sex happens? 

It is so because licking one’s lips is very sexy—all five women who took part in our survey agree. 

Kelia said: “I wouldn’t even lie. It is very hot. One look, and I am already lost in thoughts about why I should have those lips on mine.” 

I am not suggesting that you go around licking your lips whenever you see a woman. No. Just do it right when you have to.

9. A Gentle Touch on The Lap

When next you go out with that hot woman you admire, be sure to break the touch barrier and put your hand on her thighs. 

It is going to show her that you are confident and will likely take the lead if you both ever make it to a bedroom. 

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10. Long Hugs and a Kiss on the Neck

This turns a woman on really well. But to be here, you have got to be close enough. 

In the coming articles, I will show you how to get emotionally close to a woman you have just met. 

Women get turned on by men who know how to be men.

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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