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10 Things Men Wish Women Would Stop Doing

by | Love

Aug 13, 2023

Ever wondered what about you your man will want you to change? We may not know your man. But we have asked a number of men what they would rather change about their women, and since these ideas are all the same, we can say these are the ten things men—including you man—wish women would stop doing.

1. Nagging

At the top of every list of the things men wish women would stop doing is nagging. Philip has described nagging as being one of the most uncomfortable things ever.

“It makes me want to go mad.” He says. “There are times when it even makes me regret ever being here.” 

Even though he may not say it, your man wishes that you stop nagging. This is not to say that you should give him a pass for every bad behavior he puts up. 

It is to say that there are better ways to tell your man when he is doing stuff you do not like. 

2. Not Apologizing

Most men we questioned were of the opinion that women do not apologize enough. While this may or not be true, it is a general idea men share. 

They wish being less open to apologizing is a behavior women just have to stop putting up. 

Here is what an apology is not: 

– Saying just sorry

– Acting like nothing happened.

– Showing them how it was their fault that you acted a certain way. 

Here is what an apology is: 

– Accepting that you were wrong

– Acknowledging how your actions were able to cause harm

– Saying sorry and promising that the action is not going to take place again. 

Apologize to your man more and watch how things begin to take the right turn: the better turn. 

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3. Littering the Bathroom and Table with Makeup Kits

This is a common wish from almost every married man out there. These men say they are tired of having to clean up the bathroom or declutter the table soon after their woman steps out.  

Zain said: “I wish for just one thing: that my woman will stop littering the house with her makeup kits. I could get a bag or something: and I mean anything she wants to put her bags into.” 

If you want your man to be happier around the house, then it may be time to do some tidying. 

4. Spending A Lot of Time on the Phone

When asked: “Do you think the phone is your enemy?”

All men in our interview gave a common answer. Guess what that answer was? You guessed right. They said yes!

That is to say that men consider the phone an enemy. They will rather it was kept away. It is a secret wish, and they hope that someday, you will wave a magic wand in the air and make that dream come true. 

A good rule to go by is to let your phone be—that is to say, leave the phone—whenever you are spending time with your partner.

5. Wanting to Cuddle All Through the Night

Seventy percent of the men in our interview said this, which shows that it is not a general opinion. While some men are fine with being cuddled, although the night, quite a number wish their women would just give them a break. 

“Cuddles should last until we are sleepy.” Jeremey said: “As soon as we both fall asleep, then the cuddle has served its course.”

Ask your man what he thinks about being cuddled. If he agrees that cuddling him even when he is asleep is a good idea, then you might go ahead and do so. If not, maybe you should make his wish come true.

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6. Making Videos

Men really, really want women to stop making videos of what happens in the house. This is especially true about men who do not like social media that much. 

James said: “I wish she would just stop making videos of me for her TikTok. I mean, it is good and all, but sometimes it gets very annoying, and I just wish she would make it stop.”

This is a subtle way of saying you may have to ask your man what he thinks about making videos before you go ahead to make them. 

7. Doubting Them

Every man wants to be loved and trusted. Lately, though, there seems to be a notion that all men do is cheat, which is not true. This notion, however, makes women trust men less and less. And these men do not like to be on the receiving end of this distrust. 

Your man wishes you would just stop distrusting him and that you will take his word for it when he gives you his word. It is painful to him that you will rather suspect than trust him. 

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8. Putting Phones in Silent Mode

Your man is wired to be your protector. This is not to say he wants to be your ‘master.’ On the contrary, he does not. He just wants to be there to see you safe and take you out of trouble if you ever get in trouble.

He cannot do this if he is unable to reach you. So, you have to try as much as you can to be reachable to your man, especially when you are outside the house. Tell him about your day: tell him about that one thing he does that you love. 

9. Passive Aggression

Men are of the opinion that rather than talk, women like to tow the path of passive aggression. This is not far from the truth since most men in our survey agree with it.

Men wish women would just cut the act and talk rather than stay passively upset about something they internally wish these men to figure out. 

Men are not mind readers. Talking always works. 

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10. Talking to Many Guys

Seriously, men wish women would just stop this. It is never fun to feel as though you are sharing your woman’s attention with multiple guys. 


Men wish women would be more women than they are men.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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