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10 Things Men Do But Will Never Admit

by | Ideas

Aug 19, 2022

With men, there is almost this subtlety. It is never clear what they truly want at first, how they feel, or what they will love to feel. This is especially true of men who are just starting to love you. But you can always tell. By observing more closely, you will be able to spot these 10 things men do but will never admit.

Here are ten things men do or have done but will never, ever admit.

1. Men Ask Your Friends if You Like Them Back

This is starting to go out of fashion, but it does happen, and quite a lot, I am telling you. When a man loves a woman, the only thing that stands between him and her is the cold fear of rejection. He usually wants to be hundred percent sure that rejection won’t come before going after her. 

He can only know this for sure if he asks her friends. So, he asks them. “Does she like me?” 

Men never admit this, but they do it quite a lot. Is he close to any of your friends? Ask her what he tells her if he has ever mentioned liking you, and ask about your feelings for him. Her answer will most likely be yes. 

2. Men Check Your Profile Out, A Lot

Best believe a man who likes you has checked out your profile this morning. If there is something men love to do, it is to observe and profile. Men are master observers. By just looking at you, they can usually predict what you are really like. 

They can tell if there is someone else, if they’re supposed to be more interested, or if they are supposed to back away. 

Have you ever had an accidental like on Facebook? That is, one minute, a like notification pops up, and the next, it is no longer there. That was most likely a man who had eyes for you checking you out. 

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3. Men Learn the ‘art’ of Pick Up 

A number of men still struggle with walking up to women and initiating conversations, more than they will ever want to admit. So, they turn to maestros to learn the art of pick-up.

If you go through the YouTube history of many men, you will see that they spend a lot of time looking for videos like: 

  • What if she doesn’t like me? 
  • What do I do when a woman likes me? 
  • How do I speak to a woman I like?

I feel like such a snitch now.

4. Men Read Old Texts

Many women, who, of course, do this, like to think that reading old texts is primarily a woman thing, but I assure you, it is not. When a man is attracted to a woman, he begins to develop traits like this and starts to read old texts. 

He spends a lot of time reading them and does not stop smiling while at them. If you have ever texted a man and the text was viewed just the next second, then he most likely was reading old texts. You just caught him red-handed!

5. Men Mirror Your Actions

There is almost always a time when you, a woman, will feel detached from the world so that you take a step back from everything and everyone. 

When this happens, and you find yourself withdrawing from a man who used to show a lot of interest in you, do you notice that he starts to mirror your actions? 

This is a tactic taught by a lot of pick-up artists. It is meant to keep a woman more interested because it is a common belief amongst men (it might be true) that the more one chases a woman, the more chances that he will lose her. 

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6. Men Fight Back a Response

When you respond to a man, he usually fights back the urge to give you an immediate response as well because, to him, responding at once will affect how attracted you are to him

Men have a strong belief that being unavailable for a while can tremendously impact attraction, so they become ‘seemingly’ unavailable. They start to reply slowly and shorter. It gets a woman thinking. 

7. Men Plan to Get Women Gifts

This might not be something they exactly won’t admit, but men do plan, and quite a lot to get their women gifts. 

As I mentioned earlier, a man who is starting to invest his time and attention, and emotions into a woman is very observant. He is quite in tune with every little detail. You may say a thing in passing, but it does stick with him. 

If you mention wanting a dress, it sticks with him, and he makes a mental note to get you that dress soonest. He may deny this, but it is what it is. 

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8. Men Cry, Sometimes About Women

In many countries, there is an anthology of fiction and poetry called ‘Boys are not Stones.’ It is the truth: boys are not stones, not in any way. Even though society expects men not to express feelings, feelings force themselves somehow. 

Men cry quite a lot, sometimes about work and stress, and other times about women. Unrequited love hurts men the same way it hurts women, and this is fine. It is never a shameful thing to feel. We are all human and should give each other room to truly express all our feelings.

9. Men Do the Famous Countdown Before Making a Move

Countdowns seem like a childish thing, but to some men, it is a big part of the pick-up process. This is true of men who are just starting to approach women. 

They do the countdown before going in to approach her. 

10. Men Lie But Will Never Admit

Who has never lied before? We all lie! Do we accept it? Seldom. 

No woman likes to be lied to. Yet, men the world over lie about something, whether good or bad, for various reasons but will never admit it. 


Men usually don’t accept stuff related to expressing feelings because there seems to be a stigma around men showing feelings. This should not be so; we should allow men the room to feel, always. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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