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10 Cute Things Guys Subconsciously Do When They Like You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Nov 14, 2022

When a guy starts to feel drawn to a girl, changes in his persona and moods just happen. Many times, these changes are not conscious; they happen unknowingly. From speaking with more passion and eagerness and displaying chivalry to flirting with you, here are 10 of the cutest things guys do subconsciously, especially when they like a girl, so you’ll never have to wonder if a guy is fond of you.

Ten subconscious signs a guy likes you.

1. He Speaks With More Passion and Eagerness

Every woman we asked considered passion and eagerness a childlike and very cute trait. 

Beatrice said: “I think it is cute that a guy will talk to me that passionately; it shows he is being himself.” 

Passionate speech happens at a subconscious level: it shows the guy has gotten to the point where he is safe around you—where he can really be himself without the need to conceal or act disinterested. 

There is speculation that guys sometimes act disinterested even when they are as a means to get a girl more drawn to them. 

In many cases, this is not true. If guys have to act disinterested, then they don’t feel drawn to you so much they act cute subconsciously. 

2. He Gives Details

A guy will not only speak passionately to you when he is drawn to you. He will also speak in a detailed way. This shows up both in real life and when you both text—many times without him even being aware. 

Typically, a guy who has much desire for you will unknowingly text in a cute way: by cute, I mean longer sentences, more emojis, and more storytelling. 

You will practically enjoy every minute you spend with him, and he, in turn, will enjoy every minute he spends with you. 

Often, the detailed texts will pop up at random, looking like something along the lines of: “Hey, I just thought about you. It has been a long day at work, etc.” 

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3. He Displays Chivalry

There is a common saying that “Chivalry is not dead.” 

This is true, especially for a guy who is expressive and masculine. 

Subconsciously, without him even being aware, he begins to tilt towards his inert masculine side, showing cute acts of chivalry. 

For example, he may ask to help you fix a bug on your phone you complain about. Or he might subconsciously pull you over to the other side of the road when you both are on a walk. Or, even more commonly, he will open the door for you when you step in the car. 

While these seem like well-thought-out actions, they have a deep subconscious root, and guys do them unknowingly.

4. Display Cute Jealousy

When it is not toxic or damaging, women agree; a bit of jealousy can be cute. 

“I think healthy jealousy is cute,” Myra says: “In fact, I think it is problematic when a man fails to show some form of jealousy in his relationship with me.”

When a man is subconsciously drawn to a woman, jealousy comes to him subconsciously. He does not say: “Hey, I am going to be jealous today.” No. 

It just comes because he has tilted to his masculine frame. 

Do you think jealousy is cute? We will like to know what you think. Send us your thoughts at hello@whatsdalatest.com.

5. He Compliments You

While some compliments can come from a conscious position, others are a bit subconscious. 

I believe we all have had that “Wow” moment when we see a beautiful dress or person and subconsciously go: “Wow.”

Guys will unknowingly get into the cute habit of complimenting a woman when they are beginning to appreciate her. 

I call it a habit because it is just that. Their compliments will be endless. 

  • Your dress looks amazing. 
  • You look good today.
  • You have always looked good. 

On and on and on. Sometimes, you may even find that they compliment you on social media as well. 

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6. Loving Touch

Many, many guys agree that their love language includes physical touch. And so, one of the cute things guys do subconsciously is they will try to touch a woman they find interesting for the slightest reason. 

Many times, these slight touches aren’t even sexual. They could include placing an arm over your shoulder, picking thread out of your hair, or taking a stain off your clothes. 

Whatever it is, there is going to be physical contact in a cute way that has you smiling. 

7. He Will Seek You Out More

Your absence is going to be very pronounced to a guy who is subconsciously drawn to you. 

If you keep away from him for the slightest reason, he will notice this and seek you out. In many ways, this is cute because it shows care and affection. 

Halima told us: “I think it is cute when a guy pays attention to my moods and seek me out. I see it a lot in guys who may have feelings for me. It is fun to look at and watch.”

Is there a guy who always notices your absence and seeks you out? Chances are, he likes you. It all happens without his being aware.

8. He Calls Someone Else Your Name

Let’s imagine that you are out with some friends and a guy repeatedly calls someone else your name. Do you call this a coincidence? We don’t. 

One time can be. But repeatedly? It is most likely not a coincidence. It just goes to show that you have been on his mind for extended periods and are seeping subconsciously into the things he says. 

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9. Guys Will Often Subconsciously Dress Better

When a guy starts to tilt towards a girl, one cute thing he will do is dress better subconsciously. (This can happen consciously sometimes.)

He will pay attention to colors and style and may even seek compliments from you. 

A guy may say: “Hey, I just got this pair of trousers; what do you think about it?” 

Cute, isn’t it? Yes, and it happens a whole lot. 

10. He Flirts With You

Another thing guys do unknowingly is flirt a whole lot. This sort of flirting is usually mild and not easily spotted. It could include subtle acts like licking the lips, pouting, or maybe even establishing physical contact. 

Bonus: Guys subconsciously want to take pictures with you when they are fond of you. It just happens, Jake said. 

Cute things can sometimes be done subconsciously; this is usually a marker of increasing attraction.  

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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